Dream vs Cultural Appropriation

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    1. PP Lord

      Bro did you just surrender? You're appropriating my french culture!

      1. Kenny Lunacy

        Lmao, great comment.

      2. Kenny Lunacy

        @JC JC I'm from the future. He hit 1M subscribers today!

      3. Jayden Cool


      4. Alex Greb

        @Unnamed Cow 102

      5. Alex Greb

        @Unnamed Cow nah

    2. im a namhoe 。• ᴗ •。

      i get some people being sensitive but some of stan twitter is like OVER sensitive to every single fucking thing, like honestly it makes me so uncomfortable that some of them are so self righteous and if you don't preach the choir then you're canceled, i feel like i can't have my own opinions because if they differ from the stan hive mind you're fucking done for, they'll come at you with the no

      1. The Tracker


    3. Kenny Lunacy

      Culture should be shared amongst everyone. It's stupid to gatekeep food and hairstyles. The same idiots who believe this will continue to eat Mexican style food despite them not being of Hispanic descent. A bunch of dumb hypocrites...

    4. Banana Man

      When the person has a kpop pfp just move on cause you know they are gonna have no valid points whatsoever and when someone tries to discuss they block the person and start talking shit about them

      1. Kenny Lunacy

        I forgot to mention that they cancel people when they are degenerates themselves.

      2. Kenny Lunacy

        It's hard to believe that Kpop stans and Black Twitter actually consists of real people just did to the irrational stupidity they indulge in. They are full of racist idiots who get offended by everything and offended on other people's behalf.

    5. local retard

      Love the run time its 420

    6. GhostIsReal

      jesus everyone is so fucking sensitive

    7. 9mm Sleeping Pill

      This very very precious song that's only meant for indians.......was posted on youtube.

    8. Nashrah Rashid


    9. An Angry Ninja

      I'm gonna be honest I was half paying attention and mostly watching the BF2 gameplay cause I love that game

    10. Koi Lake

      Am I the only one who doesn’t believe the half white half native so she can justify her arguments anyone can be knowledgeable about anything due to the internet .....

    11. aj ninja squad

      Spongebob you next you ain't getting away for what you did...

    12. Ender Rock

      It's a good tune paired with good visuals, it shouldn't matter.

    13. naqib02

      I like this guy, he's not loud, his video is not like 10 minutes long, he's sarcastic, his voice is like semi deep, and he's actually funny. Subscribed tho, close to 1 million. I'm rooting for ya!

    14. Mathew Oliveira

      Why do people think that because they're half non-white that all of a sudden makes them full "minorities" and completely separate from white people 😂😂 Reminds me of people from Mexico who are overwhelmingly Mestizo (Spanish/Native) or Spanish and have a culture that is mixed Native/Spanish yet talk about "WhItE pEoPlE" LOL Also, don't tests show that most Native Americans and African-Americans are mixed today with white people? So wouldn't that most likely make her actually over 50% white?

    15. P1P1301

      I can't believe all women are no longer allowed to show their hair because muslim women are offended by it

    16. Bob The Builder

      Cultural appropriation is just stupid. So basically, your not allowed to eat pizza if your not italian and your not allowed to eat candy if your not indian🤦🏼‍♂️

      1. Kenny Lunacy

        Ironically, the same idiots would cancel a White person for wearing dreads and eating sushi. All while eating tacos when they aren't Hispanic. Dumb hypocrites. Does that mean you can't speak a certain language if you aren't of that race?

    17. Jackson

      Im glad that there are still people out there like you who actually question this idiotic society.

    18. Domoss Gameplays

      Dream should really stop bending over and offering his ass to Twitter whenever someone gets slightly offended. You gotta have a spine and stand up against these morons otherwise they'll never stop bothering you.

    19. SloppySilass

      1:23 u right tho

    20. Milkdudd

      That's like me, a black guy, getting made over someone putting Tupac or Nas over their gameplay, just low brain activity

    21. Steve Daguy

      I don’t really see the issue. If someone feels a certain way about anything and voices their concern about it and clearly articulates why they feel that way, and another person changes their behavior to be more accommodating, that’s a good thing right? I agree the way she worded parts of it was sus, but the sentiments were very clearly not malicious. Idk why all y’all white people gotta be snowflakes like that. I feel like people like who sensationalize things like this make it way more about race and culture than it actually is. I bet even within Native American populations not everyone would agree with her, but some would, and it does no harm to change behavior to make more people comfortable. The last tweet was also very clearly a joke. Possibly it was it was insensitive, but I thought humor is supposed to be edgy sometimes -_-

      1. Steve Daguy

        @Goober race isn’t the issue here. If someone makes ANYTHING that makes you personally feel uncomfortable to ANY degree you have a right to voice your concern and that person has a right to decide to be more accommodating. Maybe there’s an argument that that person shouldn’t have been offended but they did feel that way and they were just saying their opinion on the matter. Stop painting people trying to be more understanding and inclusive as a bad thing.

      2. Goober

        Before you start being racist again, I am not white, I am Latino, so there goes one thing you can use against me. Now, I do agree that people should have to have a say if they themselves are offended, and if your culture's music is being used in an "offensive manner" and you have a problem with that, you go fucking stand up for yourself. However the problem here is he obviously didn't mean to "offend" anyone. He used it because it was a fitting sound for a high intensity chase. So sorry that the "snowflakes" were a little irritated at someone who got mad because someone used music.

      3. Steve Daguy

        T--T "waaahh wahhh people should be able to make jokes about any race and be as offensive as possible unless it's against white people because that's unfair!!!! My brain can't process morality so I want a war to happen so that all the people i think r stoopid wood die"

      4. Domoss Gameplays

        Found the braindead twitter user. You claim these people bringing attention to it makes it more about race yet you open with "white people". Yeah, you're not being a hypocrite in the slightest. This whole current oversensitive society is cancerous as fuck. It shouldn't be everybody else's job to make sure they don't hurt your fragile feelings. That should be your own job. We need another war or some shit to weed out the weak again, I swear...

    22. Shmeepo

      Bro are you serious you just ate something? You’re committing cultural appropriation against Africa

      1. Goober


    23. Styrofoam Sonic

      3:02 dumbass

    24. Herbie The ferbie

      I love how she says “don’t send hate” like anybody is listening to you lol

    25. HZ Reign


    26. mango makes videos

      The only issue i ever had with dream was the mob vote but that was a while ago and many videos explain the issue but im more exited for 1.17 than i am dissapointed at the glowsquid

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        I have many issues with him but this isn't one of them. Twitter should get yeeted off the internet.

    27. Libby Heart

      I dislike his content because I don’t find him very entertaining. That’s all there is to it.

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        Fair take. These people choose to dislike him because he used a tribal song. Fucking morons.

    28. Ftl

      Whats the name of the song?

    29. KdogPrime

      As a Christian, if I hear one more person misuse the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah to punctuate a sarcastic statement, I'm going to write some stupid tweets about how they shouldn't do that.

    30. Largger Manned

      Now this makes me think... good video!

    31. Jacob In The Real World

      Omg u playing bf2

    32. 21st Century Stops

      Cultural appropriation is being human. Stop it.

    33. Raul DeLeon

      This video kinda stupid and here's why. First what is cultural appropriation? Cultural appropriation is the unacknowledgement or inappropriate adoption of customs, practices, and ideas. What dream did was technically cultural appropriation. Now in my opinion cultural appropriation is stupid and ignorant. But it doesn't effect anybody so I don't really care. if someone who isn't hispanic plays feliz Navidad in front of me without acknowledging my culture then I'm not gonna kick and scream. But the twitter user does have every right to be offended. Even if they support their argument in a some what arrogant way. But what annoys me the most is that dream wasn't annoyed by this. If someone told me to stop doing something because me doing it is racially insensitive I'll stop doing because it doesn't affect me as a person. Dream stop playing a certain music it doesn't affect me or you. Dream playing the music also doesn't affect me or you. But since both the twitter user and dream were fine I see no reason to make this video. And for the twitter users accusation aggainst white people. One they didn't say any other race because the person they are talking about is white. And his use of the song in the context of the video was uneducated. Another thing their are a substantial amount of ignorant white people. Specifically white americans. Not all of them mind you. But there is a lot of them. And the twitter user wasn't declaring war on white people. Chill out. The situation between dream and the twitter user was a civil one with little discourse this video just antgonise a some what arrogant twitter user. By the way I actually like your stuff. This videp in my opinion was stupid.

      1. Raul DeLeon

        @Domoss Gameplays And thats a problem. This also deals with the fact dream appeals to kids. No matter what. Any minecraft yt appeals to kids and frankly if I was dream I don't want people on Twitter calling me "racially insentive" whilst kids watch. So I'd give him some leeway there. But I feel like he should confront his fans for their toxic behavior assuming he even knows of it.

      2. Domoss Gameplays

        @Raul DeLeon Yeah but most know when to draw a line. Dream fucking doesn't. He'll do anything and everything to please his fans.

      3. Raul DeLeon

        @Domoss Gameplays this behavior all realies on the fact that. Celebs even small ones like dream need to keep up an image for audiences. This being a normal practice several yt will bend over backwards for whaf ever reason as long as it ensures them a safe image. Although they could definitely be too weak in decisions. And saying yes to anything twitter says. Dream being a good example. Pewdiepie doesn't do that like at all which something I respect. But yt and celebs will alwasys try to make themselves look preseentable.

      4. Domoss Gameplays

        @Raul DeLeon Dream's problem lies with him pandering to his audience way too fucking much. He has no spine and backs down whenever someone even looks in his direction. That's the reason why his fanbase is the most cancerous out of all the MCYT at the moment. Instead of telling them off he supports them in literally any toxic behaviour.

      5. Raul DeLeon

        @Domoss Gameplays Although Idrc. Not doing things like playing music or not being able to certain hairstyles doesn't affect people. My logic is if what they stop doing or continuously do as long as it affects people in a negative way idc. So dream playing the music or not is really all up to him and he decided to stop.

    34. MobMaster

      I’m Native American and I honestly do not give a single fuck that dream used that music. If anything it raises awareness and gets people interested in our culture which I’m fine with unlike most people.

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        I like how it's crystal clear who is an avid twitter user and who isn't based on a single comment. Cheers to that!

      2. sombrerofatcat

        Yeah same

    35. So Vidushi

      For the sake of my sanity and faith in humanity, I am gonna assume the white man comment was a pun about dream's profile pic which is literally a white stickman/ balloon man.

    36. Gh . st

      These bitches are seriously getting out of control these days.

    37. Cornelius the meme

      I disagree with your statement on saying you cant tell someone they cant wear a head dress. The head dresses in that culture have great significance and are made for certain people in that culture that have the honor of wearing them and to be wearing something with that symbolism and calling it a costume is disrespectful. It's cool if you don't believe what they believe or don't agree. but it wouldn't hurt to still be respectful of it by not wearing a head dress (I'm not saying diesel has worn one)

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        I think you're being a moron.

      2. sombrerofatcat

        I think people can wear what they want fuck that

    38. Muffin Fluff

      I have Native American decent in my blood and I don’t care at all. What did he do wrong? Surprised she isn’t going after hundreds of other people for doing stuff like that.

    39. Evasively

      Ah yes ofc it's the twotter stans

    40. viralvegetable

      1:54 i laughed way too fucking hard

    41. Alex

      Detail: she needed to ask her mother to even think of a reason of why it's disrespectful. I'm not the kind of person to put down someone's belief, but she clearly doesn't give a damn about navajo culture as long as they don't give her a "you're oppressing me evil white man" free pass

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        I swear to god, 2021 has just devolved into POC finding reasons to be racist against white people.

    42. Whether Lemon

      the taco bell tacos are cultural appropriation

      1. Whether Lemon

        @sombrerofatcat ok

      2. sombrerofatcat

        @Whether Lemon I was kidding btw

      3. Whether Lemon

        @sombrerofatcat haha

      4. sombrerofatcat

        @Whether Lemon lol

      5. Whether Lemon

        @sombrerofatcat im mexican

    43. BlueRedAndYellow


    44. Clay Miller

      She doesn't give a fuck she just wants to get free attention for being half native

      1. sombrerofatcat

        She prolly isnt tho

    45. Judgmental Animal

      Twitter: “Not trying to cancel you but you did this” Also twitter: *FAMOUS SEpromR GOT MORE LIKES THAN MEEEE*

    46. faisal husham


    47. cripple

      i wish twitter just one day got deleted

      1. cripple

        @Domoss Gameplays my theory is it’s because tumbler banned nsfw, so the majority of tumbler users just migrated to twitter

      2. Domoss Gameplays

        Same. I don't understand how that shit website got popular in the first place.

    48. Isaac Mondragon

      I love you even more bro

    49. Liam Richardson


    50. SierraWolf 1337

      Yep, that’s going into my „reasons why we should nuke Twitter“ compilation

    51. VirtuousAezon

      Bro shes a cracker smh

    52. Tiffany

      I don’t personally agree to what you say. To some people burning the National flag wouldn’t be a big deal but for American burning the flag is disrespectful the same for siting while the national anthem is played. I feel like taking a part of a culture and using it as you want but not dealing with it is disrespectful. We live in a world full of symbolism. Also telling what is or not respectful for a culture that you are not a part of or don’t understand is kind of bias and hypocritical. Dream as a younger fanbase so if he shows it’s okay to use sacred native music as the same of the soundtrack of any aventure movies, they are prone to do the same. I understand that what is sacred to me is not the same to anyone else, but humanity is only base of the respect we have for eachother. I don’t think it’s a big deal to just respect people culture.

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        I don't think you realise using a song in a video isn't disrespecting anyone's culture.

      2. sombrerofatcat

        Different in many ways different people have different views your close minded for thinking we cant be apart of another culture because of are race burning the US flag is like burning the gay flag or BLM's flag except they mean little compared to the American flag the American flag states that we stand together to support the freedom that we fought for with the blood of Patriots and tyrants alike running in a stream along side it that we will always be a great nation that let's freedom take hold and that's where your logic ends when I say freedom you must realize that cultural appropriation isnt real

      3. Kwabee


    53. Louie Valenzuela III

      This reminds me of the woman who wore that Chinese dress for prom, and people got butt hurt that she looked good in it and called it disrespectful

    54. GoopXIV

      I don’t like dream, but I’m with him on this one

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        He pussied out as always, fucker needs to stop pandering to his audience and stand his ground for once. I hate how fucking spineless he is.

    55. Rehman Ahmed

      Man people get offended about anything this days

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        True. We need another war to weed out the weak.

    56. Jacob Hill

      Ppl have gone INSANE. Almost none of this was happening a few years ago.

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        True. People have so much freedom they don't know know what to do with it and it shows.

    57. Ethan Montgomery

      U had a dream Pastense

    58. Dannyboy

      She called herself uneducated. Half White, quarter white, only your pinky toe is white. Doesn't matter because White is White. You can't call white people uneducated when you are white

      1. Domoss Gameplays

        Someone who gets offended over something like this never has IQ over 50 anyways.

    59. scene ben

      piesel datches :)

    60. joey!

      did she fill out a butthurt report?

    61. Gozorp

      Bro is that a gameplay of a game? You’re sponsoring the gaming culture

    62. Cartier

      i didnt even know who dream was until today

    63. i like stuff so yeah

      This is... just twitter.....

    64. John Bolden III

      Dream actually dignifying that shit with a response is the worst part about this whole thing

    65. Dark Reaper

      Guys dream is a... *SIMP*

    66. rotating turtle29


    67. Bonby Gigi


    68. purge ツ

      As a Navajo, we do not claim her, And never will, personally I see absolutely nothing wrong with the music, Most of my other Navajo peers don't seem to be bothered, and actually think this pretty cool seeing "Our" music (Which doesn't even sound like the type of music we made/listen to) being used it a dream video. I honestly think it's just dumb that people are getting mad over this :/

      1. sombrerofatcat

        Yes brother I'm blackfoot NA and I commend you on saying fuck her

      2. boy gamer!!

        Man Navajo seem like really cool people!

    69. Polik

      Im gonna get dreadlocks and wear a headress as a white male. Be mad Twitter

    70. Some Furry IDK

      I don't see why prove that he cheated people will still watch him

    71. Dani-Claw

      "Other cultures aren't educated on Native American cultures, too," Meanwhile, on My Hero Academia, the hero "Native" gets sliced by Stain the Hero Killer...

    72. regoola poola

      SHIT!!!!!!!!!! PUT THIS ON CNN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!

    73. guocky slush

      God ppl are such pussys

    74. Dusekk76

      based diesel

    75. Tyto

      Twitter is a disease

    76. Harold

      Dream uses music Random woman and I took that personally Btw I’m not a dream stan just saying

    77. i beat my wife

      *colored people cant be racist get it right*

      1. Loser


    78. Underwater Chicken Fish

      I said it once and I'll say it again... As long as you respect it i don't fucking care.

    79. CACA C

      BIG CACA

    80. mia is here i guess

      If "feral" is a slur i do not know what im going to do with myself

    81. Dylan Varagona

      You dare play bohemian rhapsody in the United States as a celebratory song for your party? HOW DARE THOU!?

    82. Big Beerus

      As a Métis person I feel odd about this. I don't like the context it was used in as war path music would have fit better, but that's about it. Its more of a "silly dream, that's gospel music" basically, to break it down to the most understandable way. I think Natives get pissed about this for a very specific reason though, that I find somewhat understandable. Its odd when the people who massacred your people then pulled the stunts with the land, also the reform schools in both the u.s and Canada attempting to stamp out our culture (there is documented proof this was the goal its indisputable, this happened lets all get over it. Combined with the general horrible state of reserves since forever) then turn around and try to use the culture after. If that makes sense. Especially the Halloween thing I get, like your ancestors slaughtered ours now you wanna wear our garb after, its kind of deeply insulting in a way. But overall do what you want. It doesn't particularly bother me at all and I don't see why a whole bunch of other white people care. Or other Natives tbh. Let them do as they please who cares? Like i have upside down crosses tattooed on my middle fingers from jail just to annoy religious types. Who am I to judge other peoples actions.

      1. Big Beerus

        @Spice For Spice I'm approaching it from an optics standpoint. Our enemies are long dead, doesn't make it look any less weird. Personally I find it amusing because of those optics, but can understand why that leaves a bad taste in other natives mouths. White people really shouldn't care at all though. It's not their problem. Edit: if you even bothered to actually read it you'd know I don't personally hold that view and am just explaining why natives might not like it.

      2. Spice For Spice

        "the people who massacred your people" And that's exactly where it falls apart. Modern day white people have nothing to do with what happened. In fact, many white American's ancestors had nothing to do with it.

    83. Yuni Moody

      @diesel patches Indiana Jones in my opinion was ok. She clearly doesn't understand what culture appropriation is. Culture appreciation is when people present a culture but give that culture their own opinions on what they believe the cultural aspects are and mean, then that's when I have a prob.

    84. One Autumn Leaf

      When can we cancel the word cultural appropriation.

    85. Tastier jungle 46

      Dutlniv tioogattlyg

    86. Snow ̵

      Music is a universal art, to want to stop someone from using music is to stop people's way of expression.

      1. Loser


    87. Chase Kielty

      Any person who isn't a pale uncultured white person and actually HAS a culture wouldn't be mad if you included something of their heritage or culture into your own life.

    88. Padilla

      Reason #4,633 as to why Twitter is the dumbest place on the internet. Tumblr’s got competition

    89. Sean Avery

      Every person who actively uses Twitter outside of uploading stuff on there from other platforms and/or for news deserves to perish.

    90. Guy Krawinkel


    91. Rabid Raccoon

      God I'm glad I deleted Twitter

    92. SkyCookie :3

      Why do i not give a fuck

      1. Insert_text_here

        You clearly do give a fuck.

      2. Jcreddd

        Why would you click on the video

    93. Piret Iris

      Lol why is Draco Malfoy in Star Wars

    94. Oracle Playz

      (Excuse my English as I’m not incredibly good at it) I know I’m going to get shitted on from what I’m going to say as this is the internet but I really disagree with your assessment on this issue and I even think it could be dangerous to promote this idea of what is considered to be cultural appropriation and what is not. Cultural Appropriation happens when takes on certain aspects of another’s culture for their own profit and gain without understanding the importance of what it is to the other culture. In this scenario we have Dream making use of some Native American sacred music in his video. This is considered to be cultural appropriation as he used this music in his chase scene to depict some sort of tribal vibes going through the marsh. He has used this music in his video as he thought it fits this scene. Does he understand the importance of this sacred music? I doubt so. Was this done intentionally? I can’t answer for dream. Yes, taking into context of the location is important but Cultural appropriation isn’t limited to location and could even lead to severe consequences if one does not address it appropriately. Let’s just say dream’s video is dominantly shown in the USA. Untrue stereotypes could be perpetuated by these instances and the erosion of another’s culture can start taking place. My USA friends might start to develop these stereotypes about Native Americans and my Native American friends might start seeing their own culture deteriorating and could start culturally appropriating their own culture. So how can we tackle cultural appropriation? Cultural appreciation I think is the best way to handle this situation. This is where we talk to the people in those communities and come to understand why certain cultural markers are important to them and show the respect they deserve. Does this mean we can’t use aspects of another’s culture? No, we still can do it. But we must approach it in a way where we get inputs from the community of that culture and ensure that we aren’t deteriorating their culture. Perhaps they could even help with giving inputs on how they could tweak the music in Dream’s video to not culturally appropriate their music. I hope this helps to clear up some things.

      1. bat flash

        @Oracle Playz at the end of the day, it’s just a fat Redditor behind his 144hz monitor being a dick so just leave em

      2. Oracle Playz

        @bat flash I understand if it’s just a song and I think the girl in twitter has definitely did not respond to the situation in a civil manner. But I’m referring to the perpetuation of stereotypes as a result of cultural appropriation. Dream wasn’t mocking Native American culture in any way but I’m referring to another aspect of cultural appropriation and its consequences

      3. bat flash

        @Oracle Playz it’s a song bruh. It being a sacred song doesn’t give him any less right to use it unless he is blatantly disrespecting it. SJWs and their bullshit.

      4. Oracle Playz

        @bat flash Perhaps I have been short sighted that not many would want to read a long winded comment on my opinion. But I felt that it was important to say something on this pressing issue.

      5. MM DH

        It’s the internet i need one paragraph max not a full novelty

    95. Chance Kearns

      Dream *gay*

      1. Loser


      2. bat flash


    96. Andrew Createz


    97. The Lucky Pepsi

      Fuck you count dooku

    98. Moussa Miller

      You can’t “appropriate” a culture. In fact, calling things cultural appropriation should be considered cultural appropriation. They’re basically forcing cultures to keep their cultural shit to themselves and to not allow anyone else to partake in anything to do with it. It’s just outright separation and is just wrong. Civilization is evolving backwards in time

    99. The Weeb

      I Giorno Giovanna have a dream

    100. doctorblitz

      as a native person i don't care that dream used native music in his video