Lilly's Show isn't THAT Bad

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    now that's edgy

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    1. sp3ctr

      Compared to S1, this is an improvement, is it good on its own tho? no absolutely not

      1. Ben Adams


      2. N. -

        The improvement is about the size of hair's breadth.

      3. kamdabest2003

        It’s good but there is still room for improvement 6.5 or 7/10

      4. khalil

        @Kat Scott Ok

      5. Reverse Centaur

        You're so much better then lily why dont you have you're have you're own show?

    2. Jordzyi1

      She’s still not educated & not talented.

    3. Jo Sharpe

      Blue Lives Matter isn't racist...

      1. Jo Sharpe

        @JΛMΛ I know when it was created.

      2. JΛMΛ

        @Jo Sharpe search when it was created ffs

      3. Jo Sharpe

        @JΛMΛ That's not true.

      4. JΛMΛ

        it was created in protest to black lives matter...

    4. SneeZuu

      who paid him tell me

    5. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

      5:25 is that a berserk reference I see?

    6. Shaggy

      What the FUCK man. Lilly singh fuckin SUCKS!!!!

    7. Idk Idk

      Lmaoo Canada sucks

    8. everything i say is cap

      Lilly is very funny! you're just a hater

      1. Big Chungas


    9. Sensei Manime

      i love that ending. hehe

    10. Tbone

      Haha brown women not funny

      1. Ben Adams


    11. CUTIE PIE

      I HATE BTS

    12. ʞzʇ

      whats the song at the end ?

    13. Anthony c

      What would happen if you put Lilly sing and brie larson together?

    14. Alt Alt

      I am in the comments and I am uncomfy

    15. rotating turtle29

      4:21 ayo 😩

    16. Santa with his ho ho ho's

      Liking her is gay

    17. InvaderSyd


    18. Ghostrodeo

      Your name is not grammatically correct BAD!

    19. logical memer


    20. TheKingNas2

      Brown has a w in it and Brown is also Chris Browns last name and w is the first letter in wamen slapper

    21. Critical Void

      Kicks 3:02

    22. Exotica

      Idubz would like to know your location.

    23. MTG. 600

      Bruh I just realized Canada birthed this bitch bro another L for Canada😂😂

    24. TKVisme

      Loud does not equal funny. But you know what does? Animal.

    25. Lone Wolf

      If loud was funny Morgz would be the most funniest person in the world

    26. Bruh Monke

      She may be improving but the igloo joke was better.

    27. Sam Armstrong

      Blue lives matter isn’t racist at all. Nor edgy. More police have been killed because of the mentality that police go out with the aim of targeting black people. Some do but 99% of cops would put their life on the line for any person. Regardless of color, sex, or if they lie about police.

    28. Jojo I

      C'mon, you call those jokes edgy? I've been cut deeper by safety scissors.

    29. Parham Davoodi

      Lilly: i don't care if i offend proud Americans Also Lilly: Im a proud Canadian you can't make fun of my country!!!!!! lol

    30. Natalie

      millennials aren’t funny i wish they never existed

    31. MZ Rohan

      Wait....her shows still running...damn

    32. o

      One of the few times i disagree with diesel

    33. o


      1. Spych0

        Lmao betaaaaaa

    34. Joe Biden Deez nuts

      0:42 4:31

    35. NuclearGlory03

      That blue lives matter joke could’ve actually been good, they just had to ruin it

    36. A Trapdøør

      Club Penguin gameplay is top notch

    37. Connor Perkins

      whats the difference between lily singh and nazi jokes nazi jokes can be funny

    38. I changed my name so it confuses people

      Brown women not funny

    39. W0LTZ


    40. Gamerr☑️

      Haha brown woman not funny

    41. King Tacodog

      No one going to talk about what he’s doing in the game

    42. That Boi


    43. Aparna

      I...actually found the edgy jokes...alright? IDK WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME GUYS


      MAGA 2050

    45. Moma Milosevic

      That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough it was more like a large hunk of iron.

    46. KD4N


    47. Diesel Patches's Mom

      Lilly Signh is amazing! Am I right?

      1. Aditi Shenai

        Hi mom I am ur long lost child u threw me in the trash I remember

    48. Pete

      Hey! I kinda find Trevor funny, as funny as Jimmy Kimmel and the guy from a closer look. It's definitely better than lilly signh or that blonde chic who cracks sexist jokes that kinda sound feminist but no one ever laughs since they make everyone cringe.

    49. jonathan saephan

      If a comedian needs writers doesn’t that make the writers the comedians

      1. Lara P.

        It's part of it, but delivery is equally if not more funny. A brilliant comedian can get a laugh out of a badly written joke, but someone with no stand up experience can go up their and say a brilliant joke with the worst delivery and he'll get booed off the stage.

    50. Isaac Cheese

      Diesel patches says something remotely nice me bards

    51. Adog 00

      Haha brown woman not funny

    52. Moonlight Covers

      Drew Gooden just ruined the way I look at her

    53. Okuyashoe Official


    54. Not really Important

      Ur a simp lol unsubscribed

    55. Mio Chungas Cult


    56. Rolf

      Doesn't trevor noah have writers tho?

    57. Taisia Conte

      Dude I love you but don’t shit on k pop -:/

    58. xd DEV7L

      get kicked in the pookie

    59. Sven


    60. Nathan R

      I rly wanna know what malahas worst subject is tho 😅

    61. yeetusbeetus

      And white supreme pizzas aren't racist. Gud mem

    62. Jason Psaropoulos

      2:58 his face made me laugh more then the joke

    63. eDivverse • 19 years ago

      Nobody is gonna talk about the ending of the video lmaooo, we need more club penguin videos

    64. Grim

      Do the puffles die in club penguin I haven’t fed mine in 6 years

    65. SteVoBooZe

      I love Trevor 😭

    66. myamoe thawthaw

      I know lilly is bad but at least she seem like a saint next to tik tokers or so called ‘influencers’. They are so problematic and should actually be canceled. Covid really exposed their selfish, and entitled personalities.

    67. Savage Ry

      Haha brownie waman non funni

    68. Bendin

      0:04 pause at that second exactly. That isn’t a trash can

    69. Person

      Ha ha brown woman not funny

    70. Meanyss

      I'm brown and have 429 SUBS get me 1k

    71. BananaBossLord

      haha brown man not funny

    72. RetroJunker Dude

      Yup, she just took my will to live

    73. Bababooey Man


    74. eric6rock

      Dude stop whacking off!

    75. Anakin Skywalker

      You have made me woke. I used to think she was funny, now I think she sucks

    76. Bobby

      What is the end song?

    77. Kensu Atawog

      Recently I watched Lily Singh's show. The episode was about survival facts and tips, and surprisingly was pretty good.

    78. Arty

      Pls review Trevor Noah’s book where he mentions his borderline human trafficking business

      1. Sean Tawodzera

        I read that

    79. Ivan Garcia

      u funny

    80. Spicy Demon

      Ha ha brown woman not funny

    81. Red Eyes

      Bro i cant even exercise my 1st ammendment cuz of Susan

    82. Carter Grunnet

      Me: Sees Diesel Patches making a Lilly video. Also me: Hears no making fun of her. *Visible Confusion*

    83. jimins lost jams

      4:12 i feel slightly attacked but most of us are crazy so it’s ok

    84. Get my hedgehog to 69k

      Please can someone tell me what the song is at the end?

    85. Noob plays old games

      Hahah we are just a bunch of losers jealous from a strong woman of color hahahahah

      1. Sean Tawodzera

        StRONg WOmAn oF cOLOr

    86. Eli Smirnov

      poor doomer penguin.

    87. Sunny Saturn

      These jokes made me uncomfortable in the comments

    88. Soham

      "dope ass gameplay" plays club penguin thats what gamers do

    89. unnamed715

      Lily's show isn't that bad = Mud isn't that dirty

    90. Chris Kerr

      WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING THIS???????????????????????????????

    91. Imperial Fist

      Diesel? I don’t think you are in your right state of mind.

    92. GreyIsntInterested

      Good vid

    93. Jinxxxen

      HAHA brown ppl not funny 🕴️

    94. Okra Vendakkai

      playing with doodoo again.

    95. If your reading this hi And also have a nice day.

      But to be honest mention anything slightly bad about bts stands and you are a dead person I personally like kpop cause it’s music and I have albums bc of the CDs and I find the men on my posters PCs to be very big boy energy other then that idc

    96. Marrquito


    97. Kyurem The frozen

      brown woman never racist

    98. NINE RUSH Classics

      Funniest joke ever

    99. HoopsTalk

      Only good part of Trevor Noah is Jordan Klepper, dude is funny as hell

    100. TheDescipleWhomJesusLoves 1096

      Ha ha brown woman not funny.