Why I like Women

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    im a womaaaaaan ohhhhhh im a womaaaaaannn

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    1. RednaxIsHere

      Never forget how terrible Rise of Skywalker was.

      1. rexman muscles man

        I have never watched star wars

      2. IQ Myz

        It was good, @ me

      3. Lily Lindaman

        @John F. Kennedy from COD black ops 1 Ahsoka is overrated as fuck

      4. Assassin42

        I will never

      5. Sign Xavier Rhodes

        my eyes

    2. Laurence Hartnell

      Aaah yes signs of being sexist from the *roaring twenties*

    3. mint beesman

      how is it so hard to say ‘treat women like people’ without treating men like misbehaved children at the same time

    4. Brendan H.W.

      Isn't saying "The future is Female!" sexist

    5. Paul Yoo

      Im a misogynist straight up. You feminist pieces of sh*t need to stfu.

    6. rexman muscles man


    7. Mr.GodMan

      Rumor: Diesel patches uses windows 98

    8. snowboundmage

      "You can't be mad at women on their periods because hormones are uncontrollable." Okay. "Men need to control their hormones around women" Sounds balanced.

    9. Jam.

      Imagine if someone went around saying “The future is male”. They’d be labelled as the next Hitler

      1. Jam.

        @Mackenzie Erin Yeah but it’s the fact that people can go around saying that women are superior without consequence, but anyone who says the same for men would definitely have to answer for it, as they should

      2. Mackenzie Erin

        The world is already male dominated..not much meaning in that.

    10. J S

      Actually got scared when he said raid shadow is one of the biggest mobile

    11. Kermit Is yes

      Ngl on the 13th sign your being sexist, I seen more women do that then men

    12. Kyle Bradley

      I love the meat canon joke

    13. Ajo Cebolla

      I hate Díques honestly

    14. Red Hood

      Female comedians aren't funny. I'd rather be punched in the head

    15. Guy with a mustache failed art class

      I̷̗͓̹̰̥͂̌̓̆̊͋̒̐͋̕͜͝ ̷̹̳̝̹͙̭̘͕͍̰̿́̽͛͘̕͜͠͝ͅl̵̡̼͓̳͌̉̏͆̄̎̃̿̍̐̀̏̕͝í̵̧̟͇̞̯̟͚̟̜̣̑͆̓̌̋̽͑̽k̷̨̝̭̣̺̼͔͂͛̏̄́͗̕̕͜e̶̛͇̘̣͐͛͐̓̐̉̕ͅ ̶̘͉͎͚̗͕̰̹̤̘̥̻̍͌̃́̆̊͜͝ͅẘ̷͇̥̮̤͕͚̰̩̻̘̫̬͚ō̶̡̯̩͕̞̪̜̅͌̃̍͂̔͂̈́́͝͝m̶̛̠̪̯̣̣̼̯͈̙͓̲͖̟̠̜͒̈́̅͂͗͋̓́̊̕â̶̢͉̘̹̝͍̥̪̞̝̱͖n̶̬̮̩͊̆͂̉̎̅̀͌̃̀̌͌̎͌͠ ̷̡͔͓̞̜̹̱̇̌́̆͆͋̇͗̃͆

    16. Santa with his ho ho ho's


    17. Bryce

      Ngl I'm pretty sure Emma Watson disagrees with this message like wtf

    18. MJGaming57


    19. Garrison Kobe

      My favorite female comedian is Whitney Cummings..I thought I should put that out there in the open for some reason.

    20. Mira Bunny

      1:28 So you're gonna wear a bikini in class because you want to, and NOONE is supposed to say anything?????

      1. Mira Bunny

        @dannosaint I see, and I LOVE school uniforms :0

      2. dannosaint

        She's wearing something that has mild sexual connotations in a working environment and just expects everyone to ignore her. This is primarily why a lot of schools have a school uniform.

    21. Gumbo

      6:52 “Pfft, name 3 female comedians” “Amy Sc-“ *Ight stop right there. Pls go rethink your decision. Thank you, have a good day*

    22. João Reis


    23. Rossy Cakes

      As a woman we don't really experience these situations anymore I mean, I don't- Honestly it's 2021 people have changed and I feel like they are just stereotyping these men..poor guys, The men did say those things which could be kind of offending of course, but like- NORMAL WOMEN don't go on all out like that if you know what i mean, ok maybe just a bit lol.


      We all love women

    25. yong gun choi

      wait kurt tocci? the guy who made those disney quarantine was cringy back then? wow.

    26. Milk Slayer

      it must always be the mans the fault also the broncos are garbo

    27. Milk Slayer

      i donT liek womon

    28. Milk Slayer

      Im sorry that men naturally like woman, it's not like woman naturally like men or anything :/

    29. jeff devillars

      I don't like women, I don't like men, I don't like people

    30. R4K45H1 03

      Not convinced

    31. NOT alex mckeown


    32. Gentle Man

      Aphomia. Sounds like ass cancer

    33. witch shelly

      I lived a beautiful life :)

    34. Markus Schmitt


    35. brickboss019


    36. brickboss019

      Wtf one of them has a black face on

    37. Dr. Cool

      God why do they hang out with these women 😩

    38. ADUUM _

      im a womaaaaaan ohhhhhh im a womaaaaaannn

    39. Dirham M Ekasejati

      Not gonna lie hes looking gay

    40. claztpa


    41. Lord Popo

      All those thud sound effects made my brain melt

    42. Bot Broadcasts

      Nobody: Me: super entertained by the club penguin game in the background

    43. Band Gawd

      3:03 you’d be surprised diesel

    44. Youtuber Rozonexkt

      Finnaly he played club peguin fishing

    45. gojira

      I get the first one was still shit and I do agree with you but he didn't have to say itl distract the boys

    46. cherry x

      has he done a face reveal or something. what’s his insta

    47. Shm

      No one is talking about the acting?? It gave me stage 4 cancer!

    48. grimlock smash

      I know I did not hear Amy Schumer... Literally the number one name you don't say out loud unless you wanna be a cringelord...

    49. LocalFunction1

      actually Neanderthals are smarter because of their bigger brain

    50. Hitroman

      Wtf were those chips with bread???

    51. Compsignogsognathus

      *ye olde wrist cut*

    52. IcyUncleChris 76

      the big gay

    53. Dramatic Razor

      It says tag female friends at the end after a whole video of talking about not doing things like that

    54. the quite kid

      cuz you a wamen hahaha get it 😂😂😂💯💯❗❗ ⭕⭕(suspend music) (gone sexual) XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 😂😂💪💪💪💯💯⭕⭕please help me

    55. eternalvirgen

      True about the pees and corn

    56. ThatOneNobody

      women can drive, my sister drives me insane daily

    57. Favie Lyn Samson

      "Women are crazy" I'm just gonna skip that cause it is true I mean you're not wrong diesel, we are crazy-

    58. Hemmena

      I’m a wahman and I approve this message.

    59. Zachxzl


    60. Threemad

      6:56 Monke is funnier than Amy

    61. Super Plushie Sean

      I like how they only touch on men being sexiest and not how some woman are sexeist

      1. RobloxAndBooks

        Yeah they think men are dirty pigs.

    62. Dusty

      im a woman u r not but u r daddy diesel

    63. Shoaz don

      Actually the great James May, better known as captain slow, is a guy capable of getting lost in the modern era 🤣

    64. Samuel Aaron

      Man is lagging playing club penguin... CLUB PENGUIN Love the vid tho and don't worry I will be telling ALL my friends to stop doing No. 6

    65. Melonie Does Stuff

      Who's still using that sound ew

    66. Leonardo Sanchez

      This was the first diesel patches video I couldn’t finish . And I watch this dude religiously

    67. Avalerion

      Idk as a girl I've experienced most of these scenarios and it kinda sucks somethimes cuz your not taken seriously, but it goes both ways definitely

    68. Dovahkiin

      haha manager of McDonald's and being reported of man Karen and women saying your a man what now its equal

    69. Dovahkiin

      bruh what if the woman wants to bang man not the man

    70. Rocco Howell

      Why don’t you just follow the fucking dress code?

    71. Tea With Seabear

      3:21 corpse creepy stories theme music? 👁👄👁👂

    72. Silver Slate

      2:19 period.

    73. John Smith

      I'm just saying, I'd go with Sarah

    74. Kaye UO

      2:32 bullshit, my mom drives like a fucking maniac

    75. KING1012

      i don't know how diesel finds fishing in club penguin relaxing, fun, or entertaining

    76. JustANormalVideo

      666k views on this video!

    77. Poop Poop

      Who else vomited when they counted Amy shmuck as a comedian

    78. Pony


    79. savioblanc

      Wait, when did this video get published on Facebook? How old is this shit? As you said, it looks like this came from a Buzzfeed video from around 2015 or even earlier This has 2011 vibes and these stereotypes were dated even back then

    80. mathilduh

      this is how 2019 Charlie's Angels flopped. all of these checklist fit into one movie. also hope you hit that 1mil.

    81. dc

      Ha gay

    82. A happy lil shushi roll

      Hmmm why is telling a woman to cook sexist and telling a man to learn how to cook isnt? i really think the subject of sexism and feminists are just a bunch of insecure women who probably cant do house chores properly, kinda like when i got shit on for saying my preferences on women is light skinned and people assumed im racist and i hate black women, when i genuinely _pause_ dont give a fuck if you didnt get it and asks how is racism connected to feminism and sexism, well thats what it is basically, they try to link everything a man say to every single issue in this Godforsaken world, and for the record, if i call you fat, im not fat shaming you im telling you to not complain when the train gets full

      1. dannosaint

        Women complain about guys not being tall enough and get annoyed when a guy asks how much she weighs. You can change ur weight but u can't change ur height.

    83. Gosha Grandchild

      “Well Afoamia, maybe it’s because I’m a math teacher and I teach fucking math.” -Dieslonius Patchifer

    84. _Mythical


    85. md cars0713

      If you like women you have the big gay

    86. Anime Weeb

      1:13 lol distal watches meatcanyon

    87. Frumpysnorfls

      smile squad had some funny skits, and then I saw that one... well i dont really watch their stuff anymore

    88. Someone 2334

      6:20 never in my life have I seen a man doing this, seriously

    89. Ryan Butt


    90. Ryan Butt


    91. N4h

      I didnt rlly care about what he was saying. The club penguin fishing was fire though

    92. Cecil

      Mansplane doesn't exsist.

    93. Lez PlayYt

      what is the stupid feminist thing that keeps on interrupting this epic club penguin gameplay

      1. Leonidas Gameplay

        Don't know, it's annoying cause I was super invested in the walkthrough

    94. BALD MAN

      Woah...the big gay liking something?

    95. Tootie Flutie

      this woman would get angry at me for existing since i am more than happy to cook for the mans

    96. Snoop

      Man the background gameplay is so fire

    97. JHD 309

      1:53 my comeback would be “ oh n word don’t hate me n word, maybe got rid of that yee yee abs haircut”

    98. The fat Dog


    99. Captain Rex

      The dress code one is BS at my school you can't wear tight pants or tank tops a guy