jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams

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  1. Alex Rowe

    I hate the Ace family.

  2. Gabriellthefat1

    daddy patches doing the same my dad did

  3. BrenTheKidd

    only the nerds call him cringe and he deleted it because he tried to take back what he said to not offend ur sorry ass

  4. Mug ・200 years ago

    Ok I’m not a simp for poki but it’s true that there are so many female streamers that have great careers without taking advantage of simps ok dudes? But I’m not saying all men are simps or that there aren’t good male streamers just treat everyone with respect just bc someone’s a girl doesn’t mean we are taking over simps and are as bad as poki :)

  5. Foxxie Jester

    Morgz changed just as he left, woah!

  6. BrenTheKidd

    ur voice sounds like it has a bubble in it and u pronounce your words like a loser does like at the end "shiT" kermit soundin ass

  7. Jhana samadhi

    Why are these women always funny looking

  8. BrenTheKidd

    they have way more money and are way happier than this diesel neckbeard's sorry ass sitting in an armchair all day playing halo with a "trying to be funny but unfunny" pfp and calling tough n ballsy people cringe. negative clout, shit ego, loser; argument invalid as fuck

  9. Evander Pierznik

    Wut game is that

  10. Ryan McAllister

    Someone rich at HBO is probably seeing what she will do for money, even if it’s definitely not in her best interest. I mean seriously! This is actually a show coming out on HBOMAX? Wtf Is going on ?

  11. BrenTheKidd

    they are actually really nice people they apologize and pay for the damage explaining its for a video, same with danny duncan, get out of ur armchair and touch some grass

    1. piranhas!

      Maybe ask before you destroy someone stuff....

  12. 0percent sKill

    No one is hated more than the person who talks facts.

  13. BrenTheKidd

    people just be sayin things and hopin they're right

  14. Jenny Wang


  15. o k

    the orange clockwork wow.

  16. beansya

    Legend has it she is still finishing shouting her name

  17. mossaylima alkadab Dzairi

    Alimony is not child support twat

  18. Redmond_Festive

    *Those poor Vespas*

  19. Jonathan M

    Everyone calling diesel patches idiot. He is sitting at over 1miillion subs and what do you have I'll wait 🤭😌

  20. Spencer B

    They’re cringe to you because they did a video with Trump. Plain and simple.

  21. that one extra chromosome

    literally nobody give 2 fucks that she’s Latina


    I kind of agree but did you compare rice gum to the bell boys?

  23. Steven Brown

    Damn old ninja 😓😓

  24. Maxwell Gates

    How to make a gacha: step 1: make every single person a furry. step 2: make it something sexual. step 3: not learn grammar. step 4: step 5: find a weird song and call it a meme.

  25. Johnathan Moran

    Oh boy! I can't wait until he gets back for the next 23 years!

  26. Cian Dolan

    Why do women live longer? Half of all men married to women like you top themselves.

  27. Loleight Triple

    She’s actually awful

  28. Real Scorpio Trickster

    “It’s been hard really really hard....” “NoT aS hArD aS jAkEs DiC-“

  29. brandon Morrison

    You’re a hater bro. their doing that for a laugh you got dry humor. not everyone is built to like knock knock jokes like you homie.

    1. brandon Morrison

      @piranhas! first off i never said they were my favorite creator. second off this is 1 video out of the hundreds they made that this dude picked he could’ve legit looked at any of them and saw that this video was clearly jokes. they do wild shit that’s what their known for i guess having 1.5 mill subscribers isn’t enough for all you lame 27-38 year olds still watching halo and minecraft videos. i know your feelings are hurt and you just wanna save your ego in a SEprom COMMENTS SECTION🤣

    2. piranhas!

      @brandon Morrison how am i a bum if your favorite content creator kisses dogs lol

    3. brandon Morrison

      @piranhas! bum

    4. piranhas!

      @brandon Morrison "bum"

    5. piranhas!

      @brandon Morrison just like you wouldnt say any of this to anyones face lol

  30. Phillip

    Bro you took down nelk sad to see you’re leaving 😢

  31. Richard Williams

    They don’t have slaves btw tho

  32. King of Az Studios

    These people need Jesus.

  33. Jay Pala

    Get a life dude u hate your life

  34. Jay Pala

    They love they life u hate your life they don’t even know who u are 😂

    1. piranhas!


  35. Pretzs Graal

    Ayo diesel when you ganna make another vid about this family vlogging channel like hella Royalty fam litterly adopted a girl LOL

  36. CRbeats


  37. ReallyStellar Gacha

    I used to love her so much....

  38. M. Faisal

    We want this to be showed before Every English class 😍

  39. George Martinez

    idk bruh honesty whilst watching this video u gave me the most sad, envious, pitiful life vibe I've ever experienced on youtube. Now while u play clips of nelk, I don't give a shit how many times they say fuck... or how dumb their pranks are, the point is they have more balls than a whiny bitch playing halo.

  40. Andrew Moreek 69

    Add a public comment...

  41. Lollipop Legacy

    "all i have to say about sssniperwolf's comedy" -diesel on a video about azzyland

  42. Grif the Crit

    THe dislikes are from Lily's simps

  43. m0stly trash

    wait till they find out about twitter

  44. Vincent RASK

    Your just a hater what a bitch 😂

    1. piranhas!


  45. Suraj Prakash

    It looks like she genuinely makes those idiotic arguments shaming others to gain that attention... Just like Paul brothers

  46. Tyler Wise

    What the hell i watch tessa why is she here i thought she was sensible

  47. Suraj Prakash

    Y 24k dislikes? I loved this video

  48. Katherine Howard

    I’m sorry but her foundation makes her look anemic

  49. Mab Mab

    He used to make vids with jelly and slogoman those were so much better

  50. Satan

    I have a terrorist joke but if I say it people will say I'm blowing it out of proportion.

  51. that one extra chromosome

    this wahman not funne

  52. Kenny Stevens

    This vid sucks so bad🤣🤣

    1. piranhas!

      Just because we dont kiss dogs doesnt mean the vid sucks lol

  53. Midori Gurin

    Does this guy has any brain cells, any race can be racist or homophobic

  54. Step Edgardo mf Lol

    so long dad

  55. Andrew DeCosta

    Lol I got two better help ads right before this video lol

  56. Rio Ann

    "But when the world needed him the most, he vanished"

  57. 先生CherryPepsi

    "Its... It's a boy!" *angry LGBT noises*

  58. Ironside

    kpop is still big gay tho

  59. nick11jl

    Another legend fades into the stars

  60. Nathan Armitage

    Of course women live longer. Everyone knows that "Washing Machines live longer with Calgon"

  61. Vicwrd

    Eh pretty gay

  62. Gobbspepo

    you can just tell marvel wanted to tell tumblr that they like being social justice warriors

  63. nick11jl

    The game is the original star wars battlefield 2

  64. Kookiekins Lol

    You earned yourself a sub

  65. Halil Efe Yayla

    Blippi is the definition of neighbour's kid

  66. Kookiekins Lol

    OMG you’re so smart like holy crap it feels so good to listen to someone with a brain holy-!

  67. Grim Reaper2027

    I knew a person who legit got their period at 7 Big bad and big sad

  68. Daniel Kelly

    I Had A Nightmare At 1:38 lol

  69. Munger mack

    lets go i love diesel patches

  70. Caroline C.

    Ok at first I was like yeah this guy is right but then once he started talking about how men have it worse in twitch.... bitch the fuckkkk noooooo. Women get inappropriate comments in their chat, their body shamed in their chats, sexualized in their chat, and they are not taken seriously. In the gaming community women are over looked and if they are getting views and attention it’s because men are fetishizing them and sexualizing them.

    1. IgnitedBread

      @Caroline C. so much more? it's equal

    2. Nahh fam

      👨(i was here )

    3. Caroline C.

      @IgnitedBread yes I do agree that men get mistreated but my god women get mistreated soooo much more

    4. Caroline C.

      @IgnitedBread fine, let’s talk about women in love tv ok? They get sexualized so much, don’t get taken seriously, AND they don’t get payed as much as their male co workers

    5. IgnitedBread

      @Caroline C. The gender mistreatment is literally fair, men get mistreatment and so do girls.

  71. Cashhunni


  72. JX_A


  73. Chethan Kodenkiri

    Bro he went Harvard know all the grammar and even the page number of the letter in Harvard dictionary what a legend an

  74. SM69 Animations

    Hi Susan! Bye Susan! Fuck you Susan! You Bitch Susan!

  75. Alexander Owens

    Imagine putting a hate comment on a video from 2018 and thinking anyone will give a shit

    1. Axolot _

      @swag karime ??

    2. Nahh fam


    3. Alexander Owens

      @swag karime ?

    4. swag karime

      LMFAO R U 12 :0

  76. The MysticGod1587

    24k Simps disliked

  77. Nivesh Bhandari

    humans need to change

  78. a g

    my sister got me (a man) pregnant and the child was a british gnome with breast cancer