Troom Troom isn't for Kids

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    don't call me. don't come by my house. we're done.

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    1. vault tec 1963

      Was that actually Susan?

      1. LoloZ

        No it was super man you idiot

      2. LoloZ

        @Leonard M.T r/wooosh

      3. -0Tito Duarte-1 flamgo

        Not sure

      4. Cherry Blossom

        Yes obviously

      5. litten

        @dog_on_chair YT new phone who dis

    2. Keagan White

      0:30 , it’s currently 1:30AM where I live and I’m trying not to wake the whole house

    3. Estustheproto *staytion_Channel*

      "i shoot mike" is about to fucking kill me

    4. Daniel Musat

      Can someone tell me the name of the video so I can react to it myself?

    5. Adam Dada

      Woah what if I use glasses to look at my crush! Woah... Who are you?

    6. Ralsil

      "Troom Troom isn't for kids" "just stop"

    7. -0Tito Duarte-1 flamgo

      6:44 WHAT THE

    8. Ethan

      6:19 is no one gonna talk about the fact that it would’ve been backwards?

    9. Cherry Blossom

      I just watch Troom Troom for cringe

    10. capitena

      Makka Pakka

    11. Subardi Sbd

      1:07 1:08 di di di di di di di

    12. Flips The King

      Bro diesel is the type of guy who has claymores surrounding his house and like 500 mortar strikes at hand for if the D'Oreos or Blippi try to invade

    13. Daniel Nelson Highlights

      1:50 I agree with Diesel that tent would definitely not fit my entire family I'm pretty sure if me, my brother, and dad who are like big guys I'm pretty sure that tent would rip in half. And let alone a single person me who like I said is a big guy, my legs would probably be hanging out of the tent.

    14. Daniel Nelson Highlights

      God the narrators voice makes me want to punch something.

    15. Aleyda Angeles

      My little sister watches these shes 4 and I've been trying to delete them from her recommended feed

    16. Areodactl

      nice mili

    17. krazy m0use


    18. Adam Russell

      Mike be mega chad

    19. aeznyc


    20. JOHNNY

      It's a good thing it's not a stepdad, amiright?

      1. ThatNormalcloud

        You like the dad?

    21. Milky leaves

      Im 11 and I almost had a head almost exploded. Her voice sounds more annoying then me singing. :/

    22. Julian Robinson

      Troom troom is fucking disgusting, they know damn well who their audience is and they slip in these inappropriate jokes to encourage naughty behavior. Fuck troom troom all my homies hate troom troom.

    23. RalGood

      Almost one mil

    24. Yolk Lok

      i..... i acutely can say devent art have some good furry stuff

    25. Cursed Hololive

      First tpose second kill the parents then kill them

    26. Gran Turismo Lover 5540

      “Troom Troom isn’t for kids” “. “

    27. Black Fox

      Whats the name of the videos he talks about I wanna dislike all of them

    28. When U Slide Into DM’s

      Troom Troom? Not for kids Actors? Mute Hotel? Travago

    29. Nullify

      ''A gun in school it happened at colane high school and the student is under arrest'' Sounds like something Troom Troom would do.

    30. Dylan Nielson

      Hey don’t knock skinning an animal till you tried it

    31. {.Jadey._.Bean}

      0;35 i laughed ngl

    32. SIX

      The narrator sounds like the voice actor of every single my little pony character I SWEAR

    33. Ander 100 Plus


    34. kzion95

      Father Pedophilia Call the authority now

    35. Potato Lover

      7:37 was that a birdman reference

    36. spinal spiral

      6:19 dam

    37. Lazyahh.

      What are kids?

    38. Sneezelet

      La la la the water is almost warm

    39. Joel Miller

      4:31 Mini Ladd has some knowledge on that

    40. daylynn maccoll

      5:43 LMFAOO

    41. SHR_3d

      wait so sperm can watch this because you said "age fetus to twelve"

    42. Halp


    43. Death Stand

      “Troom troom isn’t for kids” This comment is copied

    44. anemoia

      as a girl i don't remember doing that shit ever in my life

    45. X98

      i swear, when she got out of the shower, it was like the start to an awful porno

    46. Ryan McKenna

      0:37 Hats off to you man, that made me laugh out loud so fucking hard

    47. ʝσєl

      Does troom troom support pedophiles? , finally we can cancel them

    48. Kgmom Jgdad

      nice now i know that troom troom includes inflation. nice one

    49. mobiussp

      Ew I don’t want a girlfriend girls are icky

    50. Jennifer Jackson

      “Troom Troom isn’t for kids” “Tik Tok sucks”

      1. My Chemical Romance's Pet Potato

        Also, I luv your profile!! :D

      2. My Chemical Romance's Pet Potato

        Well, I mean, it's true. XDD

    51. Leland March

      The dads mad because he was forced to be in the video

    52. ike Fizz

      0:04 is that the tow truck driver from breaking bad

    53. ENERGY BlAsT

      I only gave a like because of the end

    54. Dripp Boii

      Face reveal DADDY 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

    55. Rose of Happilove

      "Troom Troom isn't for kids" "Ok."

    56. AJ Rulz

      The Amy 🤣

    57. Uzername

      I’m getting Dora vibes

    58. Mr.Explain

      ‘Terry the Fat Shark has given you seven pairs of shirts for the week,Terry will come back next Sunday to provide you with new shirts,🦈.’

    59. Logan Adamowicz

      You dont use an electric razor for pubic hair You use fire

    60. leonstm

      "troom troom isn't for kids" every 60 seconds, a minute passes in africa

    61. Jotaro Thanos

      I’ve committed several crimes in Manitoba and am now wanted in 7 different Canadian provinces Under the alias *The Hash slinging slasher*

    62. BTS fan forever

      Oh no the troon poop

    63. Chloe Vlogs

      why am i laughing so ard diesel is sucha funny guys and narrator

    64. lazylion games

      I had headphones on when you made that razor joke, still recovering

    65. Some Furry IDK

      You some how made a fucking fuwwy OwO

    66. Izzat

      Is it just me or does troom troom show how to get a boyfriend:psychopathic style. What is this, fkin Mirai nikki?

    67. Devster Ali

      "Troom Troom isn't for kids" Shut up Mokuba.

    68. skullcrusher1o1

      2:40 had me dieing

    69. BankroIII

      6:52 I died

    70. Non-Binary Female Vegan Dog


    71. Madmankey13

      Show, don't tell -A lesson Troom Troom needs to learn

    72. Overspark

      I just seen my cusion watching troom troom

    73. Hrvatski igrač Da

      jealous cuz they make quality and u just hater

      1. Lehman Djindjele

        troom troom sucks

    74. Hunter C767

      WAIT BIG ED IS THAT YOU?,!?!????(1!!1!1!1!1!1!

    75. I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition

      The part where you say 'bathe in its blood and force your stepmom to drink it' while the eyes wide shut music plays is beautiful

    76. Smooth smoothie 68 419

      I just call her Susan woahvicky

    77. south Park fan club

      Lol I'm 12😅😅😅😅😅😅👌👌👌

    78. Bungie Crimes

      *U R A MASS STAR*

    79. NaturalCauses 619

      Intregal is not a word in any language I don’t think. This lady is actually lacking half of her brain

    80. calamazo mcdonald

      No one watches their content, they just buy bots

    81. Brandon_game _boi

      5:28 Are we just going to ignore the fact that mans said newton's second law. That's law of motion.

    82. Kitsune

      Guess what diesel you're wrong If you hear the quiet kid say "that's it" you complement him THEN RUN

    83. Adam Shea

      You're like flex tape "Even this shit is going to stick" and it stick to my brain mentally, keep up that great vids

    84. Alejandro Sepulveda

      7:40 "What's going on here?" Cartel executions

    85. FatMustardCheeeseFart s

      My little sister watches troom troom.

    86. Fresh Boi

      The Newton’s law part is so untrue it makes me gets aids

    87. Alex Lol

      Chigga made me choke on my almond joy.

    88. Firefox 4hire

      It’s for dumbasses

    89. IcyUncleChris 76

      8:14 and is also wearing lip stick

    90. The guiinz keg

      0:38 the scream

    91. Nightcore Bloodcore

      7:14 LOL 😂😂😂

    92. The Things I Do

      You should team up with penguinz

    93. Mr. Soap

      4:29 "she probably just learned how to walk." I fucking died of laughter lmao

    94. István Soós

      End this ethernal suffering

    95. Unknown-

      Newton’s second law to do long division Ok then


      Yeah somehow filthy frank vomit cake get claimed and this vedio didn't

    97. Kyler dequan

      How many goddam school shooting jokes were made in this video lmaooo

    98. lewd headpats

      These channels aren't dying at all, look at WooHoo and 123! GO.

    99. NG TacShotty

      Yooo- Wabbajack's voice sounds a lot like yours bro you must be so proud !!

    100. JJluvzgoats

      There’s never been a worse time to have Misophonia (I don’t want ears anymore)