I'm Annoyed with Youtube

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    1. Susan Wabbajack

      Oh shit, my bad. Lemme make it up to you by taking away your revenue

    2. An Angry Ninja

      What doesn't really make any sense is that C U Next Tuesday is considered hate speech when in fact it is just a vulgar term for referring to vaginas same as dick is to refer to a penis. So wouldn't dick also be considered hate speech?

    3. Lye the Hongry

      Video's already a month old but I don't see the point of bitching about SEprom TOS or their censorship and unfair treatment to content creators. Everyone's known for years that if you're not safe, corporate, advertiser-approved shlock, you're gonna get shit in your mouth. There's no room on modern-day big social media, such as SEprom, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit for the funny, thought-provoking, uncomfortable, or controversial. If you decide that's what your channel is going to be, this is what happens and will continue to happen, no matter what. You can complain about it, tell your followers to back whatever slacktovist hashtag of the moment, or have people write their congressman, it makes no difference and the powers that be will ignore you as they always have. At this point, I don't see why anyone would still make a video to complain about it unless they're trawling for sympathy bucks on Patreon, because you're not gonna get anything else, not even ad revenue from the video you whine about it from. And I think, after all this time, if you've still decided you want to be a 'content creator' or an 'influencer', and still want to make anything interesting on these platforms, you should stop pretending you have any dignity or morals, and just admit you're subhuman trash that enjoys getting stepped on. Barely above the common coke-fiend slurping down man chowder for the 20 they'll blow on their next fix.

      1. Milk

        TheReS No PoInT In ComPlaIninG yet here you are typijng the entire bible?

    4. Philis Phil


    5. Dat_ Mexican77

      SEprom is becoming a Karen

    6. Poké GO

      Its cruising hackmyjack

    7. CUTIE PIE


    8. ChefCox

      The word cunt is a huge part of Australian culture. How dare they.

      1. ek_bruh

        youtube racist

    9. Pro Ewok_Gamer495

      Love the way that the music at the start wasn’t even edited on it was the actual game itself 😂

    10. Greyson Lampman

      Susan WabbaJack

    11. rafael manalili


    12. Brandon Gilbert

      I hate youtube too

    13. Tony Ortega

      Disel satches

    14. Joel Kufour

      funny thing is a girl can get railed in an ad (fAmiLy fRieNdLy cOntEnT) but if a youtuber says crap twice they get demonized

    15. Pleb Plays

      Susan is not legible to be the ceo of youtube if she herself can't know the struggles of a SEpromr trying to stay in the line where the line is a stream of smoke

    16. Tmb 1982

      Wuck Fojcicki

    17. Dirty Dan 176

      Get good at battlefront

    18. not hing

      *Well this is why people should support alternative platforms by uploading on them..*

    19. SKANE

      So ironic I come to this video and the ad is about growing bigger balls like wtf Susan. There’s also a proper word for balls.

    20. Unemployed Ostrich

      Sueseb flabbergast more like.... Bitch

    21. Jinxxxen

      Susan wabojaky

    22. Crocerella

      Funny how you can't say "simp" or "cunt" or any other hate-speech on youtube without getting a strike but Belle delphine is left untouched and YT doesn't even bother to age-restrict her videos

    23. ProunceCat

      What about freedom of speech even if its not a nice thing.

    24. Neospeedo

      tamamo no mae dabing

    25. Ricardo Valero

      Any askers?

    26. Grace Li

      When can we just call every word a slur already and stop speaking to each other.

    27. Hamoudi Aboudi

      yay swbf2 gameplay

    28. Voodoo one Vipers on station

      Nice gameplay, battlefront 2 is pretty cool

    29. Pepe THE frog

      Watch out Susan finna 360 noscope trickshot another 3 strikes on you when you're sleeping

    30. The Little Dabber


    31. Liam

      No homo

    32. peglerbc

      Runescape music in the background.GOD TIER

    33. Bliss

      Susan Wasowski

    34. George Floyd Gaming

      Susan wabajack unsubbed me i did not consent

    35. gamer kid #12345

      Susan's last name is a verse from rap god

    36. Rapid Queso

      Love the game choice

    37. Isaiah thomas

      That diesel patches at it again with the strikes, go get'em you tank engine son of a bitch

    38. hellaboiflowerass yeet

      I don’t get notifications for you anymore wtf. I have the bell on. I love your content btw ❤️

    39. Nikexel

      for real. SEprom is really confusing, Other people be uploading really lewd content and it stays, but for some reason if I do it... it's as if SEprom keeps tabs on my account and deletes them or screws with me in a different way; I know lewd stuff ain't supposed to be on SEprom but golly if others can do it, why can't us? and why can some of us do the things others can't? youtube be real biased and doesnt care about the smaller part of the community and focuses on the dumb things and big channels, all I ask from SEprom is CONSISTENCY, VALUE AND QUALITY. if one can do it, everybody else can, if one can't do it, nobody else can. all I want is SEprom to be fair again not to just me but everybody. I'm not only talking about lewd stuff but all topics and videos in general.

    40. Jeremy Gibson

      my mans with the runescape soundtrack i fux wid it

    41. Tom Murphy

      How is cunt a slur

    42. Henry

      SEprom baby proofing the platform.

    43. MoonlightAcid

      Oh a SEpromr annoyed with SEprom. Never would have seen it coming.

    44. Evilgaming111

      It is cool to see that people are still playing battle front 2

    45. Drakken Joe

      You can’t even put “death” in the title of some videos. It’s ridiculous.

    46. Sgrinwaipwr

      Oh, I didnt get to watch to iDubz video in time.

    47. Bulldog G

      Let’s be real Susan is the CEO of Karens

    48. Andy Saghbini

      I hate SEprom, just because i locked up some kids in my basement I got a strike

    49. Tom Newton

      90% of these comments: I’m annoyed with SEprom Aren’t we all?

    50. AbdullahAdrs

      ksi uses the word cunt in every video alot of British SEpromrs do too

    51. Sushi Mario

      Isn't everyone

    52. William Foster

      SEprom deleted my channel / account a couple weeks back because I apparently violated their guidelines; worse still is they didn't even tell me why my account was gone because their stupid guidelines allow them to not have to tell me why. I don't even post videos on the damn thing. I used it to be able to read comments on videos, post comments and save videos to watch lists. Although, now that I think about it, I remember posting one comment mentioning how three certain Democrats needed to not live via bullet, so I guess that was the reason... But if that were the case, then why is it I can still access channels where the owners have made very much similar comments about Trump and Republicans? SEprom's biased to hell, just as bad as Twitter.

    53. Miya Coxlong

      Cunt is a slur? Poor Australia 😔 🇦🇺

    54. Isabel

      Almost 1MIL

    55. No Name


    56. General Gaming WR

      1:54 that's a nice picture of mutahar

    57. Flawless

      "I'm annoyed with youtube" Shit smells

    58. Mio Chungas Cult


    59. Colin Lapp

      You’ve been shadow banned my guy

    60. Purple Crewmate

      i got this notification 12 minutes ago

    61. Katana Kabooba

      Bruh aren’t we all Susan wabajack has two dads, only 60k subscribers on her own sight and no balla

      1. Katana Kabooba

        Balls sorry

    62. Hickey99

      Holy crap we both play battlefront

    63. Drew Bennett

      Susan wabajackoff could play a pretty good green goblin, look at her face in the thumbnail, paint that green, just saying

    64. Zouly

      Love the battlefront gameplay!

    65. Rainglock

      Susan Wafflefries is going to start censoring the the whole damn site soon

    66. Simon Kirbycraft

      I mean, who isnt?

    67. original noon

      optimus uploaded the same vid but didnt get a strike but thats prob cuz hes at 1million subs, anyone below is completely nerfed

    68. Ernie Lema-Zumba

      SEprom made me unsub from ya channel Wtf man

    69. Smruthi Pradeep

      "I'm annoyed with SEprom" Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes

    70. Foxmpomas

      You said bull$hit thats another strike.

    71. NerdyDumbProductions

      "petrol patches" lmao

    72. Ilya

      That burp at the end was wet af

    73. Corinna Banyas

      lol fuck the diss likes. You’re the best hahaha apparently calling ppl out on their shit ain’t it to utube

    74. peepee poopoo

      diesel is butthurt haha

    75. Mihailo Tomic

      Mans copped the free battlefront 2 on epic game. Zero respect

    76. Þhë ČƏØ Õf Đėmôņëťîżåțïõñ

      Susan needs help.

    77. Sprinklefan fan

      *The fact that this stuff happens but Belle Delphine gets to stay*

    78. Stryker

      When can we get a decent alternative to YT already

    79. Funnynamejokelmao

      Star Wars moment

    80. will martin

      Cracked at bf2

    81. Shubhransh Singh

      I mean my account was literally terminated for using "fuck" "fucking" lmao and that too for using those words in a comment

    82. Strix Murmurs

      Thank you for the RuneScape music

    83. Kat Scott


    84. DebatingLeech 76

      I still love you daddy

    85. smart guy

      Nice runescape back round music

    86. BiggieDogs

      Heh, And to think youtube was probably gonna change, Not saying it won't.

    87. FritoSoldier

      These Ads? Soundcloud is that you cuz? FBI OPEN UP BEECH!

    88. Apollo Vanron


    89. Meta knight

      Are we really surprised tho?

    90. Big Smoke

      Sadly my account is broken so i cant watch age restricted stuff so i have to switch accounts now

    91. Trold Troll

      Diesel patches isn't funny

      1. Trold Troll

        @Culdee Fell Studios I'm not a kid anymore

      2. Culdee Fell Studios

        stfu kid

      3. Knight Trooper

        he kinda not funny but he funny to me

    92. Carrotmaster

      grass is green

    93. Lee Tiffee

      Are you so bad you have to play co-op

      1. Culdee Fell Studios

        nitpicking fetus

    94. Summery set

      The osrs music

    95. KØMBAT

      No joke, I was listening “f*ck love” by trippie redd and XXXtentacion slowed and reverb and it was age restricted......like bruh how

    96. Giesel Datches

      Yes it’s true I did get blasted by diesel patches

    97. LongShot 210

      The same thing happened to me but I didn’t get a strike

    98. Valiantcat7780

      Susan looks like jk Rowling’s evil sister.

    99. Alfa Sports 1684

      We’re all annoyed with yt