Stop Involving Kids in Pranks

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    1. Jayon Boulware

      Eh... Cute.... 🤮🤮

    2. Jayon Boulware

      What The Hell Is This, What Then Hell kinda prank is this...

    3. Crystal Wu

      minecraft villagers sjjsndhsmsnndmsmsmsmsnsid

    4. Boruto Uzumaki

      I thought i was ready for this.... Apparently I wasn't prepared for what happened next

    5. Atomz_Playz

      my boy Ihhhhheeeeeeeeeeee

    6. Htoo Saw

      FBI OPEN UP!!!

    7. BunnyKip

      5:26 Villager screaming mommy- XD And I think that youtuber pulling the prank shouldn't be a SEpromr :/

    8. The Nazi German CountryBall\CountryHuman

      At this point these people don't know what period is.

    9. Comrade Ghost

      Be like “Minecraft squidward” villagers protect the children

    10. Comrade Ghost

      Can we have diesel patches for president instead of men old enough to be Biden’s dad

    11. dom R

      Bro that’s sus

    12. sexy lemon

      Hidden my grandma's life support *GONE WRONG* *SO FUNNY*

    13. ChocoLiatte


    14. BreakMyCurse

      Well you gotta do what ya gotta do too get rich

    15. Salva T

      the minecraft villiger makes this unusually... better

    16. Diego Elcharro

      Hey diésel i need ti ask no offense but are u a female?

    17. Grim Reaper2027

      You now have to breathe manually Your welcome

    18. The Bad Guy

      Diesel I wonder if you do commands in minecraft cause that is the playsound in 1.16

    19. Charmance360

      1:25 im sorry man but I could not physically watch past that, it was just so discussing

    20. Blackythedoggy's OwnerAabha

      Wtf wrong with these ppl



    22. Tamashiikitty 120


    23. Salamander Man

      You sound stoned as hell and smart

    24. Dylan prime

      Thanks for caring about childrens,diesel

    25. Paul Bouchard

      0:13 WHAT is this clip from it's so funny

    26. Mio Chungas Cult


    27. Megan Baggott

      Wait-diesel-men don't have periods oh no O H N O

    28. The Only Emoticon ‘-‘

      I don’t understand how a toddler having their period is a funny prank. It’s like making a video saying “My wife had a baby and the dad wasn’t the father (PRANK LOL WE GOT HER HAHAH LOL)

    29. Little Sim Master

      It makes me question the mums IQ if she fell for that

    30. summer buckner

      villager has period

    31. Beth

      Still confused why people watching those type of videos would know what a period is


      Are we just gonna ignore the fact diesel said that he pisses blood every month

      1. Little Sim Master


    33. Shugoki

      This makes me feel uncomfortable in many ways. Geh.

    34. assmuddafukkinhole2

      If only CPS looked into family youtubers...

    35. Redassassin8750

      0:50 look at the hair

    36. Doom_Slayer_420

      "In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... the Doom Slayer."

    37. adriana

      What’s with the Minecraft villagers coving the faces for?.

      1. Toxic_Death

        Because he dosent want to show a kids video on this

    38. lmao street


    39. Melvin Sim

      I like how diesel doesn’t make his videos ten minutes unless it’s absolutely necessary

    40. g r 1 k z

      now this is not an epic poggers moment

    41. bombshell938 r

      i got my period when i was 12 after school. it wasnt fun or magical

      1. Little Sim Master


    42. Ben G

      Most liking those videos are children, ironic isn't it?

    43. sportx bruh-trm

      This is horrible. This is just horrible. What the fuck is wrong with parents. And the ending was scary about wedding shit.

    44. Hyper

      wtf is that actual blood????

    45. Jotaro Kujo

      diesel patches hate kids but he has standards.

      1. Toxic_Death


    46. Robin Tyler Productions

      when the villager wiggled i died

    47. MoonTheSocioCat .-.

      It's cute to get your period.... Yeah, ok groomer

      1. Little Sim Master

        😫 Yesss

    48. Grim Metal

      Yeah, I'm gonna stop where the prank starts.

    49. Roasted Orange juice

      Buy the merch

      1. Little Sim Master


    50. Sam The X

      5:22 there's something funny about seeing a Minecraft villager yelling "Mommy!"

    51. MrLonewolf

      patches your videos are great I love them

    52. Pastamasta 072

      I’m confused why did diesel say they bleed every month I thought that diesel was a dude

    53. Ryu Hyouka edits

      This shit is dope!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣

    54. the Ngeh

      Bad parents

    55. Awesome Gaming7

      Why TF Did she think that would be cute🤦🏽‍♂️

    56. AlexSMO


    57. OOF NOOB

      Soft and Wet.

    58. Malixulo / Murder of Crowz

      oh my god

    59. Frank Woods

      I love how he says their from Kamino

    60. Jordzyi1

      Those types of videos on SEprom sucks me dry.

    61. why god

      it’s not normal for 5 year olds to have periods. bleeding from that area at that age means something is wrong

    62. Beamerboy Clown

      i like kfc consle

    63. Bradley Venn

      Commit mass genocide on all family channels

    64. Luvivica Dove

      I don’t trust parents who do these types of pranks . It disgusting.

    65. Dylan Powell

      Ok so what in the fuck. What father has their five year old daughter put fake blood on their privates for a SEprom video. Fuck you and your kids need to be removed from your care.

    66. Decklyn Harrington


    67. Yuri Ohma Connor

      ....I'm hmmm this caught me off guard.......this is disturbing

    68. Lili Szombati

      Actually ovulation and period is pretty much posible for girls that age, but it is really rare, I mean really really rare and most people haven't even heard from that xd

    69. Rexical

      my daughter is bleeding and doesn’t know what to do BUT BEFORE WE HELP HER DKNT FORGET ABOUT OUR GIVE AWAY

    70. Reb Per

      That jacksfilms vomit at the start *chef's kiss*

    71. athythicc

      the thing is the kids don’t have a say in this. they have to just go with the script that their parents give them. half of those kids don’t even know what a period is. it’s just so gross how the parents take control of the kids.

    72. Ben Hops

      Omg this makes me want to punch someone in the face.

    73. Bethan Sturley

      Difference between clones from Kamino and these clones is that Kamino clones are made to be troopers and are honarable and loyal, they also have personality's and are extremely skilled but these have nothing in common with them except that their clones.

    74. Anti shadow

      Diesel is funny

    75. _Cłøud Circus_

      P*riod blood is a private issue 😔✌️ it’s not the internet’s problem

      1. Little Sim Master


    76. Claire Juedeman

      As someone whose sister is eight, this made me uncomfortable as hell. You're right, it isn't funny nor cute, and people shouldn't be doing 'pranks' like that. Honestly, the things people will do for clout. It's sad.

    77. Evamp

      Legit the only youtuber parent I respect is DanTDM

    78. Štārłįght Påwš

      This makes me uncomfortable, children at a young age rarely get their period, and it’s already sad to me since they have to deal with stuff like that, for example already trying to learn the wonders of the world, and boom you pee blood. The cramps are also hell.

      1. BananaCatboii


    79. Charge_ Sniper

      when i saw that the kid said im bleeding i was like ''fuck this shit im out''

    80. Alexandra Olvera

      I just want to say that it is possible for a 8 year old girl or even 5 year old girl to get there period at a early age, it rare but it happens. One of my moms friend daughter had her period at 7 years old. But the majority of girls get there period to 10-15 years old (I got mind at 13).

    81. lamar

      He protecc He attacc But most of all he save the children from the filthy *capatalists*

    82. Broum Good Man

      1:40 I bet that once this video reaches like a certain point some self riches person gonna come along and say something like"disgusting I'll have you know this is natural" and than have a hissy fit of a 3 word sentence

    83. Plain Milk

      I may not be smart but I don't think you start your period at 5 years old

      1. Little Sim Master

        Even someone dumb knows that

    84. AirlessVent

      At this point, prank videos are like parents showing off their new born babies. They think it's cute and cool, but it's just generally weird and disgusting to basically everyone else.

    85. Tyler Butler

      Kamino lol

    86. Elijah Quinn

      You are law justice and news I love you

    87. Jimins so Called Accident

      If that much blood came out like THAT I would seriously kill myself and hope I’m a male in the next life

    88. Nehemiah Henry

      I was eating while watching this video I lost my appetite

    89. Solar_Sailor 999

      I feel bad for the kid’s future

    90. Nikki Kitty Cat

      About the period thing, I guess a five year old could have it if she has a medical problem. The youngest mother in the world was 5 years old, so apparently it can happen, but not normally.

    91. communism kinda sucks

      I really respect that he used a Star Wars reference

    92. Acid Pain

      Hey hey hey don’t insult the clones like that they at least have different names and personalities

    93. tunabruh

      this is fucking gross nigga

    94. Toilet Broccoli

      2:40 has me dying

    95. zAnbuAbyss

      good vid bro ;o

    96. Legion

      Diesel makes a sw reference. A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

    97. Giant Vader7


    98. Colaa 1167

      Lmao they blur the kids face just to exploit her. can”t imagine whats gonna happen when she actaully gets it.

    99. Karen Brinkley

      I can't help but laugh about the villager censorship. I know why it's there but it just makes the situation really funny.