SSSniperwolf Saves Humanity

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    i gives thanks every morning to my wolfychu *nya*

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    1. Paul Yoo

      moral of story: disobey ur parents

    2. Paul Yoo

      should have gotten her a kitchen set lolollololol

    3. mila needa

      This is funny but the jokes about Jesus weren’t

    4. Mag

      Sup boy gamers!

    5. Austin Platt

      She went to my high school

    6. Kevin Jojo

      Damn that game brought back Vietnam Flashbacks.

    7. Lloyd The Bartender

      Sniperwolf: Promise you'll never give up Girl: Ok *girl dies* Sniperwolf: Imma need this back

    8. Foreign Snail 09

      one question who the hell plays barbie nowadays? aren't they gonna get phones or somethin'?

    9. Laurence Hartnell

      The Sam girl is honestly an amazing actor in a really bad show

    10. yeet_kid 420

      I mean I would be mad if my siblings were playing with my stuff

    11. Fad3

      this video is bullshit!!!1!

    12. ast

      5:39 LMAOO

    13. Charlie Sullivan

      I love how sssniperwolf just appears out of nowhere

    14. Dead Bunny

      “Sniperwolf? What kind of name is that?” *Top 10 Questions Science still Can’t Answer*

    15. Pavel is Cool

      They make it look so easy to film and make it look like you can get all of this money playing video games, but in reality, you get sponserships by offbrand amiibo companies.

    16. Spisy

      bruh who calls people by their gamertag outside of the game.

    17. Maddox Mays

      wait so she got a spot on a e sports team for winning a few warzone matches

    18. Acting Male

      You know f*** it

    19. Cloaked Drago

      she is lucky to get a ps5

    20. dog_on_chair YT

      i wanted to twist my neck after watching this shit

    21. Super Godly

      15 years later: psychomantis bath water.

    22. Mr Obvious

      I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😂

    23. MR NNC

      Imma say the n word

    24. Brandon Playz

      Bruh I don't even say "the circle is closing"or "popping a Uav lol. Good video btw

    25. L

      so basically the word "girl" is offensive

      1. King Barney


    26. Prince L

      $10 toy vs $500 console

    27. Rahil_219

      As a indian, that 700 rupee joke killed me

    28. RayCHrasH

      jesus i hate the fact that this kind of people think that video games are like a fucking career or an atribute or something worth crying about if the oposite gender doesnt feel like "in" the "gaming community" , like they are just videogames who gives a shit

    29. Jeeve Daniel


      1. MR NNC


    30. keke

      so are they explaining she's quirky..?

    31. XacterzSpectrum

      yo sniperwolf doesnt even play games anymore, she just looks at tik toks

    32. StuffLAND YT

      Why do girls who play video games call them self’s gamer girl as if it’s a full time career

    33. George Rex Imperator

      If you aspire to be a gamer, then you are actually a genetic dead end. Aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer or something. When you fuck those up, that's when you become a gamer.

    34. Locbuster 701

      Psycho mantis sounds like a name from the random name chooser on Xbox plus I doubt my ducking eight year old brother could win war zone unless carried cause your probably still in primary school plus go back to fortnite this game is for adults

    35. mac n cheese please

      "cook babies" 😭😭😭

    36. jr08destroyer

      I cant wait til she joins a modern warfare 2 lobby and talks in vc

    37. messiah

      Imagine Gandhi saying "it's not 'girl gamer'. It's just 'gamer'." Lmfao

      1. keke


    38. Russian Bot Ulf

      this is the dumbest shiot ive ever seen

    39. J. Helm

      I fuckin love the TMG edits

    40. Shiloh Schwartz

      Every day, we stray further from God and closer to HELL

    41. Caroline Hall

      This video is so out of touch literally no one cares if a girl plays a game. It’s dumb that they’re spreading this message that the gaming community doesn’t want girls to play with them. Imagine instead of The girl playing war zone (FPS game) she was playing Animal Crossing and the mom is absolutely furious and you realize how unrealistic the situation is in the video. in any of these stupid awareness videos they will never have the girl want to play a game with a cute, beautiful, colorful or magical aesthetic because they see the world in black and white so the girl Has to have not like other girls vibes and basically be a tomboy.

    42. Victoria Garcia

      The thing that i hate about his videos, is that his vids are so boring and repetitive. I swear, every day he makes the same vids with a predictable ending.

    43. Astronomix

      Sniperwolf face looks like a melted barby doll

    44. liquid sunshine

      "good morning n-words" Me: *wondering if thats offensive* this was a joke and i sincerely love his channel.

    45. Abhilash K.P

      could you stfu and stop complaining idiot

      1. Bruh

        tu btayega ab

      2. midas

        I caught simp everyone tier 7 one

    46. Atomz_Playz

      KFC cosoooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeee

    47. Monke

      To become a true gamer you at least have to beaten a Game on the hardest difficulty

      1. Ricardo Garcia-Guido

        Guess I'm a true gamer 😊

    48. Elvin Nadir

      every dhar man video that is related to video games always has the protagonist joining an esports team to prove to their (specifically MOM, cause the dads just in the corner nothing to do with the story) that being a gamer is great

    49. Repost Productions

      *"well boys, we did it. Cyberbullying is no more."*

    50. Armando Richert

      I'm not even done with medium probably like 4 minutes in but I probably know that Sniper Wolf will pull up and say that you should girls can play

    51. Marty boi

      the 1.1k dislikes are Ssniperwolfs simp army

    52. VeggieCat

      5:37 then be a damn president you woman

    53. Oscy 7909


    54. Oscy 7909


    55. Henry Philippeaux

      I love how not too long ago, both those kids would've definitely been considered too young to be playing a violent shooter in the first place, but that's not a problem now because it's so common - but the gender construct thing is apparently still a problem lol.

    56. Luv_Royale

      Diesel: “Cook babies, ahh!” *Explosions*

    57. Cristian Armean


    58. Fizzled

      I can't finish this video if I continue I might have a stroke.

    59. Leonard Wolf

      Also, why is Zack pissed off when his sister plays on his ps5? Maybe its Just me, But in my family, the only private possesions are clothes and own money.

    60. Thomas Goes

      I think I found The Xbox Criminal. You Mr. Diesel are the Xbox Criminal

    61. Blue dragon

      Why is everyone hating on sssniperwolf? :(

      1. MR NNC

        Cuz she’s a girl gamer

      2. Standard Yip

        Cuz she’s annoying

      3. Mohammed kaif

        Coz she sux

      4. Ivy Whitfield

        Cuz she sux

      5. hi poo

        cuz shes not funny and she's a bad person

    62. kr!llen

      2:58 "downed him" ... uh no you didn't

    63. Herbeston The Master Jedi

      It would be funny if the mom took away the boys ps5 after he said he never won in warzone

    64. Jamoy Whyte


    65. Rafael Trivino

      Watching that kid try to get his controller back from his sister nearly destroyed my lungs. Thank you so much for this video.

    66. Ally Miku

      r/imnotlikeothergirls Holy heck.

    67. Dominic Griffith

      Sam aka “it’s fucking phycomantis” should be grateful she even get a toy

    68. Z with a Z

      Tbh most people couldnt get the ps5 so this is very unrealistic

    69. Extra Medium

      Fuckin choked on my drink at 6:01 Jesus man I'm so glad I'm subbed to you

    70. pro gaming

      If you say the n word I well find you

      1. MR NNC

        @BloodX you’re welcome

      2. BloodX

        @MR NNC thanks for the verification mr black man

      3. MR NNC

        @BloodX black lol

      4. BloodX

        @MR NNC I cannot be offended by this statement because I am not black.

      5. MR NNC


    71. Jøsh

      humanity > dharr mann

    72. Moo Joy Tiger32

      dhar man videos make my soul physically hurt

    73. Tommy Goncalves

      “Sssniperwolf saves humanity” LMFAO

    74. jedi fan

      Deaf man hears, instantly regrets it

    75. RuinedEnd

      can you give me her twitch acc so i can change her username to something better than a bug

    76. Funny Wolf

      Kojima gon come in with the cease n desist order. Psycho Mantis with the 2nd slot

    77. Thicc Boy Mafia

      the cringe hurts my third hole

    78. boorpe Yt

      5:36 oh ok then they can grow a 9 incher then wow I'm stupid then

    79. Woahsummermarie

      I can pee standing up its not hard Lmfaooo 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Woahsummermarie

        But I don’t do it 🤣🤣🤣

    80. FBI

      Ayo wanna talk about the ending 🤨🧐

    81. Annaliese Cooper

      if my child told me she wanted to be like sniper wolf i would shove the barbie up her nose

    82. - ImQueenMK -

      the only reason she has ANY views is because of edgy 13 year old's or simps. am I wrong though?

    83. Thayen Kento

      Bro, I love the way u roast people. Keep it up😂😂👍

    84. Rekt BIich

      So many inside jokes I cant even 🤣🤣🤣

    85. JustAlex


      1. Ivy Whitfield

        I agree

      2. Lukas Persson

        I agree

    86. JustAlex


    87. Pedro -senpai

      6:57 “just wait mom my butts wet”

    88. Mist Mystaris

      2 months after she won that one game they be livin in the fuckin avengers tower

    89. Pac 450


    90. King_crewz

      woah man you better have said never give up or imma do nothing and cry in a corner because im weak

    91. Phantomartist !!!

      No hate but why do most women gamers have names like “zombieunicorn, sniperwolf, alliebear, psychomantis” and guys just put “hugeredballsack69420”

      1. Standard Yip

        My name is cummyboy

      2. Ivy Whitfield


    92. NBG Nitro

      Are just not gonna talk about how the invitation said “Waze Clan”

    93. Olive The Dork

      Next thing you see is sssniperwolf turning water into wine😂😂😂

    94. Don Brock

      8:10 does anyone notice it says waze clan instead of faze clan

    95. Gentle Man

      2/10. Plot made no sense. How did the mom not know about her console until now 🤦🏼‍♀️

    96. Studzo

      bruh isn't this the same gameplay that was used in the last video 2:59 and it legit switched to a trios game

    97. Gentle Man

      “Downed him” Stevie Wonder: “No you didn’t”

      1. Ivy Whitfield

        Helen Keller

    98. Winding Pie

      It's not girl gamer, it's gamer girl😊

    99. eleanor's tears

      "video games aren't for girls" oh shit i've been doing the wrong thing for so long! man shut your crusty dusty acting skills up-

    100. Deshaun Løgan

      Ah I also meet random girls on the street and give them the new game system I just bought for 500 dollars yes ofc relatable