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    weafy: seprom.info/clone/video/qb2tn6iyY2Omx6c.html&ab_channel=Weafy

    Publicerades den 2 månader sedan


    1. diesel patches

      the REAL link: seprom.info/clone/video/qb2tn6iyY2Omx6c.html&ab_channel=Weafy

      1. Mr. Dremp

        The video got removed LOL

      2. noval alwan

        @Strange Man yees

      3. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

        @Strange Man yep

      4. Strange Man

        This aged poorly

      5. noval alwan

        Nope is dead

    2. Obi Wan Kenobi

      he changed the title lol

    3. I play games and stuff

      he's back. thats R O U G H

    4. Fxyn


    5. Leafy Loxx


    6. Psilocryin

      The chin is perfect!


      Dude that mii looks more like gokanaru

    8. lucky doge


    9. Vela

      berserk ost omg

    10. Mio Chungas Cult


    11. Lelefan10

      Cancel you stupid Harty

    12. assmuddafukkinhole2

      Leafy = no chin Weafy = Bruce Campbell chin

    13. heavynly

      well the video was removed

    14. Spy64 the Wolf

      wabberjack really hates him

    15. MJGaming57


    16. stardust the 93rd


    17. meshinations

      no chin

    18. pizzadog 122

      Leafy smells like food when you have covid

    19. just some human kirby with a top hat

      And he's gone

    20. Delta Sly

      You wont survive on present day youtube. Such as pink guy

    21. skyler davis

      I’m getting Matrix vibe.

    22. Synthie

      Berserk music!

    23. Fluffy HellHound


    24. Justin Cruz

      Where is that music from?

    25. Joe Y

      Leafyishere more like leafyisqueer

    26. The Mandalorian


    27. supremechaosbeing ت

      backwards J nose sucks

    28. OOF NOOB

      Soft and Wet.

    29. Sklorpy G

      His channels gone un-Pog

    30. John Conagher

      Weafy more like waffle

    31. NSA Watchlist Bait

      I love this guy

    32. Cobalt5396 Gaming

      What’s the music?

      1. Master Kenobi

        Murder from Berserk 1997

    33. Turbo Moist

      And there are people saying it's not him

    34. Kozycey

      Leafy was gone but now weafy is here

      1. beefy boi

        No he aint

    35. Steven X

      Leafy was SEprom’s biggest incel

    36. CalvinClaims

      Weafy seems familar

    37. BJprincess !!!


    38. cree ben

      That berserk music

    39. G G

      Starring into my soul

    40. Poggers Boomer wow


    41. waffle


    42. GUEST Guest

      Come back calvin

      1. GUEST Guest

        @Zenitura Gaming how isn't he weafy

      2. Zenitura Gaming

        @GUEST Guest he is gone again

      3. GUEST Guest

        @MichaelHasABestie making sure

      4. MichaelHasABestie

        He did

    43. HalLso 3030

      Why was it band

    44. It's Me

      no hes not and good fuck toxic drama channels

      1. LunaSPX

        He didnt deserve to get shadow banned no matter what way you look at it. Still dont like him though.

      2. C

        Congrats you played yourself

    45. knife prty

      weafy chose to sacrifice us

    46. Adreal Scream

      He got banned again:(

    47. Some guy

      I'm pretty sure hes banned once again

    48. Benny Beluga

      Rip weafy. Again

    49. imagine being a mouse

      "this video was removed for violating youtubes terms of services" brhu.

    50. Super_Smash _Dude

      They banned WeafyIsHere:( SEprom is insane.

    51. James Brod

      Holy shit he got suspended again, lmao

    52. MagicTaiPlays Games

      I just got the noti.

    53. nobody


    54. Skids

      Who the fuck is this loser lmao

      1. Adreal Scream

        He was one of the pioneers of commentary videos

    55. lord headass

      Leafy disguise is the equivalent of Superman‘s just put on some glass

    56. jojo bizarre adventure

      Berserk ost has been noticed

    57. Oliver Walker


    58. to protect and attack

      " yaknowayaniwwas raff"

    59. Vince1337 LP

      he was here he is no longer here

    60. Random dude

      looks like hes gone now........fuking yt why are they so disconnected with what the people want

    61. TheWabbajack

      Weafy got fucking nuked lol.

    62. SavXLandon

      im changing my mii on my nintendo switch to this

    63. Yuri

      They removed the links because they "Violated the terms and Services" of SEprom.

    64. AKDreamer

      Aaaaaand it's gone

    65. Biotic Amber

      Nose not long enough

    66. RestLess


      1. Adan Martinez


    67. First World Problems

      We miss you weafy

    68. krayko2017

      he been in Vietnam he has seen somethings

    69. Noah Paulette

      SEprom channel removed already. He needs to get on bitchute.

    70. Tohhnii

      This sound gives me flashbacks

    71. Salty


    72. CrystalDaKitten66

      Mike stranger things

    73. tron. exe

      sounds to me like it got rough

    74. Zainster

      where is his chin?

    75. daniel gilbert

      Give him his dues, it was rough, but he took it all on the - well, maybe not.

    76. Visual Velocity

      Looks like vikkstar lol

    77. E Kennedy

      I would love to see

    78. Cj Young

      He's the guy doing daily dose of internet now.

    79. StapleGolf

      OMG IS THAT CALVIN KLEIN?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    80. Ethan Bardo

      Plays John wick fight music

    81. cutter

      He doesn’t even have a long nose tho lol

    82. Luci

      rip weafy

    83. mario mario

      Who else is here after Weafy got banned

    84. onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος

      This is like getting the 'add 4' card in uno, but placing another 'add 4' card, so the next player gets landed with 8, lmfao

    85. KdogPrime

      Gone again. SEprom is on full Nazi mode.

    86. DHOOM- z7

      Where is Wiesel watches then

    87. checkmynameinmyoldvideosluul

      Come here

    88. Kevin Escobar

      Making fun of someones genetics xd

    89. Piloe


    90. stinky dinky

      people at youtube: so guys we did it we deleted the video

    91. Incognito


    92. xozaku

      This aged like rotten milk

    93. Resunoit

      Weafy is a fucking hilarious name man.

    94. Oof Shot

      "This video has been removed for violating SEprom's Terms of Service. "

      1. The Dude

        terms my ass

      2. xozaku

        Age like rotten milk

    95. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

      diesel is leafy

    96. Nogachaheatallowed

      Anybody body else think the mii kinda looks like Kylo Ren?

    97. Batz commentary

      Thats kinda hot

    98. kiwie62

      RIP Weafy 2020-2020.

    99. Michael Lopez

      What’s this banger in the background?

    100. Mac

      Berserk 97 OST 🤤