The D'Amelios are Ploopy

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    no one tell momma heffley

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    1. diesel patches

      so... this video got age restricted. I guess aids isn’t funny anymore idk

      1. I U

        But its been more than 20 years

      2. SashakaBG

        Now I gotta attach a file with my birth certificate or something

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      4. Conkie Plays

        Happy a million subcribers

      5. Hockey Slush Pro

        congrats on 1 mil though

    2. DjWolfGaming 106

      This guy is gonna be famous one day.

    3. hakai the carmine main

      As a 14yr old this content ain't it breh

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      Congrats on 1mil!

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      Congratulations Diesel you just got 1 million subs

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      congrats at 1mill

    8. empty

      scarlxrd best rapper that came out of youtube

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    10. Pickyl Rick’s So Slick

      Do a face reveal.

    11. First name Last name

      Ayyy he hit a million!

    12. David Campbell

      I really seen this guys Channel struggle to get 100k a few months Avai and was getting demonetized after every video and now he has 1 million . Congratulations bro

    13. Hammarkids

      1M sub face reveal???

    14. Quin10 Animates

      Congrats for 1m

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      congrats on a million 1M

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      Nice. 1M subs congrats

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      The boy diesel patches hit 1 million subs

    20. givmurvbucks on xbox

      1 millllll

    21. Big Brain John

      stop messing with other people online its annoying

      1. VingSu BingSu

        @The Tracker 😭🤣

      2. The Tracker

        @Big Brain John "bussiness" 💀💀💀

      3. The Tracker

        @VingSu BingSu facts

      4. VingSu BingSu

        @Big Brain John lmao this is a comment section🤦‍♂️

      5. Big Brain John

        @VingSu BingSuwhatever and you go mind your own bussiness

    22. Umar Ghori

      My favourite song from Dixie is drip. But she said the n word

    23. andy Lopez

      One mil

    24. Shivalrus


    25. BarrelBoy 792

      He has had one mill for 2 days

    26. sentientmochi

      Why would u be embarrassed of your song playing at a party? What's the point of making it then?

    27. Gentle Man

      Diesel Patches really said “Change the world. My final message. Goodb ye.”

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    29. please help me

      Congrats on 1 mil diesel

    30. wismick joseph

      Love you bro

    31. Connor Martin

      1mil let’s go 😳

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    33. Rizqi Saquei

      3:18 I'm already drunk

    34. Heyaw__a___

      1v1 me

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    36. Xgaming 00

      Who said I don’t care for diesels life?

    37. Just Wens

      i know you dislike charli but dont butcher the D'amelio italian name please

    38. axertell


    39. how yes

      The fathers in pain

    40. Baitafish

      He gets a million and dies

    41. john carroll

      congrats on the 1mil!

    42. cckira

      The Doreos personality are the same equivalent to ketchup water

    43. Hadi Rizk

      for some reason on social blade it says you're stuck on 1 million for 2 days.

    44. Bat__

      listen man we are all humans, we all grew up right, so when you remind yourself of cringe moments that happened in the past during your childhood or recently idk you feel the level of embarrassment reach your brain right? well i get the exact same feeling when i look at people doing tiktoks in general expecially this group of girls dude i'm french and this shit managed to REACH me, mega yikes


      when the D'Oreos are so ploopy you stop uploading for 4 days.

    46. Michael Acuff

      D oreos

    47. Wantsacookie 20

      Yooo he hit 1 mil

    48. ThatOneWeeb

      Congrats on one mil man

    49. BBinATL

      we better see a face reveal

    50. Scout


    51. Fred Bloggs

      I have no idea who they are not do I want to. So I turned off the video after fifteen seconds, my blood pressure is high enough as it is...

    52. obsidicrow771 _

      happy 1 million

    53. KLamity

      Can't believe saying "ploopy" is grounds for age restriction. actually crying rn

    54. Timothy Illinger

      Well congrats on 1 million subs.

    55. Zuphox

      gg on 1 million subs

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      1 million subscribers 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🤧🤧🤧

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      Papa diesel got 1 million subs i can now die in peace

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      Gratz on the mil bro

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    62. Winnie Bumpers

      D'amelios? Was that a shitty cereal that never got made?

      1. Preston Adams

        Wanna see daddy diesels face?

    63. Chris Da Kid


    64. GOLD TONK2

      i guess clout is mixed with some pain to the actresses

    65. Jasmine Washington

      Can you watch teen-z

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    67. Shoemcflex Theflex

      Congrats on the 1mil

    68. Fuse Falafel

      its weird seeing the 1M next to ur name congrats man

    69. sophiekouhai

      i just wanna know why they're famous, out of all big tiktokers or influencers in general. they're not talented, funny, they're not even pretty (they're very average looking). like, how did the attention go to them?

    70. Triv

      Congrats on 1M

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      CONGRATULATIONS on hitting 1M subscribers🔥🔥you are my favourite SEpromr bro. Keep up the good work and don’t stop making content like this.

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      My man reach 1 million let's gooooiioooo

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      Happy 1 Million Daddy Deisel🎉🎉🎉

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      Don't touuuuch me n worrrd you do not exist

    76. Black Fox

      well done on one million subs!

    77. gxlilea.d

      Not her thinking that people would actually play her songs at a frat party 💀

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      congrats on 1 mil daddy diesel

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      Congrats on 1K Daddy

      1. Itz Jokr

        @Vounqs 😭😭🤣

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        @Itz Jokr 10 subs*

      3. Itz Jokr

        100 subs*

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      1m subs, hurry up and fucking upload you degenerate.

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      Congrats on the 1M subs. Now if we could all pitch in and get it'sagundam to this level...

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      Welp this video is age restricted now and im depressed

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      congrats! you made it 1 mil

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      Charli wearin more on her face than on the rest of her body

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      He did it, the bastard did it. He got 1m subs

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      congrats on 1M btw

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      Yooo congratulations diesel for 1million

    95. Alok Krishnan B

      Dickie d'oreo😂😂😂

    96. Isaac Rubalcava

      Well atleast daddy diesel go 1 million subs

    97. Cake Bandit

      the fact that your playing star wars in the background really proves the point that you dont give a fuck and i appreciate that

    98. FrenchyJr

      Wtf it unsubscribed me from you Stupid fucking youtube

    99. Aiden is not cracked

      1 mil boys...lets goooo

    100. Cake Bandit

      the dad is respectable he acts like he isnt even famous and I love that