Grubhub Pains Me

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    unga me dance like cave man
    Hotel Transylvania Meme:

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    1. beta male

      The one who made the ad was secretly a genius cause the ad got spread out everywhere for being so bad and now no one can forget grubhub

      1. LaChelle Jones


      2. TheBlueIncineroar

        Lord Ainsley

      3. shxtify


      4. Grim Reaper2027

        Chad man

      5. SeanNotConnery


    2. L O O N Y B S ツ S O U N D S


    3. Shine Bright

      it’s like nikcado advacodo had a family and they were high

    4. Check mate

      I would like to let you know that I am a pro at the Hub dances and proud. 1:16 got me dying

    5. Atomz_Playz

      0:59 me getting ready to snake my little winneir

    6. BiteableHawk 45

      Just remember bois this is most likely gonna be a fortnite dance in the future

    7. Gabriel Gonzalez

      Sprite cranberry is n absolute classic and anyone who compares it to this grotesque abomination deserves to be thrown out of their country

    8. Conner Hack

      there’s gonna be a lot of mf’s who don’t know what kroger or jewel osco are lmao

    9. aqvev

      I've actually never seen these lmao

    10. What’s a meme. Bob


    11. Zando GD

      I had spanish class once, and literally we had to listen to this and understand what it was saying, that was before this abomination, I saw this and thought it sounds familiar and then realized that we learned this in spanish, the music video for that song which is called soy yo, was cringey, but this puts that to shame

    12. R C

      Diesel my dude this commercial came on the other day before I went to work. I almost dropkicked my tv. It just angered the fuck outta me lol I said to myself why is grubhub using ILLUMINATION with an ANNOYING fucking song! They make these ads just to piss us off.

    13. Sheen Estevez


    14. thelegend2508

      oof i think my comment was deleted

    15. Kenneth Bone

      it’s honestly amazing how many people can’t cook and refuse to learn. they’d rather spend $18 on a chipotle burrito to be delivered than learn a basic adult skill.

    16. brian gomez

      The add sucks

    17. wahmojo


    18. DEATH

      Can we thank deisel for not playing the whole song

    19. Diesel Patches' Aborted Son

      Like This For Crack

    20. you look so good

      Grub what you love

    21. Wizrd41

      Idk, I kinda like the Kroger ads. It's the grubhub ones that give me the creeps.

    22. Homo Sapien

      1:47 I Don't Wanna Be That Kind Of Guy, But Diesel, Seriously Your Profile Is More Crap Than These Characters.

    23. CoolGamerx YT

      1:17 tho

    24. ChrisTron

      The Kroger one was made before the GRUBHUB one

    25. CUTIE PIE


    26. Butt Ghost

      Nice daddy o five reference

    27. zMaxbomb_Playz

      idk why everyone hates the song it's from fifa fifa 16

    28. Liam Baker

      "Howdy doo, fellow kids?"

    29. Darren Plays Games - Fortnite Concepts and more!

      i think fortnite dances are actually bearable compared to this..

    30. Olive B

      My mom ordered from grubhub before Food never came. never ordered from there again.

      1. Darren Plays Games - Fortnite Concepts and more!

        Grubhub gives you deals on the food you dont get.

    31. p j

      the 600 people that disliked this were the makers and the karens that liked this video

    32. garys_mom

      You know that boogie man has a cheating wife canonically

    33. Jayden Jean Baptiste

      sometimes i wonder if hes racist 0:58

    34. Asriel Lunen


    35. Maddox McCarthy

      Is this why apple deleted the homepod mini ad?

    36. Huskii Doggo

      The only dance that I can tolerate is the "I can dig it" Applebee's dance from 2013

    37. Tommy Vercetti

      Lol very funny 1:16

    38. MCP 420

      “Daddy o five their asses”

    39. gEoRgE_the_guitarist

      The grubhub theme makes me want to commit not living . My god

    40. Tortoise200

      Song was in a fifa at some point I think mobile

    41. Unemployed Ostrich

      That’s right my n words By far my favourite video

    42. Dylan Lasater

      BUH DUH

    43. Hydrian Shield

      effing Morgans mom.

    44. Tyson Woods

      I danced to this 😐

    45. Bear Kart Community

      It pains us all.

    46. Grim Reaper2027

      *do I are have speech impediment??*

    47. Ryan Sanchez

      Who’s gonna tell Daddy Diesel about the new one

    48. SeanNotConnery


    49. Pleb Plays


    50. RvrCraft

      what is the song at the beginning

    51. Bryce Mizen

      “No doubt KILLING THE FETUS INSIDE HER” I’m dead “This abortion of a commercial”

    52. Connor Gould

      What if fortnite uses this as an emote

      1. the killer queen

        Oh no

    53. LoserMC

      same here brother, same here

    54. Daffodil 39

      Accidentally disliked Let me just change that

    55. Efren

      U really hit em with a daddy o 5 joke😂😂

    56. Grubhub Lady

      What what is that face that the bogeyman makes at the camera

    57. Grubhub Lady

      Pregnant lady‘s child is more shaken than that milkshake

    58. Lol Avier


    59. Unemployed Ostrich

      Mmmmm funny video Neanderthal funny word Big words am funny Troglodytes Fork knife Grotesque Many funny words

      1. Unemployed Ostrich

        Also people whomstve say that the sprite cranberry add is the same. It makes me want to hurt those people

    60. God _XD

      I rather get cancer from the ace family


      How ironic is when Iḿ watching this video my TV plays the grubhub ad.. mom Iḿ scared

    62. Kwisatz


    63. Dejavooh

      give me the delivery dance in fortnite... now...

      1. Darren Plays Games - Fortnite Concepts and more!


    64. The Legendary Weeb

      Grubhub? More like Por- *[Redacted]*

    65. Bodhi Been

      My favorite part 0:44

    66. Nigel Borg

      the salad woman gives me Karen vibes for some reason

    67. Kind Oblivion

      I've seen purple shirt orange socks guy on to catch a predator at least seven times caught in seven different states.

    68. Fugaze Diamonds

      😂 chills pop outta nowhere


      The cringe never ends

    70. ?????

      If you play the delivery dance on .25 speed it sounds demonic.

    71. DJ B

      He watches tso sage. Pain

    72. Arcjaw

      How is Grubhub a meme?

    73. Squidward’s House

      A wise man once said 'That kid is about 2 be a shook as that milkshake.'


      Everytime I go to Fred Meyer or Kroger as it’s known in some places, I break down on the inside and want to die because of how fucking gut wrenching those ads are. This is why I prefer shopping at Target or Walmart. And I won’t even get started on the fucking Old Navy Ru Paul commercial.

    75. Meetle datches


    76. Mr. Godfrey

      the sprite cranberry commercial is shit too. not as shit as the grubhub commercial, but it’s like comparing trash to wet trash.

    77. Random-_-Cactus4

      I would rather cut my tonsils out and sell them on Ebay for $26 than watch the Grubhub ad

    78. ricardo the cat

      I have word to say 1 year for 2022 i think you will get 1 million subs 🤔

    79. amxng us pro

      grubhub seeing this be like: ;-;

    80. JET0802

      the thumbnail

    81. ass eater

      The only thing this ad wants to do is make kids have a mental breakdown

    82. Pixel Raven

      i don't understand why people hate this so much it's just a brand trying to be funny why has no one talked about the fucking liberty mutual beach reading one god i hate it so much but they decide to just shit on the grubhub ad for no reason, obviously making memes is fine i think some of them are funny i'm just very confused on why people hate it so much

      1. Darren Plays Games - Fortnite Concepts and more!

        let me explain, for some reason watching this makes me just want to force shut off my pc and do something else

    83. mysteriousgamebro

      If I catch my kids doing the delivery dance I'll daddy'o'five there ass" quote of the century

    84. mysteriousgamebro

      "I'd rather my kids do drugs than catch them doing the delivery dance" quote of the year

    85. randomness channel

      Didn't expect to find you again.

    86. Random Femboy


    87. DR Coomer λ


    88. funnyflyingQAT

      yesterday ur discord server was streaming grubhub rule 34 in the vc

      1. Max Esparza

        That is the greatest sentence my pathetic life has ever witnessed

    89. Ravacious Chainz & Thangz


    90. skyblueee2009

      grgg no engish

    91. The Void Animations

      My name is Morgan so when u played the clip of morgz mum I got so fuckin confused 😂😂

    92. ferret

      This better not have rtx on

      1. Darren Plays Games - Fortnite Concepts and more!

        OOooOoOOohH HhElLlL N AAAA

    93. Capten Tea

      image having to watch this ad (this meme was made by the not greece gang (we dont have this ad lol) xd)

    94. calamazo mcdonald

      The Ralphs ad was terrible but it was just the same level of cringe inducing

    95. Mio Chungas Cult


    96. Giesel Datches

      Yes i am the grubhub for diesel patches

    97. Gaming Gallery

      2:17 *M O R G A N*

      1. Mr. Blitzwing

        *M O R G A N*

    98. ShadaneArts

      0:33 Can we stop using "neanderthal" as an insult for stupid people? I mean, it's just disrespecting an extinct human race.

      1. the killer queen

        Furry detected

      2. Massive Legend

        Bro they aint extinct have you seen what casey neistat look like?

    99. The Soldier

      I don’t know why, but your profile pic when you’re talking makes me fuckin burst out laughing.