Nikocado Avocado is Disgusting

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    1. diesel patches

      my thumbnail was a little too inappropriate for yt, so enjoy them bare shoulders

      1. Jack G.

        @Dashing Gooba r/cursedcomments

      2. Grim Reaper2027

        Wait... what?

      3. cheriene mannings

        hi fat and real sus

      4. Were a different Breed

        I have his only Fans🙂

      5. TheSoul Heals

        This obese person is smart about gaining attention for more views therefore getting more money but he isn’t smart about his health and if he keeps this up he’s going to end up having a heart attack along with other serious health problems and even if he tries to lose all that weight he will still have health problems and will seriously regret it in the long run as he gets older. Obviously he knows what he’s doing isn’t good for his health but he continues doing so and just won’t stop.

    2. Mikkelo Lopez

      “Nikocado Avocado is disgusting” “Ah yes, the floor is made of floor”

    3. R1_Rebe1

      It would be crazy if some one asked for a cameo of him congratulating some one for losing a shit tone of weight and getting their health back on track.

    4. Sheetz

      I just like it when they hit each other is so enjoyable

    5. Moh Boj

      Make this smile the most liked smile :)

    6. Barrack Obama

      I don't really like Diesel's content, but fuck me, I laughed like 5 times during this video where I thought my head would explode.

    7. Sebastian Insuasty

      got an arby's ad at the end of this video.

    8. Tiel Netel

      What a fucking waste of food

    9. Mike Clarke

      I looked up “obese gotenks” and this came up

    10. DuckGodYT

      This guy apparently has an onlyfans and I damn well know no sane person is paying for that so we can only imagine what degenerate shit is on there

    11. Bane

      Nikocado Avocado is disgusting. heat is hot.

    12. Hassan • 15 years ago

      *D I S G U S T A N G*

    13. Anon ymous

      There are people who sound like testosterone. And then there's him . Sounding like cholesterol

    14. Slugcat

      I hate the sound of chewing, so if I we're to watch one Nikocado Avocado video I'd become Peluchin Entertainment.

    15. B1 Slee 2

      What’s fuxkin waste of food dude Smfh

    16. luv_ jj

      i hope you all all okay mentally and health wise . you are all loved so so much . Jesus loves you all and so do i . if you ever need anyone to talk to about anything i’m right here . i pray you all are safe and happy . repent for your sins and accept Jesus in your heart. God bless ❤️

    17. Hayden The Red Engine

      hi dirty percy

    18. Zinnshady24

      Ive been on the internet long enough to smell a humiliation fetish from 20 miles away

    19. Tut3478

      Nikocado makes me feel gross for eating food ever

    20. Flip Flops

      Everyday we get closer to his an hero day

    21. poop Music مضحك

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      1. poop Music مضحك

        Aide que je suis capturé

    22. Chloe Price

      Nobody: Diesel: *gotenks and oreo*

    23. •• Wisteria ••

      nik sounds like he’s having a stroke and I’m honestly not surprised

    24. Homo Sapien

      1:28 Terrorism?

    25. Carpet Stain

      Thicc Nick or no neck nick

    26. SS - 05SS 813164 Burnt Elm PS


    27. SS - 05SS 813164 Burnt Elm PS

      his gay lover oreo

    28. Doot Bast

      This man took a shit in his chair and he posted it online

    29. Ganbold Bilguun


    30. This Guy Might Kill You

      Nikocado Guacamole is like a tree: You need to hit it with an axe more than once because you need to get through the fat to actually break it in half

    31. Penny Williams

      5:44 Wow he looked so much better back then

    32. Penny Williams

      diesel patches: *sees the video is clickbait* "Okay I will just report it..." *clicks promotes terrorism*

    33. Godzilla fan999

      879 dislikes are gotenks fans

    34. JaeYong’s NeoCult127

      Finally a channel who’s educating people on REPORTING such disgust and also CENSORING words that shouldn’t be said by anyone like his name

    35. Static

      This is a cry for help deep down

    36. FaZe sways dog

      No shart patches

    37. Marty boi

      All 878 dislikes are Nikocado's calorie count, seems a bit low tho...

    38. Mrithun Patch

      I can smell him through the screen

    39. Quentin Davis

      nik is bad he should be stopped

    40. Johnny In Japan

      *Reports for promoting terrorism* Subbed.

    41. American_Grape_1 YT

      one of my friends showed me this video on discord where niko was getting his cheeks clapped by his gay lover. It wasn't photoshopped or faked it changed me

    42. GoatTrix

      5:38 Wtf was that facial expression

    43. Gabe Jenicek

      I was crying the whole video 🤣🤣🤣

    44. Treymarr Faucie

      Aye imma need you to stop disrespecting my boi Gotenks-

      1. Tv head Review

        nah its pretty funny

    45. thatdumbgoblin

      Diesel: *reports Nikocado's video* Also Diesel: *reports it as promoting terrorism*

    46. Julie Davis

      Mukbang started as a way for korean families to eat together online when they were apart. It was a way to communcate and be with one another. To share a meal. Its how families did things. Think of it like Americans watching a movie with popcorn and candy. How it turned into this is just...i dunno. It just is..idk why the 2:32 shit made me laugh.

    47. AccountTestNum1 Roblox

      i forgot where i found you; werent you in a fight or somethin

    48. Juizz

      4:55 cardrift.mp3

    49. Liam Eaglerib

      your not that entertaining

    50. freddyfazdude94

      The only thing that makes mukbangs enjoyable is making fun of the people who do it

    51. Jennifer Jackson

      Honestly I feel *kinda* bad for him, go to his oldest video and see how much healthier and happier he looked, it’s sad.

    52. Ella Towers

      Wait till you find out he has an onlyfans

    53. Sebastian Rodriguez

      I work at chipotle and always get a meal shift but..... everybody gangster still you see this fuck destroying all that food.... i won’t look at chipotle the same.

    54. Mathieu Leader

      he used to be a talented violinist so sad to see his downfall

      1. Colleen Flattery

        Really? Didn't know that, heard he also used to be healthy too. Sick man 🙄

    55. Disgusting Punk

      The only thing I like about Nikacodo’s videos is the memes and what his husband says to him cause it just makes my camera roll 10x better

    56. Josh Teshek

      I looked up dancing polish cow and I found this with related on your video

    57. Mohassa

      i know im not the only one that wants to give this guy a haymaker

    58. Derisen

      0:59 the best part of the video

    59. Dark Avenger

      I’ve always wondered what actually happened to FilthyFrank. But it’s good to know that my dude knows when to stop.

    60. Ezra에즈라

      Diesel patches I love your content I hope you get a million subscribers and I turn the bell on

    61. BunnyKip

      2:58 Whys his hair look like wolverine tho----

    62. Turk Wilson

      i love his content

      1. Turk Wilson

        @Egg same

      2. Turk Wilson

        @Tv head Review see my response

      3. Turk Wilson

        @akwgamer25 I don't care about him so I find it funny watching how sad he is

      4. Egg

        Stop it, get some help

      5. Tv head Review

        @akwgamer25 good question

    63. Some Guy

      doesnt he have an only fans or something?????// (im probably wrong :joy: )

    64. Janelle

      0:58 Was it just me or did I hear him say "oreo"

    65. RoBerry

      Nik: does mikbang every week Also nik:wonders why hes fat

    66. Krabik Jopnik

      i cant even look at it without constantly looking away because of how ugly he is

    67. Phi Liy

      Big Smoke VS Nikocado Avocado, Who Wins?

    68. ユウィノ

      I had a nice day. I got to eat ice cream. I see this video. I wanna vommit. My day is ruined.

    69. Brady Campbell

      nicks hair looks like the bat that started the rona.

    70. tinaismamama

      He actually does it closer to every day...

    71. Yoda

      Ah nothing like running out of cantent so u go back to bullying another cringey youtubers that have already been bashed so much it’s not really funny anymore

    72. x B U R D E N x

      Just to add on to Nick's Patreon the man has an OnlyFans as well 🤢

    73. Doom granie

      Nickado avocado before: a healthy person that was kind Nickado avocado now: ChEeSe AaAaAaA *other manchildish schreeching and crying* really,before the mukbang era he was way skinnier and content was about fruits and vegetables,but now,he is fucking dying for views

    74. Nathan Lambert

      God, I love you so much.

    75. M.P. Leandre

      What I hate is that food is wasted in such a useless piece of crap.

    76. Parasite 112

      Idk this guy but is his fights with his bf real or just messing around? Cause if it’s real, I don’t think that kind of content is appropriate to upload for the world to see

    77. Ida C

      Yk you can do this video without being fatphobic, im not saying he doesnt Deserves it but still.

    78. Marcus Booker

      Skai Jackson's nightmare lmaoooo

    79. Chloe Richardson

      I lost it when he called Orlin an Oreo LMAO-

    80. Matt Peart

      If i were to do a "mukbang" for money id just buy a bunch of shit like this moron eat maybe 1 sandwich, then give the rest of the stuff away and go for a run. Works for both sides people see what they want and i dont get fat. But then again why do people watch this dude

    81. Jawqke

      "Nikocado Avocado is disgusting" Where my 7k likes?

      1. christian

        You'll get there bro, im ur 11th like

    82. Chris

      I need therapy... plz send help

    83. Arts and Laughs


      1. Arts and Laughs

        @Tv head Review just quoting diesel patches

      2. Tv head Review

        for what?

    84. vito pasco

      Nikocado avocado is disgusting Animation memes have nothing to do with memes

    85. Tommy Goncalves

      he doesn’t even do it every week.. he literally does it every day and spreads the content throughout his multiple channels.

    86. Ane R

      Ok but why did you say "and hid GAY lover Oreo" like what the fuck has to do the gay thing

    87. Méiobenthos

      "Which is 100% clickbait so uh, reported" *Reports video for "promoting terrorism"* LMAIOJDFFKJH 💀💀💀

    88. Verónica Valdés

      he has 3 other channels. whats the point if you have 3 other channels if your just gonna post the same content like on your principle channel? lol

    89. RodriX


    90. Imran Zikry

      "Nikocado Avocado is Disgusting" Yes, breathing requires air

    91. Ballsack Strangler Eleven is back

      How to be a Mukbang SEpromr 1. Buy a microphone 2. Set the microphone's sensitivity to 200% 3. Order Fast Food 4. EAT 5. Profit.

    92. The Crusader

      I, The Crusader, have the personal wish to clance this unholy place they call SEprom

    93. steppa jay 10k

      i got a family of 7 and we don’t even eat that much😐

    94. Austin Rose

      I got shredded watching this video. I had to use all fhe fat on my body to burn off fhe cringe

    95. Backyard Kids

      why doesnt he do something else like gaming only vlogging and skits

    96. Samriddh S lall

      This guy needs a sweat slim belt

    97. Miguel Gonzalez

      This guy needs some serious help since not only does he eat a crap ton of food but he posts cringed gay ex lover vids

      1. Miguel Gonzalez

        @Entropy my comment is about both of those topics lol

      2. Entropy

        Don't know why you made it about him being gay instead of all the other terrible shit he's doing but okay

    98. Caleb 4278

      This dude needs to be banned. Jesus just pure cancer

    99. 3 unskippable ads

      And fishes swim

    100. TheDeadlyAssassin001

      never watched this guy but here are the facts as i know them 1. probably gay (not an insult...) 2. disgusting food challenges 3. why are muckbangs so trendy????