SSSniperwolf Ends Cyberbullying

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    hope this video changed your life or something like that

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    1. diesel patches

      I interrupted myself at the beginning edit: youtube still heard “chodes” and took away monetization

      1. Laurence Hartnell


      2. Romeo Borges


      3. Aiden Knight


      4. JAYK- 47

        why does the dude in the blue hoodie look like the pita bread from sausage party

      5. Winnie Bumpers


    2. Boofer

      girl: Ok, I'm gonna read out my comments comment: poopyhead lol next video: Why I'm committing suicide

    3. Alennuskor1

      Bring back the warzone of mw2 lobbies. Omg todays kids wouldnt survive it 😂

    4. aiden pentz

      Nobody: The kids at 1:38 : WHEN THE IMPOSTOR IS SUS

    5. Certified Bean

      5:19 give her the bloody oscar lads

    6. Rose

      *Morden warfare 2 chat parties were fucking crazy*

    7. Jon Reid

      Bro this hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

    8. charlie keenan

      Sams face reminds me of my sister

    9. charlie keenan

      Sam should try stream modern ware fare with everyone unmuted... but not cut off her stream “MUMMYYYY!!!! THE VIDEO GAME GUY SAID A BAD WORD!!,

    10. Yesukehe

      I think that the only people who actually watch and take Dhar Mann's videos seriously are white Karens who use crystals as medicine.

    11. Laurence Hartnell

      “Sssniper wolf ends cyber bullying” Me playing roblox: Is u r sure about that

    12. Laurence Hartnell

      “You suck” *acts like my sister*

    13. -

      • 9:10 - "Can you trust me? Please?" - Gee, I don't know; a grown woman following a kid and showing up at her middle-school in the middle of the day seems a little creepy and stalker-y. 🤨 • Moral of the story: if someone complains about you, it's just that they have miserable lives, so feel free to do whatever bad stuff you want because it's not you it's them. 👍

    14. Brain less

      3:57 he is getting payed too

    15. Paul Yoo

      Your too soft on these people. That video was straight garbage. It was honestly an embarrassment to her, her family, and everyone she knows. This is whats wrong with society.

    16. Zeus God Of Lightning

      that mw 2 edit killed me 10:55 too

    17. billynator

      I think Dharman put his foot in his mouth when he implied his merch is expensive

    18. Aramis Quiñonez

      8:06 I love how it jumps from season 9 to season 6

    19. Plane Gaming24

      The Cod part had me dying that’s what I love about call of duty everyone’s an asshole and sometimes it’s funny

    20. Pepsi45

      That's paul zimmer

    21. An Angry Ninja

      Being called "you're not a real gamer" has the same energy of "I'm not your friend anymore"

    22. An Angry Ninja

      0:36 Holy shit I was legit taken aback by how short she is. Like they Jetblue'd this chick all the way from Hobbiton

    23. Munger mack

      If someone said you suck on one of my streams i would be like yes, i do. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT

    24. King of demons

      Sssniperwolf has top notch acting

    25. Sergio Sanchez Jr.

      I hate how hes suddenly nice to the girl after the bills are paid tf

    26. ヾヾヾ「DIO」

      Isn't Cyberwolf one that criticizes plastic surgery and does the same thing, and then uses filters tô look beatfull?

    27. •• Wisteria ••

      “u suck lol” “oh no now I brocken life over”

    28. Jack Skeries

      this makes me want to cyber bully more because hen ill get my rent paid

    29. Sheriden

      People say worse things over Xbox messages.

    30. Lucy :p

      5:25 best part

    31. Pyromonster134

      is sniperwolf even a streamer

    32. Mr.Pianist

      dhar man shouldn't be inspiring kid's to be gamer's, those kids are gonna be lazy asl in the future and they wont have a job.

    33. Mr.Pianist

      "Yeah why don't you try telling dhar man that he thinks his videos are the cure for cancer"

    34. omar Elsayed

      The other bully in the story is troy becker who is actually a musicly star..when that existed who just got out of a controversy for scamming and then to come back, he pretended to be a different person.. if you want to know more, Danny Gonzales made a video about it.

    35. Aiden Knight

      omfg this is a certified pog amnogus moment u guyz 🤣🤣🤣💥👌

      1. akwgamer25

        Epik anmogus momnt lel

      2. Corn on da nob

        yes definitely ahhehhehe!!!!

    36. Mohammed Nabih

      I disagree with you, the kid's acting is a disaster!

    37. TF180

      7:30 I legit couldn't stop laughing 😂

    38. Austin B

      These people are way too soft to survive any cod lobby

      1. Troll weeb

        Imagine if it was 2012 in a cod lobby and they're getting insulted. They'd probably commit s u 1 c 1 d 3

    39. Yeezysandals

      Darman makes videos and thinks yea this should turn society and be deep af

    40. Yeezysandals

      Whats next kanye desimates rasicm

    41. Jūratė Čechavičiūtė

      Did anyone notice Paul Zimmer in this 😂

    42. EternalHyper

      Its just like school education vids

    43. EternalHyper

      I cringed so hard while wathing dhar man vids stupid fuc lmao

    44. Zups

      7:30 Lmaooo

    45. Gusiela Guzman

      Rackrack would have made the video good

    46. jane #BLM

      bro is that Paul Zimmer?? the guy who tricked kids into giving him money on musically?

    47. Brackwring

      We need merch

    48. KdogPrime

      Hi Dhar Mann Fam! I'm here with another collab vid with SSSniperwolf, who I'm totally not banging...

    49. Penguin With a tophat

      Ight i dont like sniperwolf anymore it has been a good run, i liked her old videos now she sucks

      1. Peachy hub

        True and the shit she did made me hate her more.

    50. Terrified Sora Face

      Plot twist: Gordon Ramsay is the dad

    51. QuiteDumb

      "Massege" 10:35

    52. JUST brigg

      Guys when she made that video videos games changed my life 😔😔😔😔😔😂😂😂😬😜😭😜😌💩💩💩💩💩💩😭😭😊😜😔👎🤩🤪☹️🤣😞🤣😔🥲😞🥸😘🤩🙂🤣☹️😄

      1. JUST brigg

        @bloopingoofer it’s supposed to do that

      2. bloopingoofer

        Your melting my braincells

    53. Cheese Nips

      Why is nobody talking about the fact that Troy Becker / Paul Zimmer is in this video???

    54. TXfrogboy

      5:53 don’t mods exist to ban those people lol

      1. King Barney

        The mods were sleeping Lmao

      2. Peachy hub


    55. XxConnection UserxX

      Did you know there was nothing in the ps5

      1. Peachy hub

        No shit-

    56. Clankers Mcflankerz

      The only reason why she gets bullied because the bully friend thats a girl doesn't make him a fuckin sandwich so he's taking his anger on her

    57. Val Rivera


    58. picle


    59. ruben pequeno

      "Hello guys today we're gonna play fortni..." Yea you deserve to get bullied 😂😂 P.S. im unhappy too and would like $100k

    60. Nessi Sanchez

      Wait is that Paul zimmer ??

    61. Jamal

      Props to sssniperwolf for ending cyberbullying, something not even ninja could do

    62. Jamal

      I’ve never heard of psycho mantis. Ever

    63. Demo Channel

      and just like that sssniperwolf solved world hunger and world peace at the same time

    64. Winnie Bumpers

      My sister unironically showed me a Dhar Mann video

      1. Peachy hub



      These videos are keeping me alive.

    66. Mr Gold

      I can't even watch your vid bc their vid is so cringe im sorry but ill still like

    67. spaceforcecaptain

      Fortnite and among us died they kinda suck

    68. Derek Studley

      This sssniperwolf video gave me dysentery

    69. Bamb

      it physically hurts to watch these dhar man vids

    70. Butteroot

      He can say the funniest things out of the littlest things 🤣

    71. Armando Richert

      Why in the hell would Sniper Wolf pull up in your school

    72. erick roseno0319

      What we learned? Bully a 5th grader until the kid stop playing fortnite

      1. Furries are stupid


      2. Peachy hub


    73. Tbone

      “The difference is I’m getting paid” Jokes on you, now that the video is demonetised you’re just another stalker

      1. Furries are stupid

        @Tbone np furry

      2. Tbone

        @Furries are stupid ok furry

      3. Furries are stupid

        @Tbone I know furry

      4. Tbone

        @Furries are stupid look at my reply furry

      5. Furries are stupid

        @Tbone ok furry

    74. Apache 117

      wow, someone said I suck *bang* (shot myself)

    75. Apache 117

      actually, he is getting paid

    76. osu_game_anime

      forgot the bell notifications

    77. RTXRadeon

      u know i am 13 i play csgo and valo plus gta online and other games... the thing is im in india and if u dont know indian gaming community is a lot toxic. People mostly kick me out or report me if i say anything. I dont even cry at this point. i feel pity on the meserable lives of these toxic people

    78. Brackwring

      Darmam is so inspirational

    79. Zak Burden

      he is 5''8 and she if 5'3 tf

    80. CUTIE PIE


    81. CUTIE PIE


    82. CUTIE PIE


    83. Vukasin Petrovic


    84. Vukasin Petrovic

      Free speech? I cant type anything without being deleted i type "she deserves it" and it's deleter right away

      1. Furries are stupid

        @Vukasin Petrovic no no it didn’t now stfu It didn’t get deleted

      2. Vukasin Petrovic

        @Furries are stupid you have uga buga instead of brain, it's deleted, you can't see it

      3. Furries are stupid

        It didn’t delete it shut it

    85. Vukasin Petrovic

      "Free spech?" Huh? Yt deleting comments i can't type anything without being deleted

    86. Vukasin Petrovic

      I hate yt i'm moving to twitch

    87. Vukasin Petrovic

      She deserves it

    88. Ian The Cool Thief

      Petition for someone to edit the Dream speedrun audio over this.

    89. neptune

      I woke up everyone in my house laughing at the little girls crying, i'm going to hell.

      1. Peachy hub


      2. gamer777

        @I Talk C-Moon yes

      3. I Talk C-Moon

        You wrote heaven wrong

    90. boorpe Yt

      I remember watching one of diesel videos just to see optimus

      1. Peachy hub


    91. Bobthebuilder

      With those ears diarrhea man could hear a mouse fart

    92. Bobthebuilder

      Wolf totally doesn’t sound like a robot reading her script off of her monitor

    93. Bobthebuilder

      Ralf had an itch at the back of his throat that only a glock could solve

    94. Bobthebuilder

      Why is he so damn enthusiastic and his eyes

    95. María Cervera

      So what ur saying is that if I pay my bullies rent I am now the “best gamer” ever? Wow dharmann u changed my life forever

      1. Peachy hub

        @bat thank you fellow comrade

      2. bat

        @Peachy hub bribe the police and you’ll be the nicest person on earth.

      3. Peachy hub

        Woah so I need to rob a bank and not get bullied anymore?

      4. Rumbling End

        Take my money

    96. Cakecub

      Dude this man bully’s more then any bully like he must played the bully

    97. momue100

      This video taught me one thing. If you have money you can buy people's opinion. Especially when in a vulnerable position.

    98. Geovanie Whyte

      Bro that's some funny shit

    99. Jacob Arnold

      Plays fortnite ‘you deserve to be bullied’ well said daddy patches

    100. Kylex

      i dont think cod is going to change after this