blippi will save us all

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    blippi is a ploopy

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    1. diesel patches

      unlike most of the people i talk about blippi is pretty harmless. this video is just for jokes. Edit: also yes the Covid part was also joke

      1. simp

        Diesel let me out of ur basement it’s been so fucking long

      2. I Thanks

        I just saw it edit

      3. Nirvanafan420

        Please make more Blippi videos

      4. simp

        Diesel can you please let me out of your basement it’s been 2 years

      5. Luc David

        the butterfly thing is secretly a weed farm

    2. google helped me with my username

      My sister watched him and if I heard his intro song for the 100000th time I will commit mass genocide

    3. e but it's not ok

      Diesel: "That's a women's job" Cancel culture: GET HIM!

    4. Circle Animations

      Diesel patches: makes video about a kid youtuber Viewers: blippi is good, better than all kid channels, especially troom troom.

    5. Barel

      This man makes a musical out of every word

    6. Ickes Productions

      This guy kinda seems like a parody of kids channels.

    7. Big man Jones

      I find it amazing how people who served in the military would become the nicest, most caring people in media Mr Rogers, Bob Ross, blippi

    8. Christian Vega

      7:55 killed me 😂😂😂😂

    9. LeBron James

      He’s gonna stop global warning

    10. Cxndy cxrn

      Meh he keeps my brother from crying in the car so he's alright with me. Although for goodness sake I DONT WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER SONG ABOUT VEHICLES SEND HEL-

    11. Kameron Sheppard

      1 MILL NICE

    12. nub nugget

      Im the lorax and i speak for the trees and for some fucking reason the trees are speaking vietnamese!

    13. Logan Boss

      The people walking in like the lady at 5:31 must think that he is just a creepy dude

    14. Kylar_ boy

      Fun fact: The blippi guys name is Stevin Johnson and he used to be in the actual fucking military.

    15. Max Racing 177

      6:50 thats what she said

    16. Gaming with DAD_LESS


    17. •• Wisteria ••

      that blippi voice he made in the first part sounded so realistic lmao

    18. VibeFish

      Lol i remember a while ago i was going into Walmart and i looked to my right i just saw him hopping into a toy store.

    19. しrうぇーー

      Diesel you’re messed up for that twin towers pic 😭😭

    20. だいすき daisukiわたし watashi

      wow this deserves the seal of certified C R I N G E

    21. Dead beet Dad

      I’m actually his dad and the reason he’s like this is because I needed to get milk and his mom was a crack crawler

    22. Harper Husky

      At 6:32 he walks like that rubber-mannequin in the "Late for Meeting" video and it makes me die laughing every goddamn time.

    23. Quacky Studios _

      Imagine being a kid seeing a grown man dancing in a playground sitting on a swing and it break and his butt breaks, you just watch in terror as this manchild sitting in the floor and he just says “cut”

    24. Mariah McCaleb

      Fun fact: He went viral before blippi by pooping on one of his friends.

    25. Never Surge

      I can’t watch the video because it is part blippi and whenever I see him I go into a rage

    26. Never Surge

      Please no we had to baby sit for the summer and the kid constantly kept on wanting blippi BLIPPIIIIIII I want to shoot my face

    27. Zam Mei

      diesel number 1 voice actor change my mind.

    28. Zam Mei

      bruh my cousin always watch this guy and if you try to tease him by taking his ipad then youre dead asf you need to call 911.

    29. Dari

      Apparently his net worth is like 14m or something...

    30. Superkennylogan

      Praise to Blippi

    31. K1ttyxi

      My little cousin watched blippi, and I'm terrified of that man and my cousin

    32. Mr. BeastMeme

      i feel like his gay

    33. Josh Cross

      The fact that he does this and doesn't have a child, screams mental instability

    34. Juan sebastian

      I lost 69420 brain cells just watching blippi

    35. R Mendoza

      I just wanna know how much money this man is making from threes videos cause it can’t be worth his sanity

    36. SonnE

      Blippi lives in Las Vegas. I live in Las Vegas too..... Should I be scared?

      1. Juan sebastian


    37. big chubb

      Although i find him highly annoying i also respect the hell out of that blippi guy ,his content is actually safe for kids if a bit wierd hes also trying real hard hes been in the grind for ages too .also its funny af when your high

    38. Fanfic King

      Look what else I found in the ball pit *A used heroin needle*

    39. Suburban Cinema

      I mean; I watched Titanic when I was 6 and loved it!

    40. Vincent Richards

      congrats on 1 mil

    41. Flips The King

      I have watched blippi because of my 4 year old sister and I can say he is an Ok man-child

    42. E bag

      Blippi is like a very very bad peewee herman

    43. Kodiak Boy.

      This video feels like being in a class with a special needs kid

    44. -0Tito Duarte-1 flamgo

      7:55 LOL

    45. -0Tito Duarte-1 flamgo

      Blippi comment

    46. Hooshadow

      Blippi’s channel isn’t dead??? Also can we appreciate how blippi is one of the few kids channels that aren’t very problematic 😌

    47. Rashad Elmi

      *so much to learn about, it'll make you wanna shout 🌠 Cringie!🌠*

    48. Rashad Elmi

      okay so, a grown ass man, runs everywhere. Yeah no, Even vlad and niki are better than this guy. At least they are at the age group of doing this. He is the worst kids youtuber lmao.

    49. demoman funny

      join the blippi cult

    50. Standard Yip

      Why does he look familiar

    51. EubenMC

      6:41 bro is walking like that one titan in aot

    52. Faith Coles

      you should make another vid of the OTHER *ass hat* you glued “her” hair to her scalp

    53. Beenagreen

      Nobody gonna mention how Blippi just fucking murdered that hippo

    54. chungothemungo

      This is one of diesels funniest videos

    55. boots

      my guy has jordans wtf

    56. Bolt Charge7


    57. Femlowony 166

      this makes me feel so sad

    58. mud tracks

      Blippi u know pterodactyl isn't a dinosaur ;-;

    59. Coke

      My little brother watches this dude lmfao

    60. Erika Diaz

      That “dinosaur” is a not a dinosaur, It’s a pterosaur that I’m guessing is pteranodon.

    61. Kyle Oakley

      Blippi is pretty smart he’s doing stuff for kids which is a huge market

    62. teletubbie stan

      ngl the blippi music slaps

    63. Not Philippine Animation YT

      1:48 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    64. Magnus Malo

      Fun Fact: Blippi served in the military. Meaning he's not just a kids content creator. But a kids content creator who can also wipe the floor with you

    65. MooMooTV

      Blipi is king

    66. RapSnippet House

      Man you know what, I rather my brother watch Blippi than all those other weird ass vids of grown man doing weird shit in small spider man and Elsa suits.

    67. Isaac Chao7ix

      Diesel meant to name the video us will save all Blippi if you decipher the name of the vid Ik ik big 🧠 energy

    68. eric6rock


    69. eric6rock

      "No you're being ignorant"

    70. Memes are Prety Cuul

      Lmao my little brother watches this dude, very annoying, he just turned 5, I'm dead

    71. Supremegenics

      you need to react to more blippi 😂

    72. angry and confused Teen


    73. Fiddle

      I cringed SO HARD when that women walked in.


      7:00 but blippi im four

    75. Nazma Begum

      I’m high as shit this is killing me right now 🤣🤣🤣

    76. broman bishop

      I've seen this episode because of my six year old sister but he's better then chad wild clay I once saw a air plane and she said it's THE GAME MASSTTER

    77. Pancake Man

      Where’s my Spider-Man and Elsa stuff? I don’t want no pedophile wearing blue and orange!

    78. Arstotzkan Plague Doctor

      I wonder what the cameraman was thinking, I tried to see if I could see the reflection on the glass but no luck

    79. luno

      Please send awareness blippi I am not sure if he’s ok

    80. Q.H.S

      My little brother used to watch him. I liked Blippi, he had some educational stuff and just a fun guy.

    81. MustyChain837

      Blippi gives me the will to commit every crime under the sun

    82. A Hollywood

      my brain cells: \ \ \

    83. Dr.Gh0st

      I never thought I could struggle to keep watching a video

    84. madara uchiha

      When I saw blippi flying at the towers I lost my stuff

    85. RomanLegion

      I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he has a weird kink behind the scenes where his girlfriend is his “mom”

    86. Joey Lausen

      I like how diesel was succumbing to the madness further and further as the video went on

    87. tijan davis

      hi diesel for some reason after ur channel wa falsely striked again when i came bac it said that i didnt have notifications on for some reason so yeah

    88. enzhymez

      Let’s address the elephant in the room abt blippi

    89. AF Transcend

      Someone try watching this while high

    90. Feinsanity

      I'm glad you covered him he is honestly hilarious in an ironic way

    91. Liam Hitchens

      Pterodactyls aren’t dinosaurs, they are flying reptiles

    92. AJ Bemrose

      What the hell is this “Blippy” guy and why do we care? For that matter, what is a “wiggle?”

    93. James Rose

      My baby brother( YOU DARE MAKE A VIDEO OF MY BLIPPI

    94. BrAdf0rd YT

      I feel like Blippi is a phyc ward escapee

    95. Jorge Escobar

      Twin towers caught me of gard

    96. Robloxian gamer34

      I want to go to this ball pit. Get in the ball pit. Get out then burn the building

    97. Just Goated

      Bruh diesel out of pocket for this one💀💀 7:35

    98. Marukin

      Have you heard of his really old harlem shake video. Lol

    99. Epsilon 5

      This guys camera man is absolutely perfect but his actual content is... *Beyond Perfect.*

    100. STA64

      6:53.......bruh I first had it at 4