Twitch Daddy Screams at Baby

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    why so mad(den)

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    1. diesel patches

      So I just looked up SEprom’s policy and apparently c*nt is considered a slur. Why, idk. Because I said that word like fifty times in the last vid and want to avoid a possible strike with yt imma take the recent vid down. I’ve gotten a strike for way less and not being able to upload for a week doesn’t sound fun. I’ll be uploading “safer” content until I hit one million, after that idc. I’ll probably reinstate the idubbbz vid too. I just want to be the first commentary channel to hit one million subs.

      1. Zomroxy

        Ducking stupid ass autocorrect

      2. Zomroxy

        I meant U

      3. Zomroxy

        Don’t worry I still big gay

      4. Queennn Alissaa

        Damn ok daddy

    2. Saul Buenrostro

      Ahh good old Twitter, the place where people make the most idiotic and dumbest comments.

    3. LunaLoudFan1998

      Bruh that streamer is stupid, thinking that yelling at an infant kid is ok, no that is not, so sad to see how that father is acting towards his 1 year old son, and the people who are defending that guy, are just fucking brain dead 💀

    4. Zaid69 Pro

      Shreks face💀💀

    5. St1nky8

      bro his son looks like a villager for some reason if you did not get the joke r/whoosh

      1. barombolo bombolo


    6. simp on

      2:18 I can relate

    7. LookAtCurryMan

      0:16 you forgot the other 5

    8. The One

      I’m not defending him or anything, but everybody needs a way to get rid of anger. Yelling is a common way, but he could’ve at least just scream in the air and not in their face

      1. barombolo bombolo


    9. Jordzyi1

      Kids shouldn’t be on the internet until they are 16. People defending the guy abusing the kid is a disgrace

    10. Vishal Khiv

      Is it bad that it made me laugh when he told the baby to shut the fuck up?

    11. Gabe Jenicek

      0:57 Shrek caught me off guard 🤣🤣🤣

    12. Pufferfins

      Battlefront 2 is the exact feeling when your friends hate a thing but you like it so you just agree that you hate it

    13. Adam K.

      This video taught me that there is first person in battlefront...

    14. CUTIE PIE


      1. Dashxr-


    15. Byrxc Byrxc

      Me: I’m mad at the dad Diesel: Shrek face Me:💀😭😭😂😂😅😂🤣

    16. MediaManDan

      Should have used STFU by Annisokay lol

    17. Ernesto Ortiz

      Dad but I haven't ate in in 3 weeks how am I still alive in I just want to get food I get it Susan Wabbajack keep on the demonetizing you literally have to feed me and when is mom coming back

    18. Ernesto Ortiz

      Dad but I want food still

    19. Simptastic amiright

      British bri’sh’s say the c word but Americans hate it lol

    20. the legion susie

      Ew, he don't need a son.

    21. Kronk

      Honestly I think we should just get mad for him yelling at the baby in general and not “oh he told the baby to shut the fuck up” I seriously doubt the baby can even comprehend what anything means and they’ll probably not remember him telling the baby to shut the fuck up

    22. Chips.

      At least when I was an infant it was worse than this, my father slapped me with an iron ruler

    23. Zhip Frag

      I was not sure what to expect... holy shit

    24. Angry Boi

      Why didn't he just take his anger out on a water bottle like I do when I get super mad at games

    25. Extreme man


    26. Tyler the History Nerd

      Diesel, you’re such a hypocrite!

    27. that one guy

      Nd father of the year award goes to..

    28. TheStickManGamer YT

      *That shrek face was the perfect example of my face...*

    29. Storm 202000

      So just cause the baby won't remember it we should do whatever we want with it I swear what type of mentality do these people have

    30. Lester Crest

      Wait your guys don't do that

    31. Ajit Singh

      Subbed to get you to 1 Mil.

    32. jlfigster 3991

      Boy oh boy this one is spicy.

    33. ALoafOfBagels

      2:48 that's incorrect. Brain development in children is most fundamental from ages 0-3.

    34. Lego VR

      Omg diesel patches your so hot mmmm so big

    35. Cheryl Herdman

      People are dumb asses

    36. Abdulhakim Hassan

      Lmao I can't even 😂😂😂 1:00

    37. spaghetti

      this really awoke a bit of anxiety in me as someone who's grew up with a mother with anger issues its not as severe as this case, but still, if it triggers something in me, imagine a *baby*

    38. May & Samantha Minecraft

      "Man yells at baby, lives to regret it"

    39. Reeshan

      woah this video was posted on my birthday :D

    40. El Tocino Sad

      Te amo



    42. Ava Abayomi

      nice video

    43. Pensive Scarlet

      Wow, I try to give people credit, but then they go and show an even greater lack of understanding when it comes to basic reality. "The child doesn't understand the language; the child won't grow up to vividly remember the incident." Neither of these mean the action has no impact on a very young developing brain. Think of how you would feel if a person you trust yelled at you out of nowhere. You have that basic reaction no matter how old you are, and it can actually have a greater impact the younger you are. This is all simple logic based on widely available information. How can people still not understand this? How can we have faith in politics when people are this dumb?

    44. Zomroxy

      Wait what if diesel patches is a girl

      1. Skullfire56

        I thought I was the only one who caught that.

    45. TV Wizard

      Lol my dad yelled at and slapped me as a baby when I was sad, hungry, tired... and so on. He did it most of my life.

    46. Purpellent

      isn’t that the “WAKE UP” guy

    47. Ari Bunch


    48. DominatorDanger

      i despise people who put kids in their livestreams because there is a possibility this could happen

    49. jamal moij

      Question, what happened to make the kid cry? Just curious.

    50. Max

      Thats so sad why do you cry at your own child. SO SAD

    51. jessica.

      i’m starting to hate the word “Twitter” as soon as someone says it, i think of all the toxic shit that’s been said there.

    52. Cooper Ford

      I love BattleFront II.

    53. Mr GetTheChoOutYoHoe

      is it bad i laughed when he said stfu

    54. Crazy Uncle Crispy

      lets be honest at some point we all wanted to tell a crying infant to shut the hell up

    55. London Martin

      That’s absolutely disgusting, screaming in face of a defenseless baby that depends on you for all their needs is f***ed on so many levels. He really shouldn’t be a parent. Let’s normalize losers/adult children not having babies 🙂

    56. horaciosi

      (0:15) "He's sorry. See? he's sorry, that makes everything alright! He's sorry....!" - James T. Kirk in Star Trek V

    57. Lion El' Jonson

      Since my mother didn't rly make my life happier or easier, I guess laughing at how he screamed at the poor kid at first demonstrates how cursed I am. Still, it's demential to defend him.

    58. shgurr

      Daddyofive in the making...

      1. MrHashtag

        shgurr commenting on diesel patches video...

      2. Jerry The Cherry

        Oh God...

      3. Tum Par


      4. That1patato gamer


      5. tafseer Fatima

        Hiiii Shgurr :D

    59. CC Alexander

      😂 damn. I hope he gave the child to someone more patient with kids. Some people just aren’t good with kids. Kids are annoying as all he$$ but if you have a temper like that you shouldn’t have any

    60. Goofy -_-2

      yo wtf

    61. Ricky Tynan

      Battlefront 2 is good, but it can be better 👌

    62. Alcer Demon

      Being perfectly honest, I wouldn’t trust someone with that haircut to be a good parent

    63. aj holidayfav

      Dang that Twitch Dad is mean

    64. 123sk321

      2:57 As the child of a father who had anger issues and loved to yell at me and my siblings...we do remember. As a matter of fact, the very first memory I have of my life is my dad slamming the door open and yelling at me. I must have been around two years old at the time. Kids aren't dumb, and even If... subconscious repressed memories are a thing. F that guy, I hope he loses custody.

    65. Bilal Hussain

      Diesal trend hopping battlefront 2

    66. tezlq ize

      Man what a loser

    67. Failed Meme Person

      I mean the baby did shut up ITS A JOKE CHILL I DIDNT MEAN IT MANS A BITCH

    68. Connor Krohn

      The worst part is that there are actually tons of people like this, which is fucking terrifying!

    69. iclankz

      Also my girlfriend talked about this to me. When she was a kid her dad was very abusive (not now though) and she remembers everything even if she was a "fetus". A child's memory sometimes can be better then the adults. Which one is better a new well developed brain or an old one? 🤷‍♂️

    70. iclankz

      Manz dogshit in parenting just like in the game

    71. M.W. L.

      6 days ago and I just got the notification, amazing... Ah yeah, cancer content as always, keep up the god's work son

    72. Tranquill Rainbows

      "Kids don't remember anything at that age" Does that mean you do it? Are you gonna now defend people who (TW) r*p* babies? (which that's not even a mistake that's just straight up no). And it still has some negative impact (correct me if I'm wrong) Let's say this dude did change and he seemed to be a good parent, but, the kid still felt scared and the need to hide when someone yells at them and they're not sure why. Or, felt uncomfortable at times anytime the dad played a game Even if you don't remember, it could still stick, and either way, it doesn't change the fact that it happened And just because everyone makes mistake it doesn't mean you don't point it out. You have to point out the mistake so the person can (or so we hope) change. Otherwise, like in this situation, with the "kids don't remember at that age" logic, it could continue to the age kids do remember and they'd get damaged asf And it seemed like they cried cause they were scared, so people can't say "it's cause they were being annoying" which, even if the baby was just "being annoying", it's A KID who done no harm. If crying is annoying to you then don't have them. That's the only way babies can talk to you and you say it's them "just being annoying" And one last thing: if you had a bad childhood, you shouldn't want others to go through the same. It's up to us who grown up/are growing up in a toxic household to not make that mistake. Remember, every abuse is bad in it's own way

    73. GamingWithShahn !

      When you get the notification 6 days late

    74. Mr. Rethink

      He should stop playing video games around his kid, because he obviously gets anger when playing video games. And anger is an emotion that most of us can't really control that well, so he could do something stupid...again. (Not saying that video games cause pysical violence, I'm say they can cause verbal attacks)

    75. Epicgamer69

      0:55 man truns into VAAS

    76. ØrigaMii

      The kids face was shown on the of video. I saw it a while ago and I was like 🤨

    77. Hassi Cusa

      Hey diesel can i use some parts of this vid but only the audio and send it to my stepdad?

    78. flying v

      Jack daniel is good

    79. zippydinocrash


    80. Swatchcovers

      I would never yell at anyone like that ever.

    81. Dust sans.

      if diesel patches baby with pokimane broke his controller lets be real here he's going to send IT to india in a package

    82. ColbstXr

      First time a video hasn't hit over 200k views in a while

    83. All about South Park

      The baby won’t remember this it’s not that Biggs deal but he still shouldn’t be doing it

    84. Soviet Doggo

      I like that parenting

      1. Skullfire56

        Then you got some serious issue chief......

    85. The Critical Corner

      So like I’m not gonna defend the person himself Bc there’s nothing that can really justify abuse because abuse is Inexcusable however thank fully the child wasn’t physically hurt so should he rethink and evaluate his decisions as well as receive some disciplinary action yes he’s doing a poor job as a parent and made a terrible decision but let’s not take things too far and lower our selves to his poor character and meet him with aggression

    86. davidaamaya1

      I almost thought that was joey salad

    87. Ferret In sweatpants

      So. I don’t know who this guy is but I don’t want to see him again

    88. chris

      twitter defending a child abuser... i mean its sorta the same people who vote for late abortion and daytime safe spaces for adults and share memes about hating children all the time not really surprised there

    89. chris

      omfg bf2 is still alive ? is it worth playing ?

    90. lionel fodeninho


    91. the pop up on saint preux TV show family

      But there a chance that baby would remember

    92. the pop up on saint preux TV show family

      I'm sorry but it's the law to scream your baby 🍼 at young age but you can tell at baby till it four

    93. the pop up on saint preux TV show family

      It illegal to scream at your baby

    94. H2LOz

      At first I was like okay just a little rage nothing to bad just a baby whining until.. *Shut the fuck up*

    95. Cookie Kat

      It like genuinely confusing how people defended him like if your a person who rages at games why would you have your toddler sit on your lap while you play and then scream at him it’s obvious at that point that your using your kid for clicks and views sorry for the run on sentence I don’t grammar well

    96. mastershake42019

      It's not ideal but I'm sure every parent has done worse. Not even on my radar when it comes to my parents

      1. Rosa N Benitez

        You’re not serious. Just because your parents were rude does not make this acceptable. I can also debunk the statement of “every parent has done worse” because I asked all the kids in my neighborhood and they agree this is an idiotic claim. It’s yelling at an infant not accidentally forgetting to buy some pencils

    97. nathaniel delacruz

      Thats why daddy diesel loves children

    98. Delight Is Bright

      yo, mans really said "shut the fuck up" to his son

    99. Kendrik Luce

      Y u blur the baby’s face like they all don’t look the same

    100. Folkishroblox

      commander wolff