PewDiePie Exposed Me

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    grrrrr he got me

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    1. Mike Oxlong

      Love him or hate him, he' spitting straight out fax.

    2. The o l i v e QT

      *Until you see him simping for Morgz Mum.*


      I’m gonna say the n-word now.

      1. MR NNC

        Don’t worry I’m black

      2. MR NNC


    4. Yu Gae Im Thicc

      Gay n word

    5. soff1xpro

      yiu gay af

    6. Garlic Bread

      Face reveal?

    7. Khalifa Amra Andanti Caraka

      Achievement Completed

    8. Wolffia Lover

      Lmfao I'm dead

    9. Sweetchi

      Someone know the video of that not the pewdiepie clip but the other one

    10. Mio Chungas Cult


    11. izabela


      1. jas z

        @izabela nothing

      2. izabela

        @jas z what’s up

      3. jas z


    12. WeebLuna


    13. Donald J.Trump


      1. BananaCatboii

        I thought you were banned 😳

    14. Gamer 035

      We knew this already

    15. Ethan Melendez

      So Ghey

    16. Hyper

      We already knew

    17. Cj Young

      The one and only big gay

    18. DivineBean

      now i can use my favorite word on my favorite youtuber

    19. Jay the Killer

      Did he actually mention him?

    20. tomツ


    21. shadow wolf1627


    22. Lucas Björnsson

      hmm now why am I not surprised..

    23. Princess Isabel

      Is that your face

      1. izabela


      2. izabela


      3. Princess Isabel


    24. S P

      bruh u coulda atleast tried to sync his lips properly

    25. Donald Herrion

      Not u tryna make money off of pewdiepie

      1. jas z

        @izabela BROOO

    26. kpopfan12366

      Pewdiepie should be called pew DIE pie

    27. TkSharma


    28. Assassin HoodTre

      Indeed PewDiePie

    29. Just Some Guy with a Goatee


    30. flapman

      Yeah but his our gay. Wait n...

    31. Crack Man77

      This is so sad

    32. Unofficial mate

      Is this your coming out video

    33. Overlordofmc

      wait... did he forget to say no homo?

    34. Kyle

      Dont worry all of us knew.

    35. n.



      *penguin dance*

    37. _Ghost33不是最好的

      Diesel patches about to write 26 paragraphs about why he’s not The Big Gay

    38. unlivedsoup

      This says a lot about society

    39. Mr Spoon

      I like this nothing more nothing less

    40. ItsMePhil

      This isnt real right? It cant be

    41. catspooky

      Bro pewds can fuck himself. You're gay.

    42. z


    43. Micuh Gardner

      Bruh for man who says a lot of things aren’t funny is not that funny

    44. Llamalsy


    45. Vxm•pire

      He’s up in here acting like we didn’t already know this 🙄 what a simp.

    46. smooth collision

      LMAO he got you...btw he went some people your way to check out vids

    47. DDanyyybboy

      Wow the most popular chanel on youtube talked about you

    48. random guy with rick astley pfp

      Pov: discord mods gonna ban you for using the word "gay"

    49. Nope.

      PewDiePie is wrong we all know that diesel patches is the big GAY

    50. N0rbo

      Well diesel, you are what you eat

    51. Kourtney Kardasim

      Whatʼs new

    52. r

      Wait is he actually. I am confusion

    53. Oliver R.

      And it rains water when it rains

    54. Rasmat

      No shit sherlock. Even Anne Frank know's this information.

    55. Ethan Erickson

      That’s not very pog of poo pie

    56. Luke G

      Well duh we all knew that

    57. Help this asian.

      Ur gae?

    58. Cay9s

      We already know he's the big gay

    59. Chill Homer


    60. The Colonel

      Hasn’t this been public knowledge for years?

    61. Marco Marco

      Ha ha funny

    62. dgnf-_ -

      Well if you are Idc you do you I still love the channel and this is a funny way to come out the closet if not then shit I wasted time writing this comment

    63. Lavender Bananas

      Diesel patches is a white man confirmed

    64. Moist


    65. Steven Fonlame

      Edgelord 9999999999

    66. zıɹoɾ

      I think that's 💯 TRUE

    67. Toxic Gamer's true

    68. Sugoi Stalin

      Okay, he's right though

    69. TheStickManGamer YT

      "It's over diesel! I have the high ground!! "You underestimate my power *writes hate comment"* Felix: *deletes the comment* Disel: *SCREAMS IN AGANY*

      1. My Cat Is Named Lucifer


    70. Seth Sloan

      Unexpected shitpost

    71. Seagully

      Ur cringe

    72. Vicker and Flips Animations

      The big gey, to be precise

    73. June Cash

      Apparently I'm the only 1% that didn't know this information...

    74. Nathan Whiteaker


    75. Splatter King

      Everyone already knew that, it's all over the daily bugle

    76. Chatty

      Hey why was your video about pirocinicle taken down?

    77. Sulky_Demon4


    78. Lemonwhisper


    79. pimpmaster69

      "Why you booing him he's right"

    80. lexeep


    81. E Kennedy

      I thought we already knew Diesel had the big gay?!

    82. Akira Suzuki

      Wait your gay? Eh I don't mind

    83. Steven Swan

      He’s gay ?

    84. David Lim

      Is that what Pewdiepie said that? I looked at his lips twice become the way how he say it doesn’t look like it was in synced.

      1. stinky boy

        It was edited

    85. Λυκούργος Ξαρχοπουλος

      i knew it was fake but i clicked anyway lol

    86. Vorticaldisc484

      No cap I don't wear hats

    87. Shinkai Atusya

      PewDiePie: You are without doubt the gayest train I've ever heard of. Diesel Patches: But you have heard of me.

    88. Raul Maximo Mendoza

      Give it up trainny we know youre gay

    89. vibhu

      ok bc this is ur most recent video i want to tell u to watch satoshi kons movies, they are super good. Watch Perfect Blue and watch Paprika

    90. Corrupted Comedy

      im totally not spending my weekend trying to find that audio track

    91. KrumKetZ

      Translated to when you out of ideas or no drama to analyze

    92. Pen Shapiro

      I think we already know

    93. Senator Yoda69

      Nothing was exposed

    94. If you found me on internet Hi

      So you gay?

    95. ItsReddd

      holy shit

    96. Star Threat


    97. Wack

      Oh no

    98. Miiko

      It's a public secret at this point./

    99. Rotom Rights

      What is that end clip from?

    100. Jagamino Chan

      Well I can’t say he’s wrong