Nelk Boy Exposes Me :(

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    brb gonna go cry about my sad lonely life

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    1. diesel patches

      Your boy got another strike. Cya in a week if my appeal isn’t accepted.

      1. Rišhëī

        @shavel dazzel Imagine being me ;-;

      2. shavel dazzel

        @Rišhëī imagine barley hitting 1m subs in 2021😂🥺

      3. Rišhëī

        ayo 1M subs :D

      4. Death is Inevitable

        Diesel your D'melio video got restricted! Is this intentional or is Ms Wabbajack being drunk again?

      5. shavel dazzel


    2. Later Mike

      Yo, I started watching you. You are funny. I like you. In a like button way. Also I subscribed 🙂

    3. Magic Manny

      Congratulations on 1 million subscribers

    4. vivid_io

      Dude palpatine on that map is op you should try him Oh wait there was a premise to the video?

    5. Sam Philly

      Diesel 1 million subs Nelk boys 6 million, you play games in your mothers basement while they are living the real life

      1. Mrweaklingい

        your point being?

      2. Gun Sight

        @Sam Philly I am a human. He's just a butthurt baby that deleted that post

      3. Sam Philly

        Gun sight nelk is both quality and quantity if you were human you would understand Jesus Christ if you watch nelk you clearly like the content lol gtfo

      4. Jesus Christ

        Listen Sam, I watch Nelk and they’re very entertaining. But sitting around, drinking, getting arrested, doing drugs. That ain’t the life most people want. So if you want to consistently destroy your health by getting wasted daily, I’d consider idolizing someone else.

      5. Gun Sight

        Ok so what. It's about quality not quantity

    6. Belle Rose

      1:54 Checkmate

    7. Jakiz


    8. Nobody Move

      Man say what you want about em they’re marketing geniuses , numbers don’t lie

      1. Gun Sight

        @Nobody Move not really

      2. Nobody Move

        @Gun Sight people watch and buy shit that’s not quality?

      3. Gun Sight

        It's about quality not quantity

    9. Scp 049


    10. oogly yem


    11. Saber 2345

      Exposed? Nahhhhh Diesel got destroyed.

      1. Xιαx


      2. eat eat


      3. Gun Sight


    12. Magma Yah

      I like pineapple in pizza

    13. Johnny Scotch

      Keep playing Star Wars buddy, that’s all you can do with your pitiful existence

      1. Gun Sight

        @Aurum Blaze deadass

      2. Aurum Blaze

        Why did you like your own comment

    14. Dimo

      Why do you hate nelk bitches

      1. Gun Sight

        Ok shut up u bishhesses

    15. Paeton King


      1. Mrweaklingい

        does that make nelk good? no. no it doesn't.

      2. Paeton King

        @Jesus Christ This is all irrelevant

      3. Jesus Christ

        Listen Paeton, we understand you can see with your eyes. Nelk has more subs indeed, great job buddy! Now let’s go back to your disabled learning center.

      4. Gun Sight

        U have no subs

    16. hi !

      Why was my noti five days late i got this noti two days ago and I already watched it before the notification

    17. Robert Galligan

      Wait your parents are dead but your in your mom's basement

    18. Mr Epic man

      1 mil lol

    19. Danny Pacheco

      One million nice

    20. Theo Pouroumalis

      wtf diesel got age restricted in his latest video

    21. Well, I'll be damned.

      Nelk still makes videos? Haven't heard of him for a decade or more.

    22. 洋食notXso_fXliz豚

      The d’melios video got age restricted

    23. ReeBankoo

      Well I mean if you feel the need to hate on another SEprom maybe you are insecure🤷‍♀️

      1. The HeadHunter24

        Watch the entire video before you say anything. Money was the entire reason. MONEY was the goal. He doesn’t care about them but he only did them because they are actually bad

    24. Pinto Numnuts

      Bruh your newest video got age restricted wtf youtube

    25. Onur Osman

      Congratulations on 1 million Diesel!

    26. Absolute 404

      Cant comment on diesels damelio video cuz it got age restricted but I wanna say congrats on a million subs!

    27. Cal Ferguson Ferguson

      Congratulations on 1m

    28. Golden OnesHD


    29. iHitz

      Nelk Boy Exposes all of us :(

    30. Starboy The Legend

      1 Million. 😎

    31. billy bob

      1 MIL GOOD JOB

    32. Dark Energon Reviews

      Daddy diesel you hit 1million

    33. Nick Kilk

      I agree with Steven, you hate your life

      1. Nick Kilk

        I'm allowed to say whatever I want, im just making a obvious observation

      2. Mrweaklingい

        people dont make critisism because they hate their lives. thats such a stupid arguement. those kinds of people try to shut down every single point they make by saying something like "oH YouR JEalUOSE bEcAUse iM CoOlER ThAn YoU" such a dumb excuse.

      3. Jesus Christ

        He said he hates his life kiddo. Good listening skills buddy!

      4. Sandwich de pescado

        Lmao still hating?

    34. omghai2u

      is this leafyishere's new channel

    35. Justin Webb



      Only comeback you say is “you’re cringe”and you call them the little kids wtf 🤣

      1. M4annco4rs3

        Well it's true

      2. Spaarkey

        and it's true

    37. Cam

      Steve has the most insane gambling addiction ive ever seen. Its cringe just to watch his gambling videos. Lost 300k in a day...

      1. INFINITE

        He will fullsend into debt lmao


        Not to forget the severe alcoholism

    38. MrAwesomeMatty

      It's amazing that people are still using the argument of "you just hate your life if you criticize others." That was constantly used back around 2009-10 ish.

    39. gangsta

      I miss the old Nelk, when that lucus guy was in Nelk.

    40. Sunder4

      The real question is why do you record your videos with a close pin on your nose?

    41. Melee

      Damn bro diesel patches went hard on these frat boys

    42. w

      The nelk boys are funny asf but the way steve responded to your video was cringe

    43. Encrypted Messenger

      That’s what you get for criticism those guys, vin diesels lookin ass.

      1. Encrypted Messenger

        @Spaarkey no cringe, just me

      2. Spaarkey


      3. Encrypted Messenger

        @The HeadHunter24 yes,sorry misspelled

      4. Encrypted Messenger

        @The HeadHunter24 yes

      5. The HeadHunter24

        Criticism as in criticizing?

    44. uare agooflol

      word steve’s a man baby, but your the one playing video games all day LOLL

      1. Ognjen Veljković

        I dont see a problem in that

    45. Luigi hello

      Leafy 3

      1. Spaarkey

        that's a dumb excuse bruh.

    46. Ian

      1:48-1:57 absolutely deleted steven

    47. SenseiSora

      I love Diesel

    48. Crystal Wu

      Nobody can hurt papi diesel's feelings since he doesn't have any to begin with

    49. kep arani

      diesel patches: I woke up in my mom's basement also diesel patches: my parents are dead

    50. JambJazz69

      Diesel patches gang 👇

    51. GD B3P

      he was probably drunk lmao

    52. akwgamer25

      NELK fans are the reason the power rangers say their colors

      1. akwgamer25

        @Spaarkey :D

      2. Spaarkey

        LMAO you made my day.

    53. Erwin Rommel

      Diesel Patches: The Nelkboys are cringe Nelkboys: Wow you must hate your life lmao XDDDDDD Lmao

      1. INFINITE

        Literally the crying wojak with the smug mask on kek

    54. ghostboner sixty nine four twenty


    55. Lazarus Virtus

      You goddamn savage I frickin salute you, you big chad

    56. danny gaming

      Damn I remember when diesel had 200k , and now he is about to hit 1 million wow

    57. Your_boi_scorpion ._.

      This is war...

    58. Yes

      Eat your cereal

    59. What’s a meme. Bob


    60. Vitaliy Iliuk


    61. The Italian Stalian

      Diesels honesty is always a good reality check. “I didnt make the video because im sad about my life & shit. I made it so i can make money off your name.”

      1. Mrweaklingい

        its hillariouse when he does that

      2. The Italian Stalian

        @Skittle Scopes its not about being manipulative, its more abt how his honesty is hilarious but also a reality check for those who think Diesel is heavily invested in YT. Its just for moneys

      3. Skittle Scopes

        I wish I could do a better job of explaining it to you

      4. Skittle Scopes

        People like you are so easily manipulated lmfao. “Diesels honesty is always a good reality check” sure he’s being honest here but only because saying such a thing benefits his public appearance. It was pretty obvious he made it for clout, because he’d be a pretty big loser if he didn’t

    62. zCream-

      Love the vids man keep it up;)

    63. SmileyFace

      : )

    64. Grand

      holy the amount of reddit kids here

    65. Kane Unger

      Damn bro I was here before 500k man it's been a journey of showing how cringe ppl are hell yeah

    66. Daniel van staden

      Could you make a video on the maximillianmus drama?

    67. Leo Arsenault

      Yooo awesome game

    68. Beerus

      Face reveal at 1 million subscribers.

    69. Benjamin

      Playing halo doesn't count as living good?

    70. bob rat

      1 million subs

      1. Thwompas

        1 million subs

      2. Bawi Cz

        1 million subs

    71. Liam McLeod

      a leafy clone in 2021? kinda sad

      1. Liam McLeod

        @Mrweaklingい his 'good criticism' was Steve is kinda cringe.

      2. Mrweaklingい

        they are absolutley nothing alike. Diesle makes good chritism while leafy just makes fun of somebodies apearance

      3. Aurum Blaze

        Nelk boy fan spotted. You failed middle school

      4. Liam McLeod

        @The HeadHunter24 not really. It would be safe to assume the majority of cocomelom viewers aren't elderly.

      5. The HeadHunter24

        @Liam McLeod bold of you to assume 1 million viewers’ ages

    72. Cody

      Defense on that last point of Jabba's castle is so much fun

    73. I.M.G.W

      I mean, on the upside, if your parents are dead it isn't your mums basement you are in

    74. NRobot !

      So close to one million

    75. James Rose

      Neck boy is unhappy about he’s own life if not he will not reply to it + he’s took the post off like dude you said he’s unhappy about he’s life and he takes it down I think he took it down so he didn’t get hate

    76. Artorias The Obese Walker

      Boys daddy diesel is almost at 1 mill!!!!!! who has been here since around 300k???

    77. Arturo S.

      PLEASE make a video about hotel trivago. I see people commenting this STILL, it’s not funny and never has been. People that say this are annoying

    78. AJ Bemrose

      Wait, why is half the video just random footage of some video game unrelated to the voiceover? I am so confused.

      1. AJ Bemrose

        @General Kenobi Animations that’s the plan from here on out. 👍

      2. General Kenobi Animations

        @AJ Bemrose Well you can just not watch it?

      3. Dahima H69

        @AJ Bemrose ok cool idc

      4. AJ Bemrose

        @Raul I guess? Still seems pretty random, disjointed, and unnecessary to me though. Which is why I will be taking my $0.10 views elsewhere. GOOD DAY SIR!

      5. AJ Bemrose

        @Dahima H69 and for that reason, I’m out. I have no desire to watch anyone play video games. I’d honestly rather just stare at a black screen so.... not my cup of tea I guess. Have a great day.

    79. whos that what's that

      You wernt even saying anything bad abt them

    80. Gabrel Barcenas

      Youre 5k from 1 million, so proud💜🖤

    81. Deez Nut

      Diesel should make a video about the SEprom stories that are recorded from tiktok

    82. Brandon Ho

      dont be jealous of other’s people life or million subs garbage still living with ur mom 😂😂😂😂mama boy

      1. Starboy The Legend

        Ok loser.

      2. Nathaneal Tucker

        How is him calling them cringe him being jealous I fail to understand this logic

      3. Guacamole E


      4. Raul

        @Route 1 oh sorry i got the notification for some reason

      5. Route 1

        @Raul I'm talking to the original comment

    83. Paul Sween

      Only 5k subs away from 1mil keep it up

    84. ck gaming123

      oMg. lIkE. gEt a. liFe

    85. Brandon Langan

      Okay BUT THE 59 kill streak kinda bussin 😫

    86. itsvic

      So close to 1mil and yet he can't post a video.

      1. Dahima H69

        Yuh thats kinda gay ngl

    87. CT-1317

      Could you cover OnlyJayus

      1. CT-1317

        @Raul she was exposed as being a racist

      2. Raul


    88. Rune scape Noob

      You are great background noise for me playing my ps vita

    89. no u

      SEprom said this comment might offend people because it says "fuck in hell, bitch" in it.

    90. Pokémon champion Carson

      Woke up in my mom basement my parents are dead




      i like u

    93. Bonabus


    94. Chewy Suarez

      Lmao the envy is real😂😂😂 stop hating on Nelk bro

      1. The HeadHunter24

        @Luamint you have earned a sigh. Congrats

      2. Chewy Suarez

        @Starboy The Legend 🤣

      3. Starboy The Legend


      4. Luamint

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      5. Nero :v


    95. Panteha Motazedian

      Diesel patches for your next video can you do react to the channel Chilly please I think you will make it funny. thank you 😀😀😀😀

    96. Pickled_King

      Diesel is the anti cringe

    97. PlxPlurd

      i will shit my pants when you hit 1 mil, I've been counting down every sub.

    98. Ziv


    99. rudy nosa

      I used to really enjoy the old nelk vids..but now they are very fked in the head but business wise i guess they are doing well all the a-holes walking around with full send shirts

    100. Unnamed Cow

      I wAnT tO DiE - Diesel patches -