I Have a Dream

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    1. diesel patches

      boo cracker is a joke from Dream, yeah. but my point still stands that it’s hypocritical if you’re going to go off on someone for making a racially insensitive joke then do the same thing.



      2. Greifers Crew

        Cracker is actually a racially insensitive word. It was derived from the ideology that the white slave owners were whip crackers". That's what they were "called. That's why the word cracker came to be, not because of the food that is also pasty White.

      3. Canadian Bacon

        simp haha

      4. Mikayla Faythe

        @Plug Shirt Yet 'lynch' or 'lynching' isn't a slur, or even racially sensitive on its own, dumbasses on Twitter just get offended by everything.

      5. Fire_machine 06

        Never said u were

    2. Bawi Cz

      please make petscop 2

    3. Daniel Betancourt

      4K AWAY BRO!!!❤️



    5. Aaditya Kiran


    6. Anime God

      I diesel patches have a dream

    7. Thales games


    8. Christian LaFave

      I’m eating life cereal right now but Twitter makes me wanna die

    9. Charles Reddy

      wait dream lives in florida? i could potentially find dream irl

    10. Gentle Man

      “I’m not a simp stfu” These are the words used before a natural disaster

    11. Realm Sattire

      That seems kinda dumb to associate that word with you. I don’t even believe she was really worried about black people she was just for herself. That’s my opinion.

    12. Cheesy Boi

      *is that a JoJo reference?*

    13. Oerlikon20mm

      Diesel Patcheschan, why are you simping for Alinity

    14. Oerlikon20mm


    15. Frogo Yes

      Bruh i guess I'm racist for playing town of salem. These people like blacks more than themsleves

    16. The Roman Network

      UFC 258 Diesel Patches vs. Twatter.

    17. Loughanson


    18. BenjiDog350

      Who would dislike this video

    19. El Tocino Sad


    20. white dig187

      Man I wish I could actually see you play Barman Return To Arkham City like the story it's such a fucking good game.

    21. Kourtney Kardasim

      Everyone gets offended but black people

    22. Issjoebru

      DOESNT care about Minecraft but live streams playing Minecraft

    23. Mio Chungas Cult


    24. Ethan Nickels

      I respect you simply because you used Simon. No other reason

      1. Anti Lord Richardo 2


    25. catchild101

      That one person: Ima use the logic siri uses when you ask why are firetrucks red

    26. iselltylenol

      why does the batman game look so satisfying when ppl play it WELL

    27. Lexis the furry gamer toaster

      iS tHaT a jOjO rEfReNcE?!?!?!?!11!!?!!?!?1/1//1

    28. PAPA DAVE

      Dude when you got 100 score on the game I was like :0

    29. Rheeno


    30. Emma Singh

      How the fuck does these shittards even know the word lynch.

    31. Bubba Scooze


    32. sir meow

      Happy Martin Luther Dream Day

    33. Variks The Loyal

      I personally don't care for dreams content at all, it seems boring and repetitive to me and I'm more in it to play Minecraft not watch it anymore but all in all i agree with the points made in the vid

    34. Josh Dean

      Bit simp tho

    35. R4nd0lph’s Way

      Don’t worry, his stans will annihilate those dumb twitter people

    36. Zinkies

      Why is it always the privileged white girls who live in the suburbs doing this stuff? 😂

    37. Purple Heart Requiem

      I honestly don't know who tf dream is.

    38. Emma Singh

      Why is twitter just.... Stupid? Like... So so stupid??

    39. STATIC


      1. Dio Brando

        Always has been


      I can’t call a black Person a nigg- but they can call me a cracker? Hmm 🤔

    41. Meme Manager

      Alinity... did not change

    42. Mr.Miyagii _-

      Let’s just cancel Twitter

    43. Hyper

      Why do I hear Giorno’s theme?

      1. Dio Brando

        Because he has a dream

    44. bagaboiebailey

      That Theo Twitter lady reminds me of old 2012 Illuminati confirmed videos

    45. Natsu Cast

      its getting beyond stupid twitter just needs to die cant wait till peeing gets offensive

    46. R4nd0lph’s Way

      Alinity’s character arc was pretty good

    47. sokyu no

      That would be funny if it was like this; “Dream raised his hand in MC sorta like Hitler” Bio: boohoo ni-

    48. Ivy Whitfield

      "I Diesel patches, have a dream"

    49. Sly Gam3r

      Never heard the word lynch before in my 16 years on Earth!

    50. OOF NOOB

      Soft and Wet.

    51. Adolf Kitler

      Big *Oof*

    52. Jimmy Hardon

      Lmfao simp

    53. Pufferfins

      For anyone who doesn't know the joke idk if this is right or not but, dream uses the word boo hoo cracker to taunt one of his friend (can you guess lol) for acting like a baby on the aftermath of mcc, he also used it in a jackbox stream and the chat almost crashed

    54. Señior Meme

      I hate dream

    55. God Of Trash

      I remembered some guy with a 🍩🍩🍩 like this when I read the title

      1. Joseph joestar

        Ahh you mean giorno Giovanna the man with a dream

    56. Shaneequatheodorela

      I Giorno Giovanna have a Dream

      1. Ivy Whitfield


    57. Peppa Pig xD

      Everyone who uses twitter to be a snowflake deserves to be ltnched

    58. BlitMin


    59. Avi Honor

      you dont play minecraft im unsub

      1. C O R N

        Me 2 I unsub

    60. Sancho Panza

      Don let us catch you simping Diesel, senpai..

    61. Normal Reality

      there's so many trigger warnings I feel like there's no freedom of speech

    62. Ethan Melendez


    63. RAGE Recon

      2:10 100% gonna get taken out of context

    64. Jordzyi1

      I have no problem with dream but I just don’t give a sh*t about him.

    65. GeneralPrøwl

      I have a prowl

    66. BappoChan

      Oh you’re not a nazi? But don’t you live in Europe which is where Germany is located (which is where nazis are made) while being white. Bro you’re a nazi

      1. LGND


    67. Bloxotrot BT

      You live in Poland which is next to Germany and they killed a lot of people so you your a Nazi

    68. Yuh

      They cancel anyone

    69. tom cloud

      anyone offended by the word lynched should be lynched

    70. Assassin HoodTre

      I had no intention of calling you a simp.

    71. 4Heed Indeed


    72. Gaming With Karly

      Bro I didn’t need to know that my math teacher’s last name meant that.... 🥲

    73. Damien Wolf

      Simpidy do dah

      1. Damien Wolf

        Keep up the good content bro

    74. Overlordofmc


    75. Melwin Stålhjärta


    76. Yu zhe

      I Giorno Giovanna have a dream

    77. Pretzs Graal

      Tbh Diesel patches and dream has the same voice ngl

    78. Arkku

      who in their right mind thinks lynching is associated with black people

    79. Isaiah Lancer

      You don't give a shit he cheated? But around the time he cheated you make a video on him about another situation that would have been forgiven anyway, why this topic when you could have talked about him possibly lying to his audience, he debunked it too ik but still Dream.

    80. Darion Balkaran

      The title reminds me of the 1990s pole guy saying Some People Laughed, Some People Cried, Some People Were Silent.

    81. MinuteClover24

      Dream: Cheater? (SNIFF) (SNIFF) I smell black

    82. Vali_BG

      Pretty ironic for the biggest lynchers to complain about lynching, actually nevermind they complain about the word and not the act, so its fine.

    83. Vali_BG

      I have a dream, I'm here to tell...

    84. Green Man


    85. Giant Vader7


    86. JT Withrow

      Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that town of Salem still exists?

    87. Skitskit Scootypoot

      "You probably know who dream is" Me: no not at all

    88. Kraissl

      Honestly, I don’t give a shit if dream cheated in the speedrun or whatever it was that he was being accused of cheating in because I don’t really watch Dream... what really bothers me is that dream makes probably millions of dollars and or course I don’t expect him to give all of that away to charity or anything like that, but I just think it’s a little weird that he only donated 5000 dollars...

    89. Khush Kataria

      Diesel be like: i hate "x" because he did this. But i dont care...

    90. Chad Schwartz

      Since when does lynch have anything to do with race what? People are so dumb...

    91. ethan piño

      *kono giorno giovanna niwa yume ga aru*

    92. strawberry cow

      I genuinely don’t get this like I don’t understand my brain can’t process this people are mad over a word that means to hang someone to death ? What?

    93. Bruh Moment

      Holy shit, he got the 100 combo

    94. Random Guy

      if someone said "ohh you said genocide that's offensive to jews" no if that's gonna be offensive to anyone it's not just gonna be jews it's gonna be armeinians which it wont be because it isn't dericted at them

    95. Kanis Kid

      Twitter makes me ashamed to be a 16yo white girl

    96. Sprite Cranberry

      I live in Georgia tho

    97. Richard ps

      Meh no I didn't have clue who he was, but Im 50 and don't understand what your talking about most of the time, I just find you funny and use Context

    98. WillitFoReal

      That’s fucking twitter for you Everything anyone says is offensive or racist in some way.

      1. Basketball Player


    99. Dennis Duran

      He did in fact cheat. There is statistical evidence that when biased in his favor the chances of him having not cheated are so low that they are considered statistically impossible.

    100. OooF Brandon

      What is diesels discord?

      1. Ivy Whitfield