My Thoughts on BTS

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    bowblax will get his in the next episode

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    1. diesel patches

      sorry if my videos are too short for some of you, but I'd rather just get my point across rather than include a bunch of fatass filler also i hate bowblax he's a poopyhead

      1. toxic viper

        @[Dark Mode Bruhify] thx for being dark mode friendly

      2. Zays _wrld

        I love you you are the only SEpromr that makes me laugh

      3. • Chuu_wy •


      4. Starbucks Latte

        Na it’s fine

      5. Xeno Morph

        He, in a sense is like Keem. He solely makes money from clout.

    2. Carime Reyes

      i agree w u lol, ly series and after r good but in a more pop “top 40’s” kinda way, but their old stuff is sooooo much better

    3. Malini Gunat

      which one do you have the biggest crush on tho

    4. squid slayer 728

      Ngl i think the whale was a humpback

    5. billynator

      Kim Jong un loves bts

    6. Scyther 99

      Wait is that thumbnail of BTR. Like the Nick show? I used to love that so much.

    7. Kevin Chiu

      the people 818 people who disliked this video(including me) have more than 1 braincells

    8. TheBizarreCuber

      BTS stans are the normie equivalent of JoJo fans.

    9. An Angry Ninja

      Wait the name of one of the band members is "Honeybunches"? I must be getting old cause the only thing that popped up in my head after hearing that is Honey bunches of oats

    10. Pari Bhandarkar

      Plz do some research before you start accusing them they are not using the n-word what they're saying is the Korean word 네가 which means "I' It sounds the same as n-word but it isn't And you can hear it in almost all Korean songs cuz it's such a common word STOP PORTRAYING IT AS IF BTS USES N-WORD smh

      1. Pari Bhandarkar

        @Blueberry Cheesecake their are people who don't see it as a joke and neither do they understand that a word like this exists in korean even if they're making a joke they should clarify this misconception bts already gets a lot of hate without people comin for their necks for saying the n-word

      2. Blueberry Cheesecake

        yo ik what you mean because non Korean speakers assume it's the N-word without actually researching but I think in this case that is the joke @diesel patches was making. it's literally self explanatory that he is aware that they are not saying the n-word on 2:54

    11. [Dark Mode Bruhify]


    12. Nigerundayo, Smokey!

      Jug koop

    13. Below Zero


    14. Nate the Great

      BTS is overrated. I miss Big Time Rush.

    15. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      i used to be in the fanbase and the amount of horrible (member) x reader stories out there- holy shit just thinking about it makes me terrified i remember not being able to memorise at least 50 songs from them and ARMYs would call me a fake fan. and apparently not having a favourite member meant you are a fake fan. bruh tf

    16. Rose And Reflections

      Agreed. No more dream is 100% better than Dynamite and DNA

    17. Peter Pan


    18. The almighty zim

      Do you mean the fortnite band

    19. Zachary Brinson-Simmons

      That's not a beluga dumbass that's a blue whale. This triggered me for no reason.

    20. 『STN』Raptor

      The only good kpop is Gangnam style. Change my fucking mind.

      1. Wr3ecker IV

        I cant

    21. dog_on_chair YT

      i cant tell if youre kidding or not

    22. Kevin Harvick

      The Korean version of Sugar Ray

    23. papageorge

      Now I need to give BTS a chance...

      1. Rose And Reflections

        @papageorge What genres do you like or what songs? I need a sort of base to recommend some that you'll like

      2. papageorge

        @Rose And Reflections sure why not

      3. Rose And Reflections

        If you need recommendations, I can give you some depending on your taste

    24. Hyperfixations in Maladaptive Daydreaming

      I've never in my life ever "stunned" an artist, so maybe it's just that, but I've never understood being so... into music, ya know? Like I can say I like Mother Mother, but I don't follow them every day. I don't give a shit about their normal lives (unless they are homophobic/racist/ect, but I think BTS is fine on that topic).

    25. BTS Jungkookie forever

      I’m not a toxic fan. And I hate toxic Bts fans also and sometimes people attack me because they think I’m toxic. They attack me because I’m a Bts fan. Like wtf I’m not the toxic ones.

    26. tinfoil hat

      I hate BTS .

    27. Lord Popo

      4:05 no that's a shiny Kyogre

    28. Panda Lemonade

      The fan base has turned me off from them. The lengths they go to when somebody says they don’t listen to BTS is horrifying.

    29. The Stelts

      lol i use to like them before the stans came in

    30. Goat Desecrator

      I dislike their music a lot; I listen to almost exclusively metal

      1. Goat Desecrator

        @Rose And Reflections I'd also like to recommend Transilvanian Hunger be Darkthrone

      2. Goat Desecrator

        @Rose And Reflections Likewise

      3. Rose And Reflections

        ooh i really liked that album. Its some of my favorite ones from the whole genre

      4. Rose And Reflections

        @Goat Desecrator Thank you! I'm at a family reunion at the moment so I will listen to the full album and that song tomorrow since I'm getting home late. Thank you though :3

      5. Goat Desecrator

        @Rose And Reflections I would also recommend the song Blasphemian by Infant Annihilator

    31. Balgruuf the Greater CEO of whiterun

      BTS FTW born To Shit Forced To Wipe

    32. Joseph

      They gay

      1. Blueberry Cheesecake

        So are we😳

    33. PINKIE GAL

      ARMY usually get so mad when people say that BTS' old music is better, but it just hits different and is a lot better in my opinion, but I just like their hip-hop and RnB sound more than the pop sound they have been going for recently.

    34. PINKIE GAL

      I love the names you gave them 😂

    35. Caden

      I just hate kpop in general

    36. Dylan Goodner

      Same situation with me. I like BTS a good bit, but I hate the fan base. I do however like their new songs as well as appreciate their old ones. They even go back to that style sometimes and switch it up in their newer songs so their not always happy-go-lucky generic pop group.

    37. Peter Griffin

      Wait that's not BTS in the thumbnail ya goomba! Also BTS KICKS ASS!

    38. CUTIE PIE


      1. CUTIE PIE

        @⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ YEAH😂😂 I'M THINK I WILL CONTINUE TO YELL

    39. r e v e l a r e_ XVII

      *Gotta admit, BTS makes absolute bangers. Its just that the fanbase can be ruthless at times.*

      1. Rose And Reflections

        Agreed. As a fan, the assholes can ruin it. 100% agreed

    40. Ex'cursion

      Honestly after spring day and the wings album bts lost their glory of before now they are capitalizing on anything american related kinda sad. i don't wanna be that girl but kpop and khh really are cool they focus on musicality and that's something i personally appreciate.

    41. Sheik Dawood

      BTS bda

    42. Jamie Seo

      the "n word" thing is actually a korean word that means "you are"

      1. Jamie Seo

        @imbrayden korean way of putting words is different, obviously

      2. imbrayden

        So it’s “me and my are you chilling”?

    43. Giovanni Martinez

      BTR > BTS

    44. e r r ø r

      even bts is fed up with their weird fans. one of my alltime videos was at like a fan signing or something and some chick came over and, i kid you not, put a baby bib on jungkook, who yes he is the youngest of the group, but is 23 years old. he can drink, smoke, vote, drive, get married if he wants, etc, and is being treated like a fetus. the best part of it is he pinches the bridge of his nose afterwards at just how down right ridiculous it is. i really do like bts and their music is something that's gotten me through some pretty sucky times, just the fandom can be a bit much at times. i apologize on behalf on *those* fans

    45. Tommy Goncalves

      K poop LMFAO

    46. KiddoG Queenheart

      My friend really likes them and shes constantly just saying the titles of the song... pike dude wtf

    47. Zoey Walker

      Yeah I'm army and have to say the fandom is toxic af

    48. Michael carter


    49. ZZZodiac

      BTS is like BNHA, they’re good, but their fandoms are trash

      1. Hyperfixations in Maladaptive Daydreaming

        That's such a good comparison.


      Why are you gay?


        @Mom please pick me up, they started doing drugs. Yes

      2. Mom please pick me up, they started doing drugs.

        So you've noticed, our diesel is in fact the big gay.

    51. JDog 101

      Here’s a story about some BTS fanbase simps: I used to be friends with people who were part of the BTS army and a part of their fan base and they drove me insane because every day they sent me pictures of there fanbase, their god damn FANBASE!!! It was cringy but the type of cringe that would make your brain explode in anger. I then blocked them to end my torment. BTS fanbase bad, very bad.

    52. BtsJungkookie

      Actually it's okay if you don't like them. But don't hate on someone's idols because some idols save people's lives. And BTS saved mine and other fans. They help people love themselves. It's your opinion but hating is not okay. Btw I'm a fan of BTS and Diesel patches lol.

      1. BtsJungkookie

        @Tanaka yes I know he didnt hate on them

      2. Tanaka

        He didn't say he hated them he was explaining how the fanbase is really annoying and pretty toxic

    53. Alannah Barrett

      As someone who stans bts, it does get embarrassing being in the fandom

    54. mobfire_ 2010

      I have a girl in my classroom who behave just like to toxic fans

    55. Broly

      BTS are North Korean spies and their mission is to create a hive in the west and destroy capitalist pig USA

    56. R4K45H1 03

      The thumbnail xD

    57. Style and Steel

      I listen to Iranian like an educated gentleman

    58. hgd

      Most artist have really great songs ...until they get really famous

    59. enil

      I was in armytwt but I quitted it was too much for me to handle

    60. ham -sley

      The majority of us Armys are good and the rest are bad. I'm part of the good ones. Every fandom got a group of toxic people in it

    61. ShiRo

      You kinda like their music? Diesel are you ok?

    62. Khai Hates children

      Same thing with Barbs, Nicki minaj is a pretty decent rapper But goddamn that fanbase makes me wanna commit suicde it's so goddamn cringey.

    63. rkon

      bts stands for “I like cocaine”

    64. TKVisme

      I thought this video was gonna be about Big Time Rush.

    65. InsantCore

      I like the song Dynamite! The one by Jamiroqui Haha

    66. tzuyusavage_

      As a army and a diesel fan, i agree. I hate my own fanbase lol

    67. Joshua Browne

      Btw still shit

    68. Ayo Skarut

      I relate to your opinions in this video so much. I used to be an army way back when. When BTS were still in their early years and until, I think 2016? when they started to get popular in the states. Things just started to change and their fandom was getting too much. I even went through an embrassing hate phase because of it but I grew up ofc. Yeah, they got some hella good bops now but their old music is forever and always superior. Hip hop era for the win for sure.

    69. Stultus’s Customs

      BTS: boys that suck

    70. nathan angulo

      Bts looks like the lego starwars rebellion soldiers

    71. KarrotPlayz

      How to get canceled wr 100% glitchless

    72. Billy

      Bro I think you put the wrong people in the thumbnail that's one direction

    73. The Roman Network

      How are you so sure it’s milk? Maybe it’s Sea-men. 🤷‍♂️

    74. fistgamer XD

      Am such an og bts fan, i didnt know inpistened to bts but now that i tjink about it am pretty sure the oogabooga baby was a bts song

      1. fistgamer XD

        Nvm that was big bang

    75. It’s me your boi Jamar

      Fuck bts

    76. 【 ærīey 】

      Unrelated but please remember to stay hydrated, eat well and sleep well!

      1. Yes

        @• Chuu_wy • oh

      2. • Chuu_wy •

        @Yes no it’s just that younger people are nicer then older people

      3. Yes

        @• Chuu_wy • wanting to take care of your health means you’re young? What?

      4. • Chuu_wy •

        You must be young

    77. Tay Tay Swift

      I totally agree their other songs r >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>better than dynamite

    78. Apollo Vanron

      I like bts, it lets you know how hard the cast snd ctew worked on the movie.

      1. pewchu

        @Apollo Vanron Darn.

      2. Apollo Vanron

        @pewchu no.

      3. pewchu

        @Apollo Vanron It does? Well then, I'm sorry, but back to school is the best meaning of BTS. I would like for you to think about your actions now. Thank you!

      4. Apollo Vanron

        @pewchu It has multiple meanings, lol. Am I getting Whooshed?

      5. pewchu

        @Apollo Vanron No, BTS means back to school. Where did you hear that from?

    79. Jojo I

      4:22 Yes.

    80. I’m Truly Greg

      i do like kpop a lot, but kpop fans (mostly on twitter, because ive met a lot of nice kpop fans) need to chill. I stay away from twitter at all costs

    81. Ignados

      PepeLaugh TeaTime OH NO NO NO *CHECKS COMMENTS*

    82. Angela Liu

      not the k-poop XD

    83. yourfriendjihyo

      as a army, I hated my fanbase too, don't worry

    84. moonchild

      their old hip-hop music is absolutely god tier

    85. TheRussianTails

      remember the wise words of the medic "kpop more like kpoop"

    86. haha ok

      If fancams and images are enabled in the comments, you bet your sweet ass this comment section will have 50k comments.

    87. _Gaming with Skye_

      Their music is fine but the fan if I say their new music is okay 😕 (which is) they all be like wtf I hate u btch what is wrong with u....okay chile everbody has their own taste of music so that doesn’t mean if we don’t like bts we r a bad person sooooo f@#& u...not all fans tho so don’t come at me

    88. Candiace Ash

      fuck dynamite all my homies hate dynamite. we listen to no more dream in this household

    89. wk8481 The Zambian Prince

      Petition to get Diesel to drink a gallon of Diesel fuel while reviewing Vin Diesel majestic bald head with that everlasting glow

    90. Sheikh Farhan

      I still hate their songs. Oh no I'm scared.

    91. BigDogShaq

      Bruh these bts guys look gay asf

    92. asmee

      trust me not all fans are toxic 💜

    93. /Ms.Mi\

      yeah army's didnt exactly love DNA either lmao were with u there

    94. anh

      sort of impressed that diesel actually gave BTS a chance, because not many people do. as much as I love the videos where he shits on people it's good to see a more balanced take now and then

    95. Amelia Grace

      Yeah im sorry for our fandom 😌

      1. • Chuu_wy •

        Don’t be

    96. Adolf Hitler

      Black metal is better than this untalented piece of shit b Music

    97. Nateqz

      I agree. I don't really have an opinion on BTS. It's just the fanbase I don't like.

    98. ᴡʜᴏ ᴀʀᴇ ᴜ

      As an army I can’t 100% agree with you. The fandom sucks sometimes.

      1. yu uy

        Who's that in your pfp 👀

    99. Azul Andrea Escalante López

      You should listen to Black Swan, it's one of their newer songs and one of their best ones for sure... It's a super interesting song, maybe you'd like it

      1. Azul Andrea Escalante López

        Also to UGH! and Outro: Tear , if you miss bangers like No More Dream you'll definitely like those

    100. ヴァンシ

      I really like Tan but when i accidentally looked at the comments, it just makes me wanna throw up. There's like super over exaggerated lines there.