I've Messed Up

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    Very sorry to Ivory and Pyro for how I've handled all this. Also want to thank you guys for calling me out when I screwed up.

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    1. finna

      Next upload: “I’ve Messed Up(RE-UPLOAD)”

      1. Finn Left

        @Raphael imagine editing your comment

      2. Joeblo Bleeblo

        After that - I was right and I got paid 4 times already

      3. All about South Park


      4. Starbucks Latte


      5. Nat Bong


    2. Jake Moro

      A lot of commentary channels bitch pyro... And didnt apologize....huh.....

    3. mshark

      he's out boys he's out bail (revers air horn sound effect)

    4. Ara

      Not a real apology Didn't fake cry on camera 🙄

    5. Spartan 117

      U gae?

    6. zomnomo27

      Wait... no fake tears? No blaming it on a traumatic exercise? No blaming other people? No pets at the beginning? Bro ur apologie is 1/10

    7. Gentle Man

      It’s okay Diesel, I still love you

    8. Wolfpack Productions

      Ah yes, the only real SEprom apology

      1. Hobo525

        Yep. Pretty rare to find others.

    9. ʞzʇ


    10. The Bounty Hunters

      The fuck kind of apology is this?

      1. Spartan 117

        A real apology

    11. Sarb Nitrof

      Let's be real, Pyro fucked up by being into furry shit. Ivory fucked up by making false allegations against Pyro and making the world aware he's into this furry shit.

      1. Ghost Water

        End of the day everyone was in the wrong

    12. EZ Does It 730

      I appreciate his maturity but i REALLY want him to cover MolesterLadd’s recent apology

    13. Lego Anakin Skywalker

      At least you apologized.

    14. mattbunky

      I think we can all blame turkey tom for this...

    15. Cykasoviet


    16. Sarcastic Schmuck

      A bit late to the scene, but this was a very mature response. Refreshing, if you ask me.

    17. Lochlan Armstrong

      i know i fucked up im just a loser

    18. Nice All Around Good, Honest, Guy.

      aaaaAAAAAAAperently ivory and pyro were on an 18+ server, So Ivory shouldn't've even been able to talk to him in the first place.

    19. Mattie George

      The thing is, you'll fuck up again in the future.

      1. Hard on Dong

        @RatPhink - Yeah I don't think he will cover topics like this anytime soon or ever maybe.

      2. RatPhink -

        So far he has kept his promise. He stayed out of the callmecarson drama as he said he would with situations like this.

    20. Mio Chungas Cult


    21. Cock Ass

      it's crazy how you can just move on and apologize from this without any backlash because you were just regurgitating information. if only pyro could do that

      1. robert robbins


    22. Rigmo 22

      Diesel this is why I like you, you actually mean the apology


      Respond to Popiiporo I get your point but He took the backlash genuinely and admitted he was wrong and he would never cover another 'Drama' similar to it. But you're stating your point like Diesel is about to get cancelled. The drama was last year, it's time to move on.

    24. Comedy Silver


    25. x_e3e

      I am the 5,667th commenter but nobody cares

      1. Yes

        I care ❤️

    26. Harambe

      Better suck for forgiveness

    27. Cryptical

      1/10 apology he didn't start crying over dramatically

    28. Le Twat

      Bruh your the only guy I know who apologized appropriately

    29. samu

      I'm confused, where's diesel patches?

    30. EdTheSeal

      This isn’t a real apology You aren’t uncontrollable crying

    31. Smokey O


    32. Ally Cascanaves

      Wait, what even happened? Who is pYro and Ivory?

    33. Richard

      Sometimes we all just have to shut the fuck up

    34. Pharaoh

      This was very man of you. You're badass, Diesel.

    35. MN78

      Why do you sound depressed

    36. Dryst®

      dude just more DHAR MANN!!!!

    37. Nicolasgonzo87 _

      you probably dont remember because the video got deleted but i said something like "this is going to be just like pro jared and james charles where they take their side after they respond" and i was right lmao

    38. OOF NOOB

      Soft and Wet.

    39. Impenetry

      where is the part where you talk about how you were abused as a child and grew up in a bad environment? 0/10

    40. Kellard 2

      Change your channel picture to have a tear! Na im kidding bro, I get that you gotta change it up. I hope you won’t change too much tho. (:

    41. Sebastian's Lego Guns

      He sounds more sincere here than in any apology video ever

    42. Jordzyi1

      Why apologies to stupid people that are offended over opinions.

      1. Lunar

        that was false info he spreaded to a large audience, he had to apologize

      2. Your Father

        @Jordzyi1 it wasn’t an opinion, he was spreading false information

      3. Jordzyi1

        @Guilherme Lisboa um ok

      4. Guilherme Lisboa

        @Jordzyi1 At least you are self-aware

      5. Jordzyi1

        @Guilherme Lisboa waw I’m a dumbass my feelings are hurt.

    43. Sewer Svn

      oh boo hoo

      1. Diesel latches


    44. eliot rodger

      Next upload: "diesel patches apology is garbage"

    45. Bilal Hp

      Oww.... Would've gotten a CallMeCarson vid

    46. Elijah Hopper


    47. bnjmn nwmn


    48. baloony

      "Accidentally" lmao shut up, you got backlash and you realized you messed up you idiot

    49. Alicia Nmezi

      No receipts? CANCELLED.

    50. June A

      No this is. Horrible apology should have started it with guys ik this isn’t were I’m usually am or the gameplay that I usually do this is more serious

    51. Hλck5aw

      Well, this situation was messy, we’re glad you owned up at your part

    52. standing there menacingly

      This apology is trash, you didn't say you were "lost and confused".

      1. Cryptical

        And he didn't flex his car in the backround smh

    53. Daniel Ehoff

      This game is an absolute spam fest

    54. Gladiator

      Thanks to you, I keep on getting Percy the Train toy ads on the SEprom home page

    55. KissMyAspergers

      ...Sounds like the mature, responsible thing to me! Carry on. =)

    56. leonstm

      D U N C E

    57. 4pky


    58. WhiteGorilla


    59. Jo Jo

      Pyrocynical isn't innocent?! Bruh he was blamed of grooming and he didn't do it. He is innocent.

      1. Lunar

        @Jo Jo i know but still pretty weird

      2. Jo Jo

        @Lunar HES LEGAL DOE XD

      3. Lunar

        @Jo Jo Legality =/= morality btw plus its still quite fucked ngl

      4. Jo Jo

        @Lunar Bro that is way different from grooming a child. Just because it was inappropriate, doesn't mean it was grooming. Btw 16 is the age of consent for both of their regions.

      5. Lunar

        No, BUT, he still had inappropriate conversations with a 16 year old. pretty immoral to lots of people, and even pyro said it wasnt right for him to do that.

    60. Captin Stonks

      Why weren’t you crying, we’re supposed to make people sorry for us

    61. MC B

      What's the gameplay that he's playing?

    62. Memethings 1478

      It's alright bro you've screwed up this once. You still remain to make convincing and somewhat entertaining vids. (and funny)

    63. Hugo Flores


    64. Jesus

      Good job child

    65. Nashin0ki

      Thank you for admitting your mistakes! That's more than what most people do


      But common diesel we must find those DMs between ivory and pyro . It's cringe fart furry fetish.

    67. Bonk Bonk

      wtf happened here?

      1. I'm gonna say a badword!

        Get out of my tripod!

    68. lizzie thompson

      Jokes aside, 2 fucking kings making sincere and genuine apologies like this is absolutely incredible, a really nice breath of fresh air after... like... everyone else on youtube

    69. a sack of potatoes

      wow i think this is the only apology video ive seen where the person making the apology is not getting roasted

    70. Personman245

      Dude where’s the sigh at the start. Clearly you’re faking this.

    71. Gabe Fuentes


    72. My wife left me and my children Don’t like me

      This exactly what Turkey Tom should have done lol

    73. Andre la commare

      More impressed by this Arkham gameplay than this apology

    74. Celloj

      Oh wow, a real SEpromr apology

    75. Admiral Pepper

      Lol keem calling someone snake lol

    76. Average Xennpai


    77. Chris Cash

      You messed up, the gameplay aint Star Wars, you gotta reupload my guy.

    78. Jack da ‘alf brain ork

      This situation was a roller coaster of emotions and “he said she said” with a dumpster fire at the end Hopefully this drama is at a end

    79. Mr J

      Well you're mature enough to realize that you messed up and your mature enough to apologize for it so you're not so immature pal.

    80. flying noodle69

      What a poor apologize video

    81. Manolo Mlik

      You’re trans

    82. MathMaster

      Damn I don't fucking remember asking you to apologize

    83. Henry

      Great response

    84. Eugene Flores

      But you know,, why is the underage kid would go to r18 site? Pyro would not ask that because why would a kid go to r18 site

    85. Brady Johnson

      I can say this apology and pyros response should make it in a SEprom rewind top ten list

    86. Dabeetus Flakes

      Imagine being exposed for being the big gay. That would suck.

    87. Disguised

      Not a real Apology You didn't leak a whole 25 page document about how it was not your fault!

    88. Jake W

      i thought this was a joke

    89. Ethan Bardo

      Just do a nickcoodo avoooooocado

    90. Hey

      Quit giving so much validity to unsubstantiated rumors (career ending one nonetheless). You’ve had to retract/apologize enough for you to quit making drama focused content. You’re not a reliable source and you jump the gun on allegations, all for views over honesty. You were better at memeing on folks who clearly goofed. So stay in your lane, chief.

      1. Demoman from the game Team Defense 2

        Realest shit I've heard

      2. PZB 101

        Damn this hit HARD.

    91. NilcoTE

      i stopped watching you after you had to apologize to Terroriser for spreading misinformation and yet again, here you are apologizing for the same exact thing. Glad to hear you’re gonna avoid these kind of topics in the future but it’s too late for me, man. im done with your content. You put very limited effort into your videos, you’re not funny, and twice now you’ve spread misinformation about other respected youtubers. You are the embodiment of everything people hate about the commentary community so im glad to hear you’re leaving it. Good luck in the future, Diesel.

      1. Dog from The Hood

        qUiRkY eMiLy but it’s the truth though I’m not saying I support the people he hates but I don’t support him either also it’s true he puts little effort into his videos but just randomly ending the video and very little edits and sometimes poor cutting the people he hates and him are trash and that’s why I stay away from this side of the community

      2. qUiRkY eMiLy

        Jeez that’s harsh

    92. lifesgood560 do

      Man you got bad sport

    93. BigG

      Diesel: makes a schools shooter joke me an 8th grader: ah hahaha now that's hot

    94. Gooseq

      wow a genuinely good apology video this is rare

    95. Yeenosaur

      I very much appreciate the apology. You’d lost credibility in my mind when you wouldn’t admit you were wrong. This apology has allowed me to keep being a fan.

    96. Rattan Dragon


    97. Broool Oooo

      Ngl u said u don’t like I’m Alex for the doing the exact same thing u just did

    98. Giant Vader7


      1. Abdel HA


    99. JustACookie

      I’ll give this apology a 4/10. Here are some improvement Ideas: -Have a hoodie -Don’t do make up or any other self caring -Say that you were in a dark place *Bonus*! Wear glasses

      1. Michael S

        Also extend it out to 20-30 minutes

      2. teddymlgdawg

        Yea 4/10 seems right

    100. Kenzie Jackson

      It ok diesel we forgive u. We not unreasonable like Susan.