Meat is Yummy

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    yummy wummy in my tummy

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    1. diesel patches

      since this is the recent vid, I got a strike. cya in a week.

      1. Shiloh Schwartz

        stay strong champ

      2. JiuJitsuBlkbelt


      3. anshim01

        @Kirby Crusader Those movies aren’t even adding anything new to the table. We’re not brain dead. We know what happens to animals when they enter those factories.

      4. Kirby Crusader

        The dumb thing is that almost every video she makes she recommends those movies

      5. Lego darth


    2. Crying Cat

      we should get this creature to watch guga foods

    3. John Chief

      Man she needs to eat a good roast

    4. Greta Thu'umberg

      Why do all obnoxious vegans look disheveled?

    5. TheFeaturlessRat

      this lady looks like a Draugr from Skyrim

    6. Shek

      You know how she advocates For not murdering animals/living things well aren’t plants technically living things

    7. first to comment.


    8. Mr. Cheeze

      Like the Halo 1 gameplay

    9. Diego Marquez

      she disabled the comments

      1. captain rootbeer

        she got banned

    10. Anna0_0

      She makes me not wanna be vegetarian.

      1. Diego Marquez

        don't be meat is yummy

    11. Aiden Knight

      This lady looks like that one band kid who claims their an "autistic bisexual genderfluid" and "has a half wolf half human soul" constantly because they want someone to look at them and give them one ounce of attention for being "qUiRkY Uwu".

    12. Pitchy Hickle

      Nokado Avocado would giver her a stroke

    13. stian johnsen

      Diesel calling her a virgin is actually really rude, towards the actual virgins in this world

    14. Charlie Sullivan

      I have a movie to recommend to that vegan teacher: Sausage party.

    15. Little Animations

      im eating a burger while watching this

    16. Julian Robinson

      Good video diesel but your halo gameplay is trash

    17. Axellor

      I got a vegan meat ad on this video lmao

    18. What’s a meme. Bob


    19. Strategical Celery

      her singing kills me mentally and physically

    20. Hydro Wreck

      She has that John Denver Cut

    21. Elijah D Cruzado

      I hate the vegan teacher

    22. Taijo Hatsumoto

      yummy wummy in my tummy

    23. Unity

      Chie would like a word with her

    24. Mizu Lui

      This is just a ploy for Diesel in order for him to get the Vegan teacher to sing a catchy song about him.

    25. keke

      wait till she hears about mukbangers

    26. Vaca Láctica


    27. MotionelssMayhemOfficial YEET

      Let's go! MEAT?!!!?!?!!? Is this an omnivorous cartoon?!

    28. The Only Hope

      Sorry diesel but I’ll have to disagree with you on this one.

    29. J.H.N. Productions

      It's fitting that her name is Karen

    30. riinarye

      she looks scary--probably from being full-on plant

    31. Cory Webster

      Me eating a a chicken Parma sandwich while watching this vide

    32. Leonardo Benavides

      We need vegan teacher to attack nikacado avocado

    33. paris

      She looks like she eats humans

    34. XxConnection UserxX

      You do realize that plants have nerves

    35. meme man

      5:44 what the hell is this diesel

    36. ZachDoesGaming

      Honestly you know what’s funny is mcdonalds doesn’t use real meat 😂

    37. andromedurp

      In the bible it literally says humans were designed by God to eat meat and she's telling people to show God how vegan they are?

    38. Diesel Patches' Aborted Son

      Like This For Cocaine

    39. Diesel Patches' Aborted Son

      Like This For Crystal Meth

    40. Diesel Patches' Aborted Son

      Like This For Crack

    41. Akbar Ilham Merdeka

      Lol the first 10 second i already lose

    42. Demo Channel

      he's got that Halo CE gameplay in the back. Man's really playing the classics

    43. idk


    44. Jadon Limoges

      Ehh I prefer steak

    45. Flxmx

      And the human body is made for a balance both meat and plants are bad if you only pick one for example you will pick plants rather than meat. That would be bad because meat is a source of energy so yeah and you need it because its healthy too and you probably already know what will happen if you only pock meat as a everyday eating

    46. Flxmx


    47. Erdem Sert

      if your vegan, technically you cant really eat anything because plants are living organisms as well.

    48. Andreas Kuhnig

      Animals eat animals (sometimes while they are still alive): kalm Humans eat animals that are already dead: panik

    49. steelon the steelix


    50. CriticalTruth

      isn't it obvious? Neither of those people give a shit.

    51. BiggieDogs

      Steven universe is so stupid since it forces everyone to be weird and tries to make it look unfairly right now that you've mentioned it.

      1. Dominic Ellsworth

        i meant to like that that show never appealed to me

    52. CUTIE PIE


    53. IzFan Art

      on her last song end video your burp really save me, im from cringe go laught

    54. halokid67

      She says that the world would crumble if we all ate meat, but eating meat is nutrition. All humans need it to survive, if we didn’t eat meat, we would die, of course eat some other stuff on the side with vegetables and stuff, but just eating vegetables isn’t good for ur body.

      1. Shapa Ca

        My grandpa was vegetarian for his entire life, and he was perfectly healthy. He died at 95

    55. CherryColaCorgi

      Thank you so much for bringing up Temple I love her a lot :)

    56. FENIX0530

      i mean the animals already dead why not eat it

      1. rtobin666

        I mean your not wrong 😏

    57. Blue N Livni

      I work with animals. Does she not realize many of them eat meant too? This hag thinks she loves nature, but I don't think she'd be capable of doing my job for a day. It's normal for humans to eat meat, just like other omnivores or carnivores. If you choose not to that's your business, but don't shove it down people's throats

    58. Hunter David Griffin

      So, I paused the video at 5:44 and i saw female creeper vore. Diesel what the fuck.

    59. undertrash sans

      Pee 😂

    60. wtfilms

      5:44 oof

    61. Pumpkin Man

      The whole world is crumbling because Trisha ate one hamburger from McDonalds

    62. Olive B

      4:20 Not to mention there’s people with certain conditions that make it impossible for them to stay alive if they go vegan.

    63. Big Noob Entertainment

      man WE HAVE THE MEAT

    64. Vanceagher

      Vegan as a personality trait.

    65. Maus Tank

      5:43 no comment.

    66. Horror Review

      “Change your religion like you change my underwear” So I should change my religion one or two times a day? Oh yeah, I’ll be at home one day and be like, “Hmm, should I go for Hinduism or Scientology today?”

    67. Scrubion


    68. Box Fox

      ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    69. Box Fox


    70. Varyl

      I'm a vegetarian, but I hate people like this vegan that paints a bad image on normal vegans

    71. Someone

      I was playing cooking simulator

    72. uhm ok

      Who just remembered Sasha when they saw the title-

    73. Austin Rose

      This chick tried to talk smack about Gordon Ramsay

    74. pea cooler

      5:44 wtf is this?

    75. Daniel Marc

      well guys imma eat some meat

    76. metromanLXIX _

      Where tf is she recording lmao

      1. A Chimpanzee

        Overbrook insane asylum

      2. Radiant Discord

        A huge box

    77. God _XD

      McDonald’s is just a food you get. It’s fine I know we get diabetes but whatever

    78. Cloey Mosley

      This lady is so stupid that she can barely come up with new lyrics to hate on people, lmao

    79. Gentle Man

      The ultimate Karen

    80. marikaubi

      she's literally the reason why people DON'T want to be vegan. she herself is a huge embarrassment among the vegans.

    81. Mohammed Abu Sufiyan

      Someone teach these stupid vegans about food chains. Holy shit!

    82. Joe Biden Deez nuts


    83. Aizawa Is life

      If you care about animals so much stop eating their food

    84. Room Temp IQ

      I'm literally eating Burger King rn

      1. RETRO KID


    85. ꪑꪖikꫀrꪊ

      Jesus she looks like a hipster

      1. Taijo Hatsumoto

        Probably from America's West Coast lol

    86. Lilly Cole

      Yeah. I saw earthlings when I was 12. Along with another few dozen people who PETA tricked into watching it. All shock value to attempt to horrify you into staying away from animal products. And because I was a young child, it worked. I was horrified and refused to drink milk or eat bacon for 4 years. And since then, Ive developed severe allergies towards vegans, which I combat by inserting more pork and beef into my diet. Eat grass you old cow🖕

    87. Nathaneul Benioff

      Why does every vegan like her always have a shawl around their neck....

    88. ADUUM _

      bruh chickens shoulda stayed t-rexes a bajillion years ago its their fault we eat them

    89. Will Brenneman

      shed have a field day against matt stonie

    90. Crystal Wu

      She looks like she starves herself, I actually feel bad.

    91. WolfStrongFist

      vegetarians i can understand, vegans i cant like bruh whats wrong with milk

    92. Birk Buscher

      uhm but from what i know meat eating IS worse than the environment. i cannot agree with that

    93. Justin Hubbard

      It would suck if a semi truck went through her stupid vegan house.

    94. Brazilian Boogy

      I was eating an apple whilst watching this shit, by the end of the video i was preparing a steak

    95. Jordzyi1


    96. Daniel Martínez-Hernández

      She looks extremely unhealthy. Like 15 to 20 pounds underweight (Around 10 kg or whatever I dont speak universal unit)

    97. Brett Wheeler

      This video was painful to watch

    98. Eren Jaeger

      I was trying to wwt h but that halo CE gameplay with the flood gave me back terrible memories.

    99. DoggoPlays

      my breakfast: sausage egg milk my lunch: chicken wings my dinner: tacos

    100. Sniper_hamster 1

      0:07 Lisa Simpson got me there