rip my brain cells

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    1. diesel patches

      UPDATE: Tessica claimed she did not try to sue Gorilla Glue. I said she is threatening to because I wasn't sure if she was actually filing a lawsuit but even so she might have not thought about doing so anyways. I thought this because of what the New York Post and Yahoo reported so I'm going to edit that part out of the video. Apologies for that.

      1. pain phi

        @Air - fan omg you totally trolled him rofl lmao xd :3 rickroll trollolololo

      2. Calico InVenus

        Np I don’t think it matters

      3. Big Mike


      4. Skid Row

        Noglas funny but he edits too much

      5. Skid Row

        React to callmekevin, he’s like nogla but different and funny

    2. cckira

      Person : hey i have a bad disease Society : yeah no Some lady who glues their hair : hi i put glue in my hair Society : omg we need to help her!

    3. D G

      bro u were just about to make it into mumbos

    4. killbill 1106

      Funniest part about this entire ordeal was the article written by Washington Post about how it was SyStEmIc RaCiSm that caused her to do this 😂😂😂😂😂😂 We live in clowntown...

    5. Ryuk

      1M subsss~

    6. -

      • 0:47 - Correction, a 40-year-old TEACHER. She better have lost her job since she's clearly unqualified to teach anyone anything. 😒 I feel bad for her kids, they must be getting bullied something fierce because of her. 🤦 • 1:24 - Absolutely. It's trash to reward idiots. 😒 • 1:57 - She might have confused the two… but she, a TEACHER couldn't read the warnings? 🤨 • 2:52 - Yeah, her story has "helped" someone else, to copy her to start a gofundme. I can't believe people actually donated.🤦 • 3:23 - Yup, again, it's WRONG to reward bad behavior, it just encourages more of it. ¬_¬ • 4:18 - It had absolutely nothing to do with there not being products for black people's hair, she DID have a product for her hair, but ran out and was too lazy to get more and substituted in something completely different. Not racial AT ALL. ¬_¬

    7. HMW SPADE

      oh, my fucking god, I LOVE THE DAMN HOMAS FACE, that shit makes these videos, a lot more funny, "i think i did read that in a bible somewhere" the fucking halo low health sound.

    8. Laurence Hartnell

      I actually resent how these people get free medical care (I think NHS is good and better then the stuff that costs money) when literal cancer patients who have done nothing to get cancer have to pay money that they do not have to survive another few months instead some idiot who put superglue in their hair gets free medical care because literally no reason whatsoever


      Join the hamster cult we dont mock god or dont burn bibles JOIN THE HAMSTER CULT

    10. Nosre John

      Missed opportunity to make terrorizer the wife

    11. Allyson O'Sullivan

      She has merch now 💀

    12. Flipthehedge

      Diesel playing Banjo Kazooie is so surreal for me.

    13. El Nathan Manu

      And now she’s milking the situation, preventing anyone from talking about it, and inspiring other TikTokers to do the same. What has society become?

    14. C G

      To the woman who did this congratulations you're stupid


      When he said "most cancer patients don't try to get cancer" I knew there was a Randy Marsh joke coming up

    16. Seth Downer

      What idiot

    17. Astro123

      Diesel divorce her and take her money

    18. melancholic

      why are you SO mad that people are donating their OWN money to help someone out. stop worrying about other people and worry about yourself

      1. Some1 Behind the screen

        Because it’s really dumb

    19. Joy Cal

      It wasn't just a couple of people on twitter white knighting for the black community. The Washington Post literally blamed this situation on black women having to style their hair a certain way to conform to society. But really they're just excusing her stupidity. Any black person with a brain knows not to do this, and it's really not that hard to avoid it unless you have fetus brain.

    20. userLG6

      i just wanted to see him go into mumbo’s mountain

    21. Sugawara Koshi

      The beginning is 6yr old me playing with my dolls

    22. Jerry G

      The gorilla glue incident reminds me of American Pie 2 when Jim glues himself in his junk.

    23. GGR Makes

      I just realized your thumbnail is from Thomas the tank engine 🤦‍♀️

    24. cottonbay1214


    25. Koloax

      so you get popular for being a dumbass now? *no not diesel*

    26. Mr Cube

      Don’t worry you’ll win the divorce case

    27. Victor Galindo

      That was a 2 IQ play

    28. J S

      Why would you want us to rip your brain cells

    29. Scott Peterman

      I crapped myself. Now where's my $15k.

    30. Tiger

      Give her all the monies

    31. Daishaun Cardoso

      Exactly what race gotta do wit someone putting gorilla glue

    32. paris

      She’s actually selling merchandise. I really can’t tell if she did this on purpose or not.

    33. skip slick

      "Tessica" that stupid apple doesn't fall far from the stupid tree does it...

      1. NotOriginal


    34. paris

      I can’t really empathise with her. Just the lack of common sense annoys me!!!

    35. pls stop

      I saw a picture and a gorilla with a cultural hairstyle and long nails with big hoops putting gorilla spray on tessica's hair. Its unlikely someone black would make that picture

    36. Zrognak

      She scammed everyone, reason she got so much traction is cause people want it to be true, they want her to be this stupid cause they all feel so superior. Info is out there, few people are talking about it but look for it, cant believe she will get away with this shit.

    37. SashaaYeet _

      The woman loves him too much😂😂😂😂

    38. Jules

      What the fuck is she saying when talking about the hairspray

      1. undertrash sans

        *I like your cut g*

    39. Giesel Datches

      Yes it’s true I do have diesel patches’ brain cells

    40. Richard Bacchus

      Idk why I'm getting a notification for this 6 days later

    41. Spike 365

      Ah yes I hate it when I confuse my hair spray with gorilla glue “Silly me”

    42. iHCSx

      She didnt use gorilla glue that was debunked.

    43. LongBeachgriffy

      I love ur 9k animation with 1000000 FPS

    44. Sick Mentality

      Can someone make her stop looking at me? Bro that gaze is terrifying 😦

    45. maame essilfua buckman

      She got help and got it for free after she tried to sue gorilla glue but stopped because her lawyer said she would not win and she got over 20k now she bought a car.... also another person did this too and she looked over 20 too

    46. † Lex Hexem †

      Thank god someone is saying what I am thinking....what is this place we live in, is insanity to me

    47. Sr. Manco

      Moco de gorila it's common in my country XD

    48. Ab Ba

      She looks really young for 40

    49. SirAdamRuzi

      Im getting leafy vibes i love it

    50. Sonic Blastinity

      Mrs.glue hair

    51. Titanium Balloon HAHAHA

      Looks like a plastic doll that lost its paint

    52. Drinks Watere

      She deserves no support or any gofundme money. Other people need it way more. I wouldn’t be surprised if other idiots made her even more famous.

    53. Decepticon leader Megatron

      I just want to know how you think Gorilla glue which is one of the strongest glues will not damage hair and or skin? But I hope she recovers

    54. DurableProductions

      Man Harambe i’m glad you didn’t have to see this

    55. beckoning kat fire

      I seriously hope that she gets therapy for are brain looked at cuz I know genius but you shouldn't be putting any glue that is not hair extension glue cuz the hair extension glue has a glue remover where the Gorilla Glue does not I seriously hope that she gets better too but seriously she's a dumbass🤣

    56. ST4Gh34D

      Gorilla Glue. Gorilla Glue. Did she not think of the ramifications of posting this?

    57. Toni P

      She is so dumb!

    58. Anthony Flores

      Every couple of months someone does something dumb and end up being famous and rich we shouldn’t hate but be thinking of the next big thing to do that will indeed be so random yet so funny it will blow up

    59. Soviet Doge

      ay I played Banjo-Kazooie on Feb 10th as well lol

    60. Andrew Evans

      Everyday, we really do stray further from God.

    61. N_tro

      She needs to go bald.

    62. JerometheGiraffe

      Question: how did she get the glue off her hands/brush/comb??? She DID HER HAIR after applying the glue.... her hairstyle didn’t happen by magic! 🤷🏼‍♂️

    63. [Void]BlackoutBeatbox

      RIP my brain cells from that intro

    64. ChrisTron

      Me: why is banjo in widescreen

    65. CUTIE PIE


    66. CUTIE PIE


    67. Pure evil

      Imagine going into the hospital and saying "excuse me i have gorilla glue stuck in my hair" "excuse me what?" *woman proceeds to show doctor the video* "why did you do this???" "are you deaf? i ran out of lotion!"

    68. InvalidOne


    69. Build a WALL

      she sudda used flex glue bruh

    70. Haamumanne

      Hope she eats gorilla glue next

    71. Clay Miller

      *sprays gorilla glue on hair* "SHEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

      1. Clay Miller

        @Séamus ah, a man of culture I see

      2. Séamus

        I've seen this meme

    72. Franz Ferdinand

      “The eyes are a pathway to the soul” Her soul: ⚰️

    73. micheal caboose

      honestly what was i expecting

    74. Nat Peterson

      Ofc she’s black...

      1. paris

        Have you watched the whole video?

      2. John Guiller B. Fabile

        What in hell was that supposed to mean

    75. redemptionbio essence

      260 dislikes on this video u know I'm surprised that's pretty low but still there's 260 brain dead human beings out there smh

    76. most complicated man

      people have too mutch fuckin time

    77. Potassium Sage

      The surgery is free? How the hell are people going to learn how to improve their IQ to be higher than 16 if their actions receive no negative consequences?

    78. Red Shaman

      The irony of saying it's not like someone else is putting gorilla glue in their hair, well..... SOME ONE ELSE JUST DID IT!

    79. CaptainSharky

      My scalp hurts as heck from watching this video

    80. Jesus Tyrone Christ

      Too bad the doctors can't remove the Gorilla glue from her brain

      1. I'm THICC


    81. Mustafa Rami

      Now I think about toasters and some toasters have disclaimers or warnings saying not to put the toaster in the path and I think that should be done for idiots like the girl

    82. JAYESS

      I bet you all the people giving her money, probably never once gave too charity EVER...

    83. undertrash sans

      Zoo: do not eat the animals They didn't say anything about not shooting them 💥🔫

    84. Pancake Man

      So all I gotta do to make some money is put gorilla glue in my hair

    85. shira

      if there is glue on ur head then melt it with hot water

    86. Archlord V

      "...I'm not going to call the hospital because you won't learn anything if I do." - Brian Griffin

    87. Breathing LungMilk

      Someone on Instagram said that it annoyed her that she got the surgery for free and people starting calling them racist, like bruh what does being black haves to do with being stupid?

    88. John Rambo

      yo diesel patches here time to harass people

      1. Séamus


    89. Top Notche

      What a month to make history

    90. [Fusion] Swifx

      Great video boss

    91. yoshimasterleader

      I can't believe people think this was a big brain 4d chess plan to scam people out of money. One: she's dumb regardless two: there are easier less self harming ways to do that.

    92. Cami HL

      Why am I having deja vu?

    93. ITZ_eSPy

      I must be trying to get cancer if I'm watching this channel 😏

    94. Palmer O’Neal

      Sounds like she’s saying gobbledeglue instead of got2bglued

    95. ꧁lemon squats꧂ ༒

      Plot twist: it was all just a big advertisement

    96. AJ Rulz

      Bruh my friends autistic and even he wouldn’t do that

      1. AJ Rulz

        @CaptainSharky yeah I know, I’m saying that my friend can do dumb crap but he’s still smarter then that 40 year old

      2. CaptainSharky

        Pretty sure that the majority of autistic people are way smarter than this grown ass lady putting super glue on her hair

      3. 123q


    97. Dumb Killjoy

      This woman is my mother's age. That is sad

    98. daisha.

      she the operation free because people hyped her up lol.

    99. I'm simply cold Like that