be my valentine ❤️

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    1. Aiden

      susan kinda cute ngl

      1. aiden pentz

        Why must you slander my name?

      2. Samui Yuki


      3. Saltwater

        It makes sense that she has the boon of the daedric prince of madness

      4. Soso 420


      5. CuriousJoseph

        Nigga what?

    2. Some Aubergine

      I mean dhar manns videos are good because its a break from the toxicity on youtube

    3. FunnySunnyKitten

      They literally stole the script for "The Gift of the Magi" oh my god.

    4. butt wipe


    5. billynator

      What the freaking crap he pawned his freaking watch in a denny's

    6. Laurence Hartnell

      We are just friends: Mmm video evidence

    7. Laurence Hartnell

      Baby and chick Are made by child [m word]

    8. María Cervera

      I never diesel was a woman..

    9. Diego Gonzalez

      diesel patches always makes my day

    10. Jesus Medina

      3:53 WHY😂😂😂😂

    11. maeam

      3:37 Plotagon RTX on

    12. randomize


    13. Boing boing

      It’s always people with Roblox pfps that watch him to

    14. sam eone


    15. Porter Duncan

      “Ages zygote to five”🤣🤣🤣

    16. Prince L

      4:12 I’m fucking dying 💀💀💀☠️☠️

    17. esther burgos

      3:07 “so it’s fake...”😂 had me dying😂

    18. Robin Plays FN

      Why is Dhar Mann here.

    19. Juicebloom

      I got a Wattpad ad for this video

    20. hairy monkeynuts

      that guy bsf shit don't bother me i'm in middle school i know my female ain't just mines 😂

    21. Dr. Killer

      8:14 was that an Eliot Rogers reference Diesel?

    22. bitter sweet

      daddy diesel can bag me any day

    23. Munrollez

      Susan pretty thick low key ❤️

    24. freeman

      Lol dharr mann

    25. JackKanoff

      Still waiting on the DaOreo video

    26. gadil gitari

      fairytail? i think u meant shitale

    27. Yeezysandals

      This man darman puts out videos and says yea this shit will change people forever

    28. Kyle Bradley

      The Rowly part was sadder that the end of that friendship

    29. Sonic Blastinity

      What happens to morgz mom

    30. Paracxsm._. Beez

      3:10 OMFG dhfgdfugsukgfdkufhusgh😭😂

    31. Landen Stewart

      7:47 i can not stop laughing

    32. Quantum Leap

      dont worry im loyal in my relationships, each one of them

    33. Osvaldo Villa

      Damn this new dharr Mann prequel trilogy kinda sucks

    34. meeqniシ

      Hey, an actor from Dhar Mann just died:( Carl Judie.

      1. King Barney


      2. King Barney


    35. Whether Lemon

      no more 699 comments

    36. TYHON


    37. jakehoon soulmates


    38. PuffDragon 225

      I know it would make MY day if only some youtuber with idk... 968 thousand subscribers would reply to MY comment.

    39. Kylex

      DIESEL, we think alike i remember i was thinking that the word baby shouldnt be used because when its said its not sexy

    40. SaraKilledYou


    41. Quicksilver

      Door man

    42. Brightish


    43. Jeff Johnson

      am i the only one who spit my tea when he was in relationship let alone multiple

    44. j s v

      4:39 what a Dharmass smh

    45. logan

      Yo good to see my boy diesel is Darth maul gang

    46. Sir Gates II

      Diesel, scream twice if you are being held captive! I shall send an army of fellow crusader to breach the tyrants kingdom in the name of the lord!

    47. Blue Knife

      Diesel:Small content creators •vomits• Me:Imma go cry in that corner over there.Dont mind me

    48. TS MikeIce

      I cant believe i laughed so hard at the thumbnail and the title

    49. Imani —

      Hey honey “ew don’t call me that”

    50. Thisgamer dude

      Your a good maul main

    51. Thisgamer dude

      DHaRr mAn i LoVe yOu

    52. SKANE

      Mans used Denny’s as a pawn shop

    53. Minato Shigeta


    54. Quipo

      6:11 LMAOOOOO I CAN'T

    55. A

      I still want a video called "why I still don't like damelios" 😌✋

    56. Zenon 117

      Lol the diary wimpy scene 😂

    57. Nathan Curzon

      I think you should do a video on Jay Shetty he's quite similar would be cool to hear your opinions on him.

    58. tAc0z

      It’s not the month of love it’s Slave history month I’m being sarcastic don’t take it seriously

    59. Darion Balkaran

      Me who just salted on WoT, guess my valentines is gonna be everytime I have a break from school.

    60. Morris Callahan

      I can’t get over the pancake house I just don’t wanna stop watching that clip over and over again

    61. Lol Playz

      Yo if this was real a ring is normally at least $1k and she traded it in for a $300 watch

    62. Desmond The Moonbear

      Father Diesel, will you be Valentine

    63. ATL Cracker

      Omg i love u

    64. Haim Isler

      ok tbh that last one wasn´t bad but the others was shit

    65. Gentle Man

      So he’s basically a male Azzyland

    66. Crusade Knight

      6:11 😂

    67. Daz Presztin

      bro how the fuck did he let her get evicted like that. It's like near impossible to find anyone who will rent a spot in their backyard to you, let alone an apartment with an eviction on record. If he rlly was fuckin wit her he would've tried to help her get outta that situation before the eviction.

    68. HW veteran

      Dhar mann, more like Tarded man.

    69. Shrubbman Magee

      I like how you gave Wabojack the Wabojack

    70. Captain Swing 817

      watch just a minute of indian soaps and dhar mann vids will begin to feel like award winning short films

    71. Doxxing Legend

      7:27 I'm sorry diesel, but that was painful to watch.

    72. Pizza Boy

      the way you said “pancake house” is the funniest shit ever

    73. CrankyWasTaken

      we get it, darth maul is your fav character in star wars

    74. GuyThe Guy

      Yes please!

    75. Enigma Pariel

      The girl, So the last rose is real? Guy, Yep you have 2 weeks with me. I have other b****s to do

    76. champ mobile

      finally battlefront 2 instead of 1

    77. Megan Shell


    78. Thefirstone six

      7:55 when your friend eats your last dino nuggie

    79. bby kiki


    80. SuPr Stick


    81. Marble Bloc

      Susan.... will you be my valentine?

    82. Kaeil Wilder

      whats up doorman fam

    83. Chase Has Autism

      5:14 Why tf does she look like Sid from Ice Age

    84. Elliott Blum

      N word

    85. Mlungisi Dlamini

      I want a ps5

    86. Tyson Woods

      Coming up: more drama in school

    87. god

      btw every single story of them, the guy who did something wrong always left in pain and the people don't help him, wow we definitely changing lives.

    88. Krabs

      “Baby” Mr. Girl has entered the chat If you don’t remember, Mr. Girl is the guy that said the girls in Cuties were hot

    89. SplendidJay3

      Best intro i have ever seen in my life


      4:10 that's literally from that Mickey mouse movie

    91. Ivilco


    92. Dmedina 719

      “I’m already in a relationship a couple actually.” Hold up

    93. Kitsune

      There is better acting in a fucking neil breen movie than any of dhars videos

    94. Mr Muffin

      I cracked up at the wimpy kid bit

    95. Vin Mon

      This isn't the d'amelio video

    96. cheese

      why you look like dhar mann

    97. Orland Paul

      BRO these videos are hella cringe. Please help, help me.

    98. The Police

      I want more of this

    99. TheSource

      Darr mahn isnt a terrible offender

    100. brawlboi

      i thought that was fousey in the thumbnail