that's pretty cringe bro

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    1. diesel patches

      happy new years, none of you are probably old enough to drink yet so enjoy being sober tonight you goddamn nerd

      1. kristin


      2. Harrison


      3. Zeph Cristobal

        @Sky get a life bitch also your reaction makes my blood boil

      4. Zeph Cristobal

        Your mom is gay

      5. Zeph Cristobal

        Saying gay makes my blood boil

    2. dog_on_chair YT

      here at 999k :o

    3. mohamed mahadi


    4. Andrew The Cartoon

      Why are they worried about their house being shown? They show their house every damn video, so I don’t see why tf they are mainly pissed that their house is showing

    5. Mopsspoof

      Diesel fleshlights...

    6. A globin that escaped from narnia

      Cringe inteselfie

    7. Crystal Wu

      0:24 He liked the video :00000 *diesel is fan of prince family exposed*

    8. the weird kid

      The fact that I'm 12 and I know it's fake but I know a 14 year old girl who vapes and believes everything Damien says

      1. plushy ducky 102


    9. Tiiana25

      They new teeth to big

    10. Spongebob Squarepants

      i bet my 69 year old asshole that he got all his money from his dad



    12. President Nini

      7:37 damn dish washer

    13. Dykurt

      I feel so fucking bad gor their kids

    14. Jayden Cool

      Stop why are you so funny

    15. Oswald White

      5:28 Are those what I think it is?😂

    16. Boxman_two

      lol simp XD he needs he waifu bianca or however tf you spell her name

    17. Bin Latin

      There fans are so stupid it’s sad

    18. Star Queen~★

      His entire series is like a plot out of a hentai.

    19. Hugo Ben

      The money from the ads that I watched is going to the prince family? Well they aren't whitelisted on my adblock so...

    20. ass eater

      The ace family is a mistake from god

      1. Aja Mask

        From god?

    21. Joel Kufour

      i like the part where diesel and other commetary youtuber (cyrus i think) start laughing at how stupid the diss track is

    22. MJGaming57

      420 thousand views

    23. Shoaz don

      8:40 he disliked it 🤣🤣🤣

    24. Cap up


      1. plushy ducky 102


      2. Kathrine Howard


    25. Krusty Krab

      0:21 Minecraft 😂

    26. Test_Subject_ 711

      I don't know who these people are

    27. The Dark Angel Assassin Prince

      Who the fuck is the prince family

    28. Radiant Discord


    29. Rxndomly_Officxl

      React to Chad Wild Clay, he's cringe as *%$£.

    30. Aiden Ortiz

      hold on, is the faint spongebob music in every video?

    31. MA4K

      you ar jast a haiter ):

      1. MA4K

        @Mr Lemon mai momi told me i em spesial :)

      2. Mr Lemon

        You seem special

      3. plushy ducky 102

        Dude he’s a commentary channel it’s just criticism. Also how can’t you not se through this er lies. You think their having all this family drama with camera men filming theme. Ok it’s cause your a toddler that can’t spell hater

    32. NoHeartVon

      𝑰 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒗𝒊𝒅𝒆𝒐𝒔 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒊𝒎 𝒏𝒈𝒍 𝒉𝒂𝒍𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒚 𝒔𝒉𝒊𝒕 𝒊𝒔 𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒔𝒉

    33. Unemployed Ostrich

      Rap these days fucking suck it’s just “ayyyyyy fuck ayyyy fuck shit etc...” if this makes me a boomer than so god damn be it I’m still listening to Easy E and 2 Pac

      1. Unemployed Ostrich

        The worst part is that I’m 13 and I’m able to tell the difference between rap and the result of some uncultured degenerate troglodytes verbal diarrhea excuse for “гар"

    34. Aiden Pearce

      2:09 did anyone notice how badly the muscles were photo shoped🤣

    35. John Biggs

      I mean this is a classic pickleboy, mcjuggernuggets thing. Thing is they have better content. Apparently pickleboys wife, according to their videos, has cheated on him at least around 20 times in the past year.

    36. jamonte green

      u always talking about them

      1. Brandon Green

        No, he's not.

    37. Harry Potter

      Diesels real laugh is so satisfying

    38. justdamian 23

      Dammit Damien, act like a Damian.

    39. I will drag you hoe on thee skeerts

      Bianca and Damien are so cringy I swear ...

    40. Youtuber Rozonexkt

      Diesel they also uploads there videos on facebook and they got a lot a views theyre ( h0rny videos)

    41. Youtuber Rozonexkt

      Pretty cringe broooo

    42. Sirejester115

      I'm 0.1% that video is fake...yeah I'm not buying the hacking crap from the same family that bungie jumps while preggo

    43. daco se hajpa


    44. daco se hajpa

      that was legitness

    45. daco se hajpa


    46. The Ol’ Babaganoush

      Imagine trying to explain all this in court after CPS is forced to get involved due to the overwhelming amount of publicly available evidence

    47. Mio Chungas Cult


      1. Kathrine Howard


      2. daco se hajpa

        d kur

    48. TheLamestGamer


    49. Imma Morgana

      Can I get a link for that fleshlight?

    50. itsthesoup

      Diesel: 'NOT EVEN THE STREEETS!' ... I don't know why that makes me laugh every time I hear it.

    51. The gaming Ninja

      idk it looks real to me.

    52. TheGreatMeme Gaming

      I decided to look at their channel for laughs, and I found "Lyla's gone deaf." And then, straight after: "LYLA CAN HEAR FOR FIRST TIME ** SHOCKING **". This family's videos are a joke.

      1. Hugo Ben

        Just remember to use adblock on them.

    53. TierraAllNews

      A rich person doesn’t flex they’re money, it’s just... no.

    54. swirly pizza

      So guys I just did a fuck ton of mushrooms and now I’m gonna play phasmaphobia vr

    55. brezzyシ

      "Putting our family at risk" while wearing a shirt with the bad finger on it

    56. assmuddafukkinhole2

      (Just Another SEprom) Cringe Family

    57. smoke yt

      What's up fuck tards

    58. I Want Namjoon To adopt me asap

      They got "hacked" by a 12 year old? What was their password 1234!?

      1. I Want Namjoon To adopt me asap

        @FatFetus12 jsjejsjsjsh even tho it's fake they could have had some realistic aspect to it 🙄

      2. FatFetus12

        No it was 0000

    59. Killinggamer AKA/BE COOL

      I love how they say that is her privacy it’s on the internet 😒

    60. Austin Savage

      Exposing bianca and my little brothers secret relationship CRAB AND SEAFOOD MUCKBANG thats not fucking real diesel is making this up i swear if that shots real

    61. Austin Savage

      Oh bro you filmed our 6 million dollar mansion that we start all out videos in front of how could you

    62. Mr. Sauce

      Who are these people?

    63. Darkfoxboy

      diesel my guy may i grant you with a lifetime n word pass that can be passed down through 7 generations

    64. GeTrEkTnUub5605 G

      Who coughed tho

    65. Doom_Slayer_420

      Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear! Rip And Tear!

      1. FatFetus12

        Rip And Tear!

    66. Benjiii

      Jesus loves you

      1. FatFetus12

        @Raul DeLeon no I’m not I just hate myself

      2. Raul DeLeon

        @FatFetus12 lemme guess your gay

      3. FatFetus12


      4. Ace Man 600

        He doesn’t exist

    67. Val'sStuff

      Who will win? A 12 year-old kid and an 50 year old uncle or some rich family? It’s the kid and uncle of course because they’re getting money. Plus they hacked a bloody SEprom channel.

    68. Star Bright

      Can I sue them for losing brain cells over watching these clips?

    69. William Whiting


    70. fake item box

      call me a boomer or whatever, but who tf are the prince family?

      1. FatFetus12

        They are a family vlogging channel that LOVES to clickbait

      2. nra3 zehuti

        Idk, maybe the ancestors of prince EA?

    71. Clad

      The new daddyo5

      1. FatFetus12


    72. Ben G

      With all the media on SEprom imagine watching a rich family fake emotions so they can buy more money.

    73. Maddox Martinez

      I called the phone number at 5:27 like a dumbass

      1. FatFetus12

        How did that go?

    74. SweepingCloud67 Cloud

      It’s kinda funny how they’re really tryna start or has already started fake beef with a 12 year old

    75. 2021 Control

      yo this guy is so funny

    76. the grand sandwich

      All the prank channels after stabbing someone: 3:23

    77. Spidey Verse 2004

      I do agree with you to an extent because the prince family deserves to be mad

    78. Noah Ross

      Damien and Bianka’s child lost her hearing

      1. BoiTHEBoii

        It makes sense

    79. Delta Sly

      this video was so funny, i breathed through my nose

    80. Hyper

      I just hope the little fetuses in the comment grow

    81. Lofi chicken

      Is that a diesel patches butt plug?

      1. koblestone 12

        Hmm @Lofi Chicken I like that name for some reason

      2. Tristan Speno

        no a fleshlight

    82. d t

      that's pretty cringe bro

    83. シNena

      Do anything for clout diesel

    84. Abhya jha

      You have earned my respect. I can't believe this but I'm actually going to turn on the notification for your channel.

    85. scep plays

      why do the Prince look so black ? must be a prince from a tribe of Africa.

      1. dog of freedom jk

        Brudda osas must prolly banished him

    86. Cloonus

      What are you talking about? This is 100% real

      1. Elon’s Musk


    87. Poop tart

      yOuR jusT a HAteR. PrinCe FamIly FrO lIfe😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

      1. Poop tart

        @Angelo Guerzon yes indeed

      2. Angelo Guerzon

        every fanboi ever

    88. Aul paul 2

      Yea it’s kinda cringe bro

    89. Aids González

      i wanna see a diesel patches face reveal

      1. akwgamer25

        @FatFetus12 hes a train duh

      2. FatFetus12

        He doesn’t show his face for personal reasons so he probably he won’t do it

    90. Rayhan Mewengkang

      I forgot the prince family even existed, and now I regret it.

    91. Quancho Films

      My body quivers of cringe

    92. Hyper1

      "R ya'll watching this through your dad's ballsack.?" Genius

    93. Diavionne Harris

      5:31 Is that New merch BrOOOO

    94. Diavionne Harris

      my mind:who's the camera man

    95. James Ault

      Shared this to my wamon friend

    96. uR aLl bAd

      I like how has a like on the video and y’all ain’t even see that

    97. NFN vrtex

      Bro the lambo part got my cyring

    98. KSteak Sauce

      I didn’t even know that diesel LIVED WITH PEOPLE yo thats crazy

    99. Young Gwam

      This shit too funny

    100. treefiddytwo

      fk u darien prince fam 4 lyfe fym

      1. Angelo Guerzon

        is this true